Life goes on.

This is just going to be a short-ish post mostly with material from what I’ve typed several months ago.

I was mostly (and still am) depressed, moody and stressed. I lost a crapload of weight because of various factors – most directly associated with just missing my dad in general. I guess it was so much that my dentist even had to say that I lost a lot of weight – and I can’t say it’s a good thing. Now I’m back to normal (which is something I kinda hate), but at least I don’t have to freak out when I find that all my clothes no longer fit me. Still in a bad mood, very anti-social and just want to turn my back on the world. If I haven’t replied you or anything, it doesn’t mean I don’t care or hate you, it just simply means I want time for myself because I just don’t want to see or talk to anyone, because people interaction makes me miserable.

I think I will be back with a decent post next time (it will mostly be about skincare products) – for now this is what I’ve been doing for the past few months. I mean, there were the outings with friends and the this and that – but I guess here were some of the highlights (?) to me about 4 months ago. Next post will be on more current affairs.

Just to let you know this is a list of stuff I usually do not do. It’s really out of character, but hey, we all deal with the blues in some way or another. 

Cleaned my room

It’s funny because there’s so much stuff you just hoard because you think there’s a use for it later. I have a lot of blank notebooks, notes, just empty boxes of stuff I’ve used… dried up highlighters – you name it. It was a while since I also wrote anything in a physical diary, which I dug out and promptly ripped to shreds.

I find that the way to mend any broken heart or bad mood is just to throw stuff you no longer want or need out. It’s a stress reliever in a way.

I originally wanted to keep a diary so that one day someone would be able to stumble across it and read about my life, but I decided it was probably a bad idea after all. I wrote about some of the most mundane things ever (did a quick skim), and although I really meant it at the time I wrote some things, it just sounded so empty. So I no longer have a physical diary. Several years of writing. All ripped to bits. \o/

I have gone through 4 drawers so far. I still have half a wardrobe to go… later.

… and that’s what I wrote a while back. Fast forward to the near present, I’ve already bought a plastic drawer unit to fill in the other quarter of my wardrobe. There’s still the other half to go, and I really do need to organise it because it’s really just a stack of folded clothes on top of a black box and a luggage case. I can barely find anything there… it’s just messy and everything is crinkled. [Note: I’ve organised all of it now]

By chance whilst shopping we saw a set of drawers and a tallboy at a pretty good price. So I’ve upgraded my mismatching bedside tables and finally my room feels like a room. There are a lot of things I want to buy and replace, but it will take time to replace these things since furniture isn’t cheap. I’ve been thinking about buying a floor lamp for my room and to my horror there were these “designer” lamps that were going for over $500, even $1000. Errr no thank you for now. At the moment I’m satisfied with my bedside tables, as they’re made of solid timber for once. Too often we all get carried away and go for a cheaper laminate or something else, completely not thinking about what it’d be like 10 years down the track. Laminate changes, gets old, discolours and falls apart. I’m not saying timber doesn’t, but it ages much better and lasts longer.

I’ll probably use my old mismatching beside tables to organise the remaining half of my wardrobe – hopefully that will make things easier and neater.

Hair matters

I really needed a haircut because I haven’t had my hair this long in about 8 years’ time. Considering this time last year in May 2012 I cut my hair to about shoulder length, it is super long now as the longest part reaches the small of my back. I’m probably a bit too old to have my hair this long.

Either way, I still haven’t been able to figure out where I wanted to get my hair cut – but I figured out where in July.

Coupon haircut and colour November 2012

Back in November 2012 a work colleague and I were gifted a hair “coupon” from my manager. It’s for a hairdresser place called C/H Hair (changed name to evade google search results). Basically we were approached at work and were told that a normal colour/cut/style would cost I dunno, lots, but they discounted it to $170. To buy the coupon, it was only like $90 or something (honestly, this was a long time ago and I can’t remember much about this). You had to pay $80 on the day though. The thing was, he eventually sold us THREE coupons for the price of one, which made it a pretty good deal.

So, we booked into this salon and although I liked the shape of my hair, I barely got anything cut and I probably ended up with more split ends coming out of there compared to when I walked in. My hair colour wasn’t too bad, but the “chocolate brown” it was supposed to be was way too light (well, if you think about what milk chocolate looks like, it’s probably an accurate description…) – I haven’t had hair THAT light before ever. I just wanted something easy to grow into and my roots were showing a lot. Eventually I couldn’t stand it and had to dye my hair. It turned out pretty dark – darker than expected actually. But a few weeks later it just started doing light again… oh well. At least I don’t have two drastically different shades in my hair, because that drives me nuts.

My friend on the other hand had a pretty meh experience because the coupon clearly stated that a semi-permanent or permanent colour was included in the coupon, but the hairdresser told her it was only the semi. To get a permanent colour, she had to pay an extra $40 – which was super ridiculous.

In short, the experience wasn’t that great. Would I go back? Hell to the no. In conclusion – be wary of coupon haircuts! Deals like 2 for 1 are okay, and colour/cut package deals are okay, but a coupon claiming you save on services that are otherwise super expensive, I suggest NO! They will be super busy, they will do a crappy job because of said busyness, and we were the only ones in the salon who were not offered tea or coffee. How disappointing.

New salon tried, July 2013

In July I got my hair cut and for the first time since probably about 2007, I’ve been satisfied with my haircut. I’ve found a hairdresser who actually cuts 5cm when you specify 5cm, and although I thought my face felt itchy at times, there was not a single bit of hair on my face afterwards (I actually got about 10cm cut because my hair was just too long, and he cut exactly that!).

I must say, he was so good his attention to detail really impressed me. He just kept trimming and trimming until it was perfect (he must have rechecked my hair about 4 times at least) and my split ends were all gone. Usually my haircuts end in 40 minutes, but he took his time and almost spent 1.5 hours doing my hair. The next morning my hair was still styled the same way it was and it was the same for the day after. I didn’t bother washing my hair because I really liked the way he styled it. My hair wasn’t oily a single bit, probably owing to the fact he meticulously washed my hair really well twice. The salon also surprisingly had the comfiest hair washing station I’ve ever sat in.

I’ll definitely go back to find him – hopefully just like finding my dentist, I’ve found a hairdresser to go back to!

My next haircut will be mid-October when he’s available. They have an online booking system so I can see who’s available to work. I’m contemplating on getting a perm – which is something completely new to me. I’ll see how it goes.

Sold my bag

So, I’m sort of a bag collector. I’m not a crazy rich person with a ginormous inheritance buying pieces that are very limited or sought after. I buy bags I firstly like, need (in terms of bag type or size or colour), and think are an investment (ie. likely to go up in price as time goes, though this is not a factor I’ve considered until probably the fifth bag I bought).

I was really torn because I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. Since I’m working I don’t really have any immediate monetary problems – it’s not like I really need money (in the sense that I need it urgently) and to me it was something that I wouldn’t be able to buy again even if I had the money to buy it. On one hand I had a sentimental attachment to this bag because it was my 22nd birthday present (I generally buy a bag every 6 months – one for my birthday, one for Christmas and this was since I turned 21). I also really liked the colour. I stuck with it so long and I really liked it so much I wasn’t sure if I wanted to really sell it.

To fill in the gaps, the bag I had was a metallic silver Gucci Boston bag. It’s a very classic design, although the colour was a seasonal one. I had several problems with it though, mostly being that I preferred other bags over it even though I decided I made the right decision buying that one. At the time of buying, there was only one other alternative which was really just the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 – however I felt that the Boston would hold its shape better on the long run. Now that the Speedy comes with a long strap, I started to frown upon the Boston; it was heavy because there was no long strap to carry it on a shoulder or something and it always needed to be hand carried.

But then again it was so awesome in a way – it was waterproof, virtually maintenance free and went with anything I wore. I guess since I stopped using it for a while, it was time to just let it go while I could still fetch a good price for it. It was difficult storing the bag since it took up so much space (I had to stuff the bag because it’d change shape otherwise).

It wasn’t easy selling the bag, though it only took me about 3 days to do so. I had a lot of crazy offers given to me which I had to decline. I totally understand that if you are buying something really old and shabby, paying like even $50 even if it cost several hundred – perhaps even thousands of dollars in the first place is perfectly reasonable, however my bag was in pretty good condition, and by that I mean about 90% new even though I wasn’t exactly careful with it – I had all the original packaging and even found the receipt. In a way, you could say I got pretty lucky.

My words stop here. I shall refrain from making any further comments on second hand designer goods and what people should be paying for them, for I fear I may offend someone.

Goodbye, I shall miss you – and hopefully find a replacement for you which I will not need to sell.


Please excuse the photo. It was taken a fair few years back… and I don’t have any other photos with the bag. I no longer own that jacket by the way… another thing I have thrown out into the trash.

Read a book… and watched a movie or two

I haven’t read a book in a very long time. By book I really mean a novel, and for leisure purposes – I haven’t picked up a book probably since I was in year 12. That was about 7 years ago. I suddenly had the urge to read The Great Gatsby because I saw all the posters and stuff at Event Cinemas the other week when I went there to watch Trance. I have a copy of The Great Gatsby and it was for my year 11 studies when I had to analyse it for the American Dream and how it was adapted into American Beauty the movie lol. I never really enjoyed the novel because I was too keen on using it for my studies – and then I ended up reading it this time round and actually enjoying it. It was probably a bit too short and simple (which is probably good for itself) and didn’t really talk about all that much. I guess there were a lot of motifs in the story but to me it was still interesting and worth calling a classic.


And yes, those are doodles/notes on my notebook regarding exercise routines.

[Watched the movie end of May] with my work colleagues. My work colleague A has left the country for good so I will and have been missing her lots. We worked together for about 2 years and well, I can’t say we were super close but we were a team! We got our hair cut together from that coupon place! But it was an enjoyable movie. Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful is a stunning song and the visuals were beautiful and stayed very closely in tune with the novel.

In regards to Trance, it was not my intention to watch it. We made a mistake and thought that Oblivion was out, but it was due for the next week. It was pouring rain and I had two tickets which I got from the recent McDonald’s Monopoly play LOL. Of course I had to pay for the tickets, but well yeah – whatever, it was just kinda cool winning something.

I’m not too sure what to say about Trance because it leaves you somewhat scarred and confused, but it was still interesting. Not sure if I really got it 100% but I think I sort of did.

Oblivion on the other hand had a snooze-worthy part in the middle but it was overall enjoyable. I describe it as “the Tom Cruise movie starring Tom Cruise”. I think Olga Kurylenko is gorgeous though, I liked her in Quantum of Solace. Since May I also managed to see Iron Man 3 and Hangover 3 in the cinemas. And that’s where my movie/cinema going ended. I started downloading my movies after that.

De-stress, rewind, stay young

I’m a fairly realistic person at heart. I’m nearing my quarter century crisis and believe it or not, there are actually a lot of things you need to consider once you are 25 or are nearing 25.

Although 25 to many seems young, it’s actually a big turning point in life because your body changes and behaves in a different way. For instance, I stop growing any taller. Metabolism also slows down considerably – which means I can’t binge eat and need to monitor what I eat, since metabolising it will take much longer and I will need to work harder to do so. Collagen and calcium levels drop as the body doesn’t store these as much as it used to.

Of course, these things don’t happen oh so suddenly with a BAM! – these things are gradual and will take time to actually sink in. I suppose, there are things you can do to “prevent” these things from happening in a way. I don’t mean completely stopping these things from happening, but at least doing things so that these changes aren’t so noticeable and therefore won’t be things to be stressing over.

I know for myself that my metabolism is pretty bad, and my skin isn’t what it used to be before. Remember those days when you would just leave a pimple scar or mark and it’d just disappear? Or perhaps those light freckles you got from a day under a sun would just disappear on their own? Not any more… I have noticed that these things take forever to fade or get better.

I tried to take collagen supplements which supposedly is meant to be good for your skin (glowing skin, whatever) but I stopped because I experienced this horrible horrible mass of I don’t even know how to describe it – it was just bad. You could say it was acne? But it only affected one side of my face. I somehow got super sensitive during this winter and got this terrible allergy which made me need to blow out my nose every few seconds and made my skin so dry it looked like I had the flu.

Despite all this, I stopped taking the supplements and this winter, I must say (touch wood) has been pretty good. I think it was the first year I had without the cold or flu – so that’s a really good thing! However, because I’ve just been tired and all, I started to get migraines and dizziness which could be attributed to vertigo. Working when you feel like the world is spinning is the crappiest feeling ever, and I took my first sick leave all year. Never underestimate it – it can be so bad you can barely open your eyes. Every moving thing makes you dizzy, and loud sounds make you go crazy. It’s going away now, so I will just need to prevent it from happening again – though it seems to be one of those things I have.


I said at the beginning of the year that I’d do stretches – which obviously doesn’t really do much. After watching pilates workouts videos I decided to just save the videos. I tried to do daily “light exercises” but failed to keep up with it because I’ve started to just do my workouts while watching the actual workout video (which is much more demanding and difficult than devising your own routine which is like -let’s do this – and maybe this – and not that).

I’ve been trying to do pilates workouts at least once a week – which is actually a lot more challenging than you would expect. They have been useful though, I can feel I’m stronger and I’m breathing correctly. I used to have no muscles in my core but I can feel them now.


I thought that I have previously written something about this before, but I realised it was left in one of my drafts, unpublished.

Does anyone else have the same tendency? Consistently for the past 5 years or so I’ve been seeing someone I know in real life in my dreams more often than I would expect. It’s funny because it’s the same person- of course, I dream about other friends too, but if you count the number of appearances this candidate has the highest number of appearances.

This has the been first post from me in like half a year – I will aim to blog more often in the coming few weeks, hopefully with pictures. Hope everyone is doing well – I’ll be back soon again. Bye!


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