09: 25 things you want to do in your life

I’ve run out of posts to schedule!!! Recently I’ve also been downloading some stuff so I haven’t been able to use my Internet (because downloads are first priority).

Well well well, a generic topic from one of the lists I found. I’m a pretty boring person because I don’t really have any major goals and I’m not the type to go and achieve them even if I had the chance to (I don’t know why but that’s just the way it is). So here’s a generic post just because I have to do it (sorry but I have to be honest here!). Feel free to skip this one and wait for tomorrow’s post, if you like.

01 Visit Japan

Because I’ve always wanted to! I promised my mum we’d go to an onsen together or something but I don’t see this happening any time soon. That’s just too bad!

02 Become a multi-millionaire

This is probably not possible, but the topic is things you want to do in your life, yes? And if this is the case I’d probably make a donation to charity.

03 Retire early

Because life is not about work.

04 Own at least one investment property

This is totally possible, but I probably need help ie. someone’s income lol. I can’t do it alone.

05 Visit either Tahiti or the Maldives

Because they are such beautiful places. I’m not the type to like water or beaches, but if it’s Tahiti or the Maldives, I would like to give it a shot. I don’t even mind going somewhere very similar – too bad my Fiji plans went down the drain.

06 Get married etc

It would probably be level 100 achievement level unlocked for this one. I’m probably at like level 5 at the moment. Nowhere close.

07 Own a Hermés Birkin

Note that the word used is “own”. I don’t care about using it, I just want one, tucked away or put on display as part of my collection. While I’m at this topic, I would like like to own a Louis Vuitton wooden trunk, a Rolex (not some generic one, but one with a Jubilee band and possibly with gold or diamonds) and a diamond at least 1.5 carats (doesn’t have to be round, or white – it can be fancy yellow or another colour to bring the price down) – thank you very much.

08 Have a walk in wardrobe where all my clothes, shoes and accessories are neatly displayed

Just like how it is in the movies! One day.

09 Achieve my dream body

I hate how I wrote it like that, but hey, it’s like a fleeting goal that cannot be achieved. Doesn’t matter how hard I try or don’t try, I just can’t seem to get close.

10 Stay young forever

I think this in itself has a lot to think about and there are a lot of interpretations or meanings behind these 3 words. Interpret it however you like, I probably mean it just the way you think of it as.

11 Ride a limousine

Because I haven’t ridden one! Or a Maserati or a Rolls Royce. Just a something. The nicest car I’ve ever sat in was probably a high school friend’s father’s super old Mercedes Benz or an Audi -well, experiences okay. Just for the experience. Better still, I could own one – but I’m not into cars.

12 Be someone’s idol

As in the idolising type.

13 Climb up all the ladders possible

In a corporate or workplace context.

14 See one of my favourite groups/ singers or bands live

I’ve never been to a live concert before – so hopefully one day I will be able to go! I’ve never really seen any famous people in the flesh either.

15 Party all night long

Something I haven’t done before.

16 Start a business

That could be fun.

17 Go to the theatre and watch a live performance like a musical or ballet

I have seen a few live performances – mostly ones that sucked though. I want to see something good for once lol.

18 Be the prettiest person in the room

Because I never am that.

19 Win a prize of substantial value

Because it has never happened! I mean, I’ve won lotto before, but that’s generally not much. I mean a prize of some sort – it could be like a watch, or a car. Just something!

20 Be able to dance

Because I can’t.

21 Master one awesome skill

Which I haven’t decided yet. But it can be cooking, taekwondo or karaoke. It could be anything. It’s one of those things you’re so good at that if you’re on TV and you’re asked “what are you skilled at?” you can answer it straight away.

22 Appear on TV


23 Ride a bicycle

Because I don’t know how. Same with ice-skating – I’m too chickenshit when it comes to balancing things.

24 Cook for a large group of people

I’ve done this before but just one food item. If I had the chance to I’d like to do all the dishes!

25 Spend the rest of my life with people who I can give and receive Christmas presents from

We don’t have this tradition in my family – so it gets pretty depressing and lonely. Self-explanatory!

Sorry this was such a crap post – I don’t know why I picked such a crap topic!

Next post: The last thing I bought


One thought on “09: 25 things you want to do in your life

  1. I thought this was a great topic, not crap at all!

    We share the same goals in relation to Goals 1, 3, 5 (the Maldives for me thanks!), 6, 9, 13, 17 (would love to see the ballet), 19 (Deal or No Deal, anyone? lol), 20, 21 & 24.

    For what it’s worth, I think you are pretty. I can still make out your face in the recent picture you posted and you aren’t ugly!

    I used to wish I was prettier (when I was younger) but after high school, I came to accept my face as it is. Plastic surgery is always an option but I know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    I consider myself average in terms of looks and I know there is always going to be someone out there who is richer, smarter, prettier or whatever than you – all you can do is try to be the best person you can be – and enlist makeup to enhance your features lol 😛

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