08: What beauty products do you use?

I’ve been meaning to do this post FOREVER, I just never managed to muster up the time or effort to do so. There’s just so much to talk about and it’s honestly so tiresome!

Disclaimer: what works for me, may not necessarily work for you – this is common sense. I still haven’t found the perfect mix of products to use because my skin is far from perfect, but here’s what I am currently using. I tried to take photos, but I couldn’t take photos of everything. cleansing

I CLEANSE WITH: Hadalabo Tamagohada Foaming Cleanser

I actually knew about this product ages ago when I bought one of my first ever Japanese magazines either early Uni or late high school. I only ever remembered about it when an ex co-worker recommended it, and when I watched some Youtube videos saying how AHA and BHA in facial cleansers are good for the pH levels of your skin. I’ve always foamed my cleansers manually because it apparently gets into your pores and cleanses better (so if you’re not foaming your cleanser before you apply it to your face, you may consider it) – but with this, I don’t even have to manually foam it, it pumps out foam for you. Best thing is that there’s no added fragrance or anything of the sort – costs about $13AUD. Does a pretty decent job but doesn’t remove makeup alone – you will need a cleansing oil for that. Good thing about this cleanser is that it also doesn’t dry out my face as much as some other cleansers have – so yeah, not bad.
Also available in a tube form where you will need to manually foam the cleanser.

I REMOVE MAKEUP WITH: Shu Uemura Whitefficient Cleansing Oil (from $30) OR SKII Gentle Cleansing Gel (about $40)

Both products are very similar, but the Shu Uemura is liquid and melts a lot of product off, but not 100%. With the SKII you have better control as it’s gel and you can ‘scrub’ the areas more to your liking, but you will need to wipe off the gel with a tissue which is how the product works. The Shu Uemura works by the emulsion process when you add a bit of water to your oiled face. Both are a similar type of price range – just really depends on what you like.


Because it’s pretty good at locking in moisture and is gentle on the skin. The price is pretty standard at about $16 or so, so I’m not complaining much – though I’ve found that it has slowly been creeping up in price in recent years *side eyes those who are creating demand*.



The 2B Alternative is okay but nothing to really get my swagger on about. The Facial Treatment Essence however is seriously worth every cent and I have found such a good improvement in my skin it’s pretty amazing. Regardless of whether or not my skin is actually repaired or whatnot, it is so easy for me to just apply a bit of BB cream and have a near flawless complexion. It’s definitely miracle water for a reason. Too bad it smells like bum.
You can try out the SKII Facial Treatment Essence in a trial pack available from Myer or David Jones for $99. You get a 75ml bottle of essence, a face mask and something else I can’t remember. You will see results after 2 weeks’ use. Unless you’re allergic to it.

I MOISTURISE (BODY) WITH: Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand and Body Lotion (about $40 for half a litre)

It moisturises okay – it’s not great but I like the smell and how it’s not oily. For all my hand and foot care, I use all Crabtree & Evelyn products. I recommend their 60 seconds for hands and any of their scrubs, they work a charm.


I MOISTURISE WITH: SUISSE PROGRAMME Hydra-Solution Hydrating Solution Cream (about $65) AND CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Creme (about $80)

The Suisse Programme was recommended by a sales assistant who did a skin test for me – it’s great for winter because it moisturises really well, but it will turn your face into a greased fry pan ready for scrambled eggs in summer or warmer months. There was no real reason for me to use the Chanel either – I previously used the Hydra+Active Gel Creme, but they discontinued that and it turned into this product instead. I liked the older product because it wasn’t as heavily fragranced, but I haven’t reacted badly so far. It’s pretty good as a light cream.

I FIGHT BLACKHEADS WITH: b-liv by Cellnique “Off with those heads” Blackhead Sebum Gel (about $50)

I think I’ve written about this product before, but it does work wonders. You don’t even need to wait long if you want instant results – if you’re going to go on a date or something and realised “OMG MY BLACKHEADS MAKE MY NOSE LOOK LIKE A STRAWBERRY”, you can just apply a bit of this – wait about 2 minutes – and then get a cotton bud or something and just with a bit of pressure – run out those blackheads like weeding your garden. Seriously, it’s just that simple. Apply daily for always-easy to remove blackheads at your mercy. Seems a bit pricey, but a bottle goes a long way – I have been using it for about 2 years and I still haven’t finished a bottle yet.


I HAVE A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP WITH: The Body Shop: Deep Sleep Mist (about $30)

Generally in our household we try to use things that are fragrance free for a variety of reasons – one being that I had some pretty bad asthma as a kid. Now I don’t need to worry, for now I have overcome my asthma to a certain extent. I read some reviews about this and a friend of mine used to work at The Body Shop – he was unable to tell me if the spray was effective or not, despite him having the same thing at home. I asked him to buy it for me, and well, I can say it does help me get a decent amount of sleep. If not, it does a good job helping you to relax.

I FIGHT ACNE WITH: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil anything (from about $7) AND MISSHA Speedy Solution Acne patch ($1.30ish, but buy 5 get 1 free)


Tea Tree Oil has natural anti-flammatory properties and dries out those stupid pimples in no time. Feel like there’s a pimple creeping up? STOP IT BEFORE IT BREEDS. And generally, this has worked okay for me. The patches also work well overnight or if you’re at home and don’t need to go anywhere. Their new patch formula is a lot stickier before, so you won’t find your acne patches somewhere on your pillowcase.

I PAINT MY NAILS WITH: Konad nail polish OR O.P.I Nail lacquer


Both brands’ application is smooth enough though O.P.I is superior. I like Konad because it’s cheap though. Otherwise, I’ve sort of started a little O.P.I collection – and I paint my nails about twice a year now, as opposed to every week (which is what I used to do). OOPsh.


I know a lot of people like to just buy one bottle of perfume and use it to death and claim it as their signature fragrance or like “their smell”. Another type steers away from fragrances. I’m another type – I sort of hoard them for their pretty bottles but I don’t really use them either because I’m indifferent to fragrances. Like handbags, I like to buy a fragrance every now and then (typically once a year). I’ve yet to find the perfect fragrance but I found that most of them tend to be on the sweeter side. In simply the order I acquired them:

  • DAISY (Marc by Marc Jacobs) – gifted to me. Smells generic but good for days when you don’t want to think.
  • FRESH BLOSSOM (DKNY) – smells artificial and made me want to vomit at one stage, but good at times you want to feel fresh.
  • MISS DIOR CHERIE (CHRISTIAN DIOR) – an accidental buy (wanted the blooming bouquet one instead), but surprisingly a staple I like to use when I feel fancy schmancy.
  • SIGNORINA (SALVATORE FERRAGAMO) – not what I was expecting, but still a good fragrance if you want to be fancy but also want smell like you mean business (lol what does that even mean).


I gave away a Burberry Brit perfume because my mum hated it and I have a Bvlgari I absolutely hate and need to get rid of as well. Fragrances have been either a hit or miss with me.

My next perfume on the list is probably Rumeur 2 Rose by Lanvin. Just got a sample in the mail today and it’s probably what I’ve been after all along. I’ve been wanting a perfume with rose or jasmine in it but failed miserably (looking at you, Thomas Sabo Charm Rose – and yes, I have this fragrance).

And a quick summary of other products:

  • Sunscreen: Anessa (Shiseido – about $30 for 50ml)
  • BB Cream: Mineral BB Cream (Etude House – about $20 for 60ml)
  • Eyebrow pencil: Christian Dior or Etude House
  • Eyeliner: Long wear gel eyeliner (Bobby Brown – depends on where but you can get 2 jars and a brush for about $40)
  • Mascara: Lash Expander (Majolica Majorca)
  • Eyeshadow: LuciDARLING quads (Etude House – about $15 each, 4 colours, mirror and brush included)
  • Blush: Estee Lauder
  • Lip Balm: #1 Lip Balm (Khiel’s – about $10 a mini tub)
  • Lip Colours: Mainly Etude House, if not Estee Lauder

I’m sure there are many other products I use but I just can’t list them all! If you’re interested in what I use but I haven’t listed it, or if you want to know more about a particular product, just ask me in the comments below. Remember to copy your comment just in case before submitting if you’re a first time commenter, because I need to approve your comment before it appears.

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4 thoughts on “08: What beauty products do you use?

    • Do! Available from sasa.com.
      Pore strips are good for removing those little hairs on your nose that look like blackheads, but for the deep clean, the b.liv product is pretty good 😛

  1. Great post!

    I’ve had my eye on the SKII Facial Treatment Essence for a while but when I smelt it in Myer, I nearly died lol – I cracked up at your “too bad it smells like bum” comment 🙂

    I accidentally started collecting nail polish – mainly China Glaze, OPI & Butter London – now I’ve got to find some storage solutions for my stash. I try to paint my nails once a week but I’ve been pretty slack lately. I love bright colours though!

    I like perfume but I am incredibly picky so I don’t have that many. My signature fragrances (back in the day) were YSL Baby Doll, Ralph & DKNY Woman – nowadays I wear D&G Light Blue (if I remember) but I still want a replacement bottle of DKNY 🙂

    • Haha yeah, it smells pretty bad :\ I guess if you just apply a bit and slap it on your face ASAP it’s not a biggie. I combat it by using a moisturiser that smells nice to cover it XD

      It’s so addictive to collect nail polish for all the colours ;A; I know what you mean – I’m probably worse though, I paint my nails average once every few months.

      I was super interested in the YSL Baby Doll perfume! And DKNY makes some pretty good fragrances, that I must say!

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