07: Write about a dream you had.

I present the first of the 30 day blogging challenges that was not determined by a list, but rather by me. I just thought this would be a great topic to write about.

I actually went and found my word document!! I separated my dreams into 2 documents: hakuyume (white dream) and kuroyume (black dream). Anything scary, macabre or depressing I put into the kuroyume file, and anything I found happy and cheerful went into the hakuyume file. My hakuyume file consists of 2 pages and 3 dreams. My kuroyume file is 7 pages long and documents 16 (S-I-X-T-E-E-N) nightmares.

Well geez, that says quite a lot.

I’ve chosen just one to freak everyone out and get into the upcoming Halloween spirit. I had a few others which really had a big impact on me because of how realistic they were – I honestly thought I was living in the dream.

There was a woman bending over, cutting a hole for a railway track. The scary thing was that she still continued to smile even though the tools she was using were cutting into her hands deeply, making them bleed.

Then I saw an unshaven man in his mid-twenties, embracing the woman in his arms on the ground. By now, the woman was screaming and crying. She had a yellow blindfold over her eyes, and there were computer typed thick, black and square Chinese characters written across it. “Who did this to you?,” he would yell, holding her in his arms as they were sprawled on the floor. She was in too much pain, so much pain that I think she couldn’t reply. I don’t know what the paper said, but my guess was that it was “abuse”, or something along the lines of it.

Suddenly the background changed to one of those Japanese kabuki acts where people would act with fixed scenery/ paper background. Although the background looked artificial, something made me realise that the rocks, boulders, and the altitude of the place was real. The man was screaming. The woman, now in a kimono and traditional hair, had a generous swelling of her stomach, was in so much pain she wanted to jump off the mountain. She was unsure, but she slipped and fell on her stomach. There was almost a comical bounce to it, but the emotions swelling up were far from being funny. She was clutching her stomach, crying, screaming in pain “Aka-chan!”. Over and over she cried out for her baby, and she slipped, this time for real. She caught onto a rock, but she was on the verge of falling off the edge of the cliff. She was crying now. She didn’t want to die. I knew that she didn’t want to die. She wanted to live, with her baby.

I wasn’t there, they didn’t look at me once. I felt like I watching them from a distance, but I was so scared, because this was the first ever dream I had in Japanese, and the scary thing was how the powerful flow of emotions that made me cry.

And then I woke up, crying. I was in tears and I was a complete mess and probably cried a good 5 minutes after I woke up. That was one of the worst dreams I ever had in my life. I had another terrible one a few months ago which also had me waking up in tears but I can’t remember it. At the time I had the dream, I was really into Japanese horror movies and never really got scared or disturbed by them. I think it’s a bit uncalled for in a dream so terrible it would probably be good enough for the next script of a horrible Japanese horror movie. I think from that point onward, I sort of quit watching horror movies. Why I didn’t wake up at the beginning when her hands were bleeding, I DO NOT KNOW.

Dreams are merely dreams. I think I’ll make it a habit to document my dreams and just reflect on them and laugh them off if ridiculous. I read in another one that I was pressed for time in an exam and had a “magic pen” which would do all the writing for me (whatever was on my mind, which meant I needed to think pretty damn fast) if I scanned it from left to right on each line of the page, which is super hilarious, because I remember using that magic pen in the dream! Best part was I got 97% on that English exam due to said magic pen. LULZ.

Hope you all enjoyed that – if you have a blog and are pressed for blog ideas, I’m glad if you can write about dreams, because they are seriously interesting.

Next post: (also inspired by myself) What beauty products do you use?


One thought on “07: Write about a dream you had.

  1. My dreams mainly have people from high school in them which I find bizarre because I don’t even keep in contact with people from my past!

    Also when I have those dreams, sometimes they involve me stressed out and in an exam situation? I’m generally freaking out about failing lol

    The rest of the time I wake up and cannot remember what I just dreamed about :/

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