11: My day in detail (Oct 9)

At this point of time I’m really struggling to milk out posts :\ I just had an epic past week bittorrenting (I shouldn’t be saying this in public should I? :S) stuff that was pretty dated so it took forever to finish. It was a miracle they completed but I had so many things happen – files wouldn’t progress, my computer stuffed up along the way (probably because it didn’t sleep – not even once for about a week), needed restarting, froze upon restart, had UPDATES INSTALLED (I HATE THIS SO MUCH, I forgot to plug my headphones in and at 4am I hear the loudest Windows startup sound ever known during sleep OMG), woke up to log in and restart up my files. I know I shouldn’t be saying this because I’m sure my computer feels it more, but I am so tired, lol. About 16 gigabytes later I’ve got 50 episodes (ie. about 50 hours) of Joo Won to watch. I wasn’t really interested in his stuff before (not even with Ojakkyo Brothers and that has UEE in it – and yet I STILL gave up on it), but after Good Doctor finished, I started having Joo Won withdrawal symptoms 😦 He did such a good job in it and is also an amazing actor and singer. Waiting for his next work in anticipation!

I neglected my exercise for about a week because I was starting to feel very light headed when I got worked up. I’m getting back into the rhythm of things, even if it’s the half assed backwards pushup – this morning took me forever to wake up because I was so tired. But it’s good, I feel refreshed now.

October 9 – Wednesday. In detail. What is detail anyway? I can’t even remember the details.

Had a day off and woke up relatively early.

My morning ritual is the same very morning – I brush my teeth, brush my hair (when I can remember to) and then I wash my face. Toner, facial essence, moisturiser – done. That’s the lazy ritual I have. My breakfast consisted of 3 slices of toast and some carrots and cucumber as a side. I drink a hot black tea with about 2 sugars or possibly more and a fish oil tablet. If you have tired, blurry eyes and feel dizzy because of your vision like I did, I recommend the fish oil – it really has improved my condition a lot. Too bad it wasn’t recommended by a doctor though so I’m not sure if the effect is genuine or not. Not sure when I’ll go see a doctor… I sort of just don’t want to.

Watched the finale of Good Doctor and wanted to bend over and weep that it was over. I generally don’t watch dramas with more than 16 episodes for fear they drag on forever and are extremely boring, but 20 episodes wasn’t enough 😦 Or rather, 20 episodes was just perfect, but I wouldn’t mind if it went just a little bit longer. 20 episodes felt like 14 episodes and went by so quickly. Then watched the latest episode of 1 Night 2 Days (yes, more Joo Won), found it way more enjoyable than Barefoot Friends (no amount of UEE or Yoon Shi Yoon can save the show – lord have mercy on it and make them stop eating, they’ve been pigging themselves out for the past like 10 episodes OMG).

Had lunch which was kimchi and chicken stew with potatoes and other stuff. This was a bit of a long story – I made lots of kimchi in the past month – my first batch was sort of perfect after fermenting it for a week. For my second batch we decided that I should try another recipe – and long story short, it wasn’t really kimchi… it kinda turned into pickles instead. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it was so sour it really couldn’t be eaten or be called kimchi. So we decided to just cook it all to spare us the trouble of eating super sour pickle-kimchi.

Cannot remember what I did – but at about 4:30pm I started to get ready to go out because there was a training event for work.

I took special care with my hair this time (I really need a haircut :\) and the straightness stayed!

I had a few high expectations for the training night, because last year when the training event was held it felt so well done. There was a box of chocolates upon arrival, I was given a pin and a certificate, and we had a 3 course dinner in a 5 star hotel in the city. We were there drinking our water or wine, and cutting up steak and eating this indulgent sticky date pudding with caramel sauce. The experience was pretty damn good even if it meant I had to deal with indigestion for the rest of the night.

But anyway, I got ready for this “training event” which was held at another venue (I should say it was like a bar – at The Ivy).

I met up with my workmates from work and we took a bus up.


Lol@ my reflection.

We were pretty antisocial and sat in a really secluded spot and nobody talked to us LOL. We didn’t talk to other people though. We were a bit late considering everyone was there for at least half an hour, so it couldn’t be helped. There was unlimited juice though, which was alright.

Note that we were expecting like, food food due to the previous training night – but all there were only canapes. Good thing was, canapes were really big and generous. Bad thing was we only sat down for about 10 minutes and we had to sit through 1.5 hours of training with no food… we didn’t have dinner and by then it was already about 7:10pm 😦 Hungry!


Lamb cutlet – kinda rare-ish in some parts, but if it fills the stomach, it does the job.


We were all given a raffle ticket on the night. We weren’t sure what they were for exactly, but last time we didn’t have these. Last time the quickest person to hand in a 10 question questionnaire and have all 10 correct won 1 out of 2 watches. I missed out last time because I think I got one wrong, but apparently you were allowed to redo them !!!! Doesn’t matter though.

I’m wearing the OPI nail polish in the colour anti-bleak. I was hoping the colour would match my bag in fuchsia – somewhat close, but not quite.


This was the training area. The screens were pretty small and it was kind of dark. There was live music playing downstairs and to be honest, they didn’t really introduce anything new. A lot of the people at the event were new faces and didn’t attend last year’s event. I found it funny that after the training, some people couldn’t understand why some particular models were so expensive whereas some weren’t – obviously, if two things are different in price, they are two completely different things and have different functions.

This time we filled in our sheets as the presentations were being done so it wasn’t a spontaneous thing. After I finished mine I just did doodles and waited for the presentation to be over and for them to draw out the prizes.

None of the tickets drawn out were even remotely close to our numbers !!! so that really sucked. Every time someone went up with their ticket were like “they’re wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong” because not only did you need your ticket drawn out, your sheet had to be completely correct as well. 2 people had this situation but the prizes weren’t as great as last year’s – there was only 1 watch up for grabs and 2 canvas bags.

After the prizes were drawn, we went out and ate all the canapes we could because if we couldn’t win something, we’d better fill our stomachs!

We hung around for a bit and then left at about quarter past nine.


Everyone was going home by train so I made a solitary journey through Martin Place to catch a bus. There were surprisingly a lot of people still catching the bus to go home, but it was a slow journey which took me about half an hour to get back – and I live about 4km from the city :\

Go home, showered and everything and then pretty much went to sleep.

I’m so not going to the next training night because this one paled in comparison. Luckily I already got a certificate from last time, so it’s not too bad, but considering it was my day off, it wasn’t time well spent.

Next post: 5 Things That You Want To Receive For Your Birthday (now hopefully that should be short, sweet and I can start to schedule/ queue my posts again!)


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