10: The last thing you bought

This post is a bit outdated because I bought something at the supermarket, but this stemmed from my last purchase a few days ago which was a pair of scissors and a pair of insoles for shoes.


Prior to that I bought a pair of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa shoes. I threw out my Thurley flats because they were uncomfortable and getting yucky (well I could have kept them for another year or two, but no point since they weren’t comfy) and needed a replacement. I figured that nothing else would be more comfortable than jelly shoes if you had to stand a lot or walk a lot during the day. A good thing is I don’t have to worry about wearing them in the rain as well.

Jelly shoes for those who are new to the concept, are shoes made of a high quality rubber that is hypo-allergenic, “breathable” (note my quotation marks because I don’t think this is the case) and highly flexible. My worst fear is easily cracked soles – they are the worst. I think I lost about 2 pairs of shoes due to poor quality rubber soles which made water seep in. Both occasions I found out when I stepped into a water puddle – I know I know, you shouldn’t step into water puddles, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Especially when it rains 😉


I ordered a AU6 which is too big for me. Ideally I should have gone for the size 5, but these were on sale so I can’t really complain as this was the smallest size available. They smell like bubblegum which is really surprising and the smell stays for a very long time. The shoe is well made and very comfortable. These Vivienne Westwood Ultragirls have a hidden wedge heel inside and they’re pretty cute – goes with a lot of different outfits and doesn’t really look like plastic to be honest. It could sort of pass off as a patent leather unless you do a second take.

To combat the large size I had to insert the insoles – beware though, they will stick to the shoe so you may need to move your insole regularly (as it’s plastic on plastic) or something to stop the two from meshing together. You will probably to either need the insoles or wear socks – your feet will feel like they’re in a sauna in these shoes because of the rubber.

I like these because I think the Westwood orb is really adorable. I think if I were to have a pendant I’d wear every day, the Westwood orb would be my first choice after the rose pendant idea I’ve been having.

These shoes are not only comfortable, they are also low maintenance – apparently all you need is soap and water to clean these, which is super easy considering how hard it is to keep your shoes clean without using water to clean them.



Also came with a dustbag which I did not notice at the bottom the box – really generous and nifty for a pair of shoes at this price. I’ll definitely buy Melissa shoes again, but next time in a size 5!

I’m definitely interested in these shoes because they are pretty cheap compared to a pair of leather Westwoods for example – I know it’s rubber and it seems a little expensive for just rubber, but these seem to be really well made and will last for ages.

Next post: My day in detail (will be backtracked to talk about the 9th October, because the 11th is boring).


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