What happened??? The time stamp for this post was totally wrong!!! 

For those who went through my 2nd 30 day challenge post “15 facts about me” I should have written as one of the facts “my favourite Running Man member is Lee Kwangsoo” – TOO LATE NOW. BUT I THOUGHT I’D SHARE ANYWAYS. TYVM FOR YOUR TIME.

I had a hard time working the stupid links on my phone yesterday publishing my second post – I published it, but it was the wrong date, and then it didn’t appear on Twitter. Absolutely nightmare – smart phones alright, but not so smart at times. Hence I decided to publish this just after midnight! So yes, it’s technically day 3, but a few minutes after midnight!

For late night greasiness here is a bunch of guys singing about riding a taxi for an after midnight booty call – turn on captions for subtitles:

After mi-d-night booty call (????????)

As everyone can gather I work full time so I pretty much cannot be bothered changing bags because it’s a hassle to me. I do however, alternate my bags if I feel that I’ve been using it for too much/ too long, or if I think that my bag is too big or too small for my purpose. This post is going to very briefly outline the slight difference between 2 bags I commonly use for work. It’s more or less the same with my “going out” bags, but well, dependent on the size and how much crap I can stuff into it – you get the picture.


By the way I have new watermarks in case if you didn’t notice 😡

Here are my two very similar “work bags”. It’s no surprise that they both are the similar short top handle + long strap bag type – it’s just something I like. Why would I buy two different ones? They have different coloured hardware.

Front- Bag#1 Yves Saint Laurent (now known as Saint Laurent) Mini Cabas Chyc (gold hardware)
Back – Bag#2 Louis Vuitton Brea MM in black epi leather (silver hardware) with Louis Vuitton key ring/ bag accessory (two-tone)

If I’m wearing gold coloured accessories I’ll most likely wear the YSL Chyc. If I’m wearing more silver I will wear the Louis Vuitton Brea, and for a more “serious” look I remove the keyring accessory.




Lately I’ve been using the YSL Mini Cabas Chyc because it’s been raining (yes, Sydney rains a lot during winter – I’m side-eyeing that one super rainy day in September, I seriously thought we were having a typhoon) and I’m milking the most wears out of it I can. The funny thing about the bag is after about 6 months of using the bag it’s now considered limited edition/ vintage since they don’t make it any more (YAY!).  It’s a small bag compared to the LV Brea, but because of its soft goatskin leather it can put a lot of stuff inside. I also like the Y clasp because it means I can be lazy and not zip the bag, yet keep it all together. So far it’s been great in the rain. It’s creasing though because the leather’s pretty soft, and that’s what I don’t like about it. However, it’s probably because I don’t have enough stuff in my bag to keep it fat.
The handbag has a zipped internal compartment, double zipper (which can be locked) outside and leather flap with Y clasp closure; also: two top handles for hand carry and a long removable strap.

Gotta catch ’em all:

Yves Saint Laurent Mini Cabas Chyc – no longer available. However, Saint Laurent’s updated version of this handbag is now called the Classic Small Y Cabas bag, RRP $2,350 USD @ YSL.com. Bag also available at David Jones for about $2,600AUD ish, can’t remember the exact cost.

Silk scarf by Salvatore Ferragamo – I keep a light scarf in my bag because I tend to get cold quite easily, and the weather in Sydney is crazy unpredictable. I’m surprised that the stuff in my bag hasn’t wrecked my scarf yet. This is a long scarf, not a silk square – you can check out their designs, which are generally always changing, starting from $250USD Scarves: Ferragamo.com

Wallet by Chanel – We all need wallets. I’m currently using my Chanel wallet in black caviar leather because it’s low maintenance and won’t get dirty. It stores about 10 cards and has a zipped coin compartment on the back which is handy. Great size. This particular wallet is a seasonal wallet. Apparently I could have purchased a classic one for a similar price, but I like how it’s not quilted like how everything Chanel is. See the range of wallets, starting from about $850 AUD Wallets: Chanel.com.

Saffiano Key pouch by Prada with attached key ring with nappa leather bow by Prada (both items sold separately) – The story behind this was I first bought the Prada key ring, but didn’t quite like it because it meant that I had nowhere to put my security card. I originally kept my security card in a plastic sleeve zipped somewhere in my bag, but it was pretty inconvenient and it’s pretty easy to misplace (imagine if you go downstairs to check the mail, you need to bring BOTH keys AND a card – pretty clumsy IMO). I then bought the key pouch because I can slip my security card in – and my keys are kept neat and won’t scratch my wallet or other things. NEAT. You might wonder why I attached the key ring – it’s because a few of my bags (like the Brea) have a little ring inside so I can clip onto it and I can find my keys straight away. Without the key ring, my key pouch floats around. It’s doing it now for this bag, but I don’t mind. I don’t know how much the key ring cost, I completely forgot, and they are pretty seasonal and can be seen here RRP starts from $160USD when you switch it to the United States E-store. Key pouch is $280AUD for the short key pouch pictured here when I last checked at the Prada boutique. The key pouch I am currently using is a longer version.

Cosmetics case/make up bag – See below.

Etude House lip balm stick – I suffer from dry lips that crack when dry. One of these is always handy. Strawberry flavour and they’re cheap – like less than $3. Also available in peach, which is what I keep in my work jacket. Etude House

Bus ticket – because the place I live in only has buses.

Earphones by Altec Lansing. The quality of these are okay – I like how they stick to your ear because of the bud insert, otherwise in terms of sound quality, Monster’s heaps better :\ Altec Lansing

Apple iPhone 4S 16gb – for I do not use my phone all that much. Apple iPhone



For the lulz I’ve included this picture featuring the Brea. There are a few things that are extra that I don’t carry in my other bag –

Collect all the things!

Louis Vuitton Brea MM in black Epi leather – the story behind this bag was kinda long. I eyed the bag ever since it was in its PM size in the vernis leather, but didn’t like how the vernis leather had the light calf leather straps. The bag was going to be discontinued, but I just left it. About a year or so later, they relaunched the Brea in two other sizes and in Epi leather so I was over the moon. You can say it’s probably my favourite bag out of my whole collection – it’s great in the rain and looks new even though I’ve had it for about 2 years. It has a zipped internal compartment, pocket for phone and something else, D-ring for key chain/ pouch, tight zipper closure and a removable long strap. You can purchase this bag in different colours, available from your Louis Vuitton boutique – RRP $2,450AUD (when did this bag get so expensive?! Last time I checked it was only $2,200 ish – well, whatever-) Louis Vuitton Brea MM also available in vernis leather and patent epi leather

Louis Vuitton Key Ring/ Bag accessory – I thought that the Brea itself was a bit bare so I bought a key ring to go onto it at the time I went to get the bag. The good thing is that you can use it as a key ring or attach it to another bag. They don’t sell this one any more, not from what I see on their website. You can have a look and see what tickles your fancy – their key rings start from $315AUD and typically are priced $490 on average. Louis Vuitton Key Rings

Plastic bag– free from your local supermarket. When I have a plastic bag, it generally means I carry an umbrella as well. The bag is to put my wet umbrella in. I know a lot of shopping centres have that plastic bag thing when it rains, but sometimes when you’re at a restaurant, you just really need a plastic bag to stop your umbrella dripping everywhere. I don’t trust umbrella drop off points at the door – I am always paranoid someone’s going to take my umbrella.

Soft toy from some skill tester machine– a friend gave me this and I haven’t taken it out of my bag since, so it kind of lives in this bag. I just can’t be bothered since I don’t know where to put it – it’s been living in my bag for about the past year.

Mysterious black box – this contains a pendant I received from my colleagues for my birthday this year.


BONUS: iPhone 4/4S phone cover by Lanvin. It’s extremely dirty and needs cleaning but I think it’s super adorable. Cost me about $80AUD, available on their website for 50Euros @Lanvin.com

Makeup Pouch


Pouch, Lipstick, Perfume and Eyeliner by Estee Lauder – I really want to change my pouch but this does the job in the mean time – got it as a gift with purchase so I’m not complaining. I have a lipstick in my make up pouch in case if I look washed out (which most of the time, I do) and a perfume sample if I need it. This perfume sample is Pleasures Exotic – it’s a bit too strong for my liking, but overall, pleasant if not, overwhelming. I only use it when I really really need to. The eyeliner is terrible and smudges like no tomorrow – not recommended, but great as a pen…cil if you don’t have a pen on you. Estee Lauder.com 

A tub of glitter – don’t ask. I don’t know why either (this is on the far right and looks like a round blob)

Mirror by Anna Sui – it’s lightweight and I love it. A bit pricey but well worth the price, there’s one mirror that’s normal and the other mirror is a magnified one – perfect. $28USD at UrbanOutfitters.com

Dettol Hand sanitiser – because you can never be too careful.

2x painkillers – probably expired, need to throw them out and replace them. I get headaches quite often, which is why I need these.

Oral B dental floss – because when you need floss, you never have it! Seriously, this is so small and lightweight I think everyone should have floss with them.

Some random mosquito itch cream I got from someone a long time ago I need to replace/ chuck out– I think you need this in a mozzie filled country like Australia.

Mini comb by Etude House– because it’s cheap, cute, and actually brushes your hair.

And that’s it!

Wow, now that was a long post. I don’t actually have all that much in my bag, I try to keep it to a minimum. If I do carry anything extra it’s probably an umbrella, glasses, sunglasses, a camera, pen or tissues. I used to hoard things in my bags but now I try to keep it light.

Next post is Describe Your Ideal Man/Woman – in this case, man. Shit, I don’t know what to write. Stay tuned!


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