05: My Favourite Song

It seems that scheduling posts works!! Brought to you by amazing automatic settings.

It’s hard choosing a single favourite song because my listening genre is so broad.

I bring to you this song which is probably my favourite after all these years since I can still miraculously remember about 90% of the lyrics after 7 years without actually listening to it. When I first heard this song it was really easy to translate (my favourite thing to do back then was to sit down and translate lyrics) so I understood the song almost in its entirety without the aid of online translations. Back then, it was rare finding translations so I had to do them myself if I couldn’t find them online.

I was worried about posting a live version, but it appears that this version is absolutely perfect for anyone who is fainthearted. For those who aren’t, you can see the actual music video of it here which is kind of watching a cult-influenced question mark, though I still understood the meaning, regardless of how macabre it looks.

This is my favourite song, Ain’t Afraid to Die performed by DIR EN GREY.

It’s kind of a strange choice out of all the songs I could have chosen as my favourite, but this is probably the one. Firstly, the lyrics are beautiful, and the guitar and bass is just exquisite. I was concerned that you wouldn’t be able to hear the bass in the live version, but fortunately, you can hear it perfectly. It’s a bit of a pity because there’s another really good live version – except Kyo (the main vocalist) forgot the lyrics at the climax which made me a bit disappointed. But here I present you a perfect live version:

This song is different to the majority of songs they have (with the exception of their newer releases – I haven’t a single clue) in the respect that they’ve added a lot of other things such as the orchestra and children’s voices which is a really nice touch. Although depressing, the lyrics are well written and have beautiful imagery – in a way there is a feeling of hope even though the whole song seems quite down. I think it’s a song that doesn’t outdate and applies to just about everyone because it’s easy to empathise with.

There are seriously a zillion songs that could be my favourite and in all honesty this is just one.

Bonus song: Also by DIR EN GREY, which was actually what swayed me to name my blog miketsu. Not because of the song itself but the name of the song, being Undecided. I haven’t seen the official translations of the song but a lot about the song was being undecided if they should end a relationship or not – it is unclear whether or not or when they will break up or perhaps meet up again. I think the live version is intriguing in that it follows the studio version quite closely and it is one of Die’s few compositions and songs using an acoustic guitar. The strumming of the acoustic guitar is repetitive but sounds like rain. The quiet and the energetic also shows how bipolar and undecided the whole situation is. My favourite lines are actually in a bridge part: “namida no mukougawa ni, shiawase ga aru no, namida no mukougawa ni, kimi ga inai sa” . From my understanding: on the other side of tears (literal translation: I think he means after the heartache) there is happiness, on the other side of tears, you’re not there. Although depressing, still positive depending on what light you view it. Last but not least… BASS!

I’ll end this post on a higher note – one of my favourite songs by Big Bang. There are others, but I think this one stands out the most.

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