12: 5 things you want for your birthday

To many people this is a really easy topic to write about. For me though, this is probably one of the hardest topics because consistently every year I have not been able to decide what I want as presents. It started way back in high school – we were a relatively large group so we generally pooled in money for everyone’s birthday and just got whatever we could off their list saying what they wanted for their birthday. Generally mine was wishy washy, so I would usually get several items rather than the one item (which we all know looks more generous and seems more valuable in a sense) so I never really got a birthday present as such where I’m like “OMG WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH”.

If the present is too expensive however, I will feel bad. Here’s a list of what I want from least to most – this is just only a list for fun, I don’t expect anyone to get any of these items >:\ Please don’t. But if you do, please make sure it’s a group/ shared present!

5 iPad

The cheapest one, without 3G and it can be the oldest model out there. Because I honestly don’t need it, I just think it’s a nifty idea to watch stuff, play some games and listen to music. I’m not exactly technologically all that fussy or advanced so I really don’t care, really.

4 Chloe keys necklace/ Vivienne Westwood Orb Pendant on chain


Minus the lock and just keys all in gold tone brass.

I have a pair of earrings, with no necklace to match. So I am a bit sad and would like to make it a set.


Because it’s so pretty ;A; I think I will buy one soon. But maybe not that soon. I’ve been eyeing their stuff for a while but haven’t been able to justify the shipping costs just yet.

3 Tiffany and Co silver tag bracelet


This has been consistently on my list of want to buy things but I never really made it happen because I’ve been a cheapass.

The above bracelet has a parrot clasp (NOT the toggle clasp – I can never understand why people buy them because they’re really easy to lose) and retails at $375AUD. Yes, a bit pricey for silver, but NOT AS PRICEY AS PANDORA AND I’VE FILLED 2.5 BRACELETS >:\\\

My logic is incoherent.

2 A treadmill

Just because.

1 Nothing, just a birthday message.

And I really mean this, because I rather it that way 🙂 Visit me at work, or surprise me with an e-card, doodle, youtube video, gif compilation or a blog shoutout. Anything, really.

Next post: List Your 3 Best Bargain Deals (because I’m running out of things to write about :()


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