2012 in retrospect and 2013 resolutions

… well that escalated quickly.

I’m sorry for not updating – actually, I’m not really sorry, I write sorry but don’t really mean it. I had a post up in the drafts as a progress thing but I never published it because… well, it was lacklustre, boring and meaningless. So I’d rather post up something that isn’t so blah and would actually look like something decent when I look back upon it in several years’ time to spare myself any delayed first  hand embarassment.

My day before Christmas, Christmas Day AND Boxing Day was spent working so 2012 tired me out like no other. I was lucky to not work the first day of the year, but I worked on the 31st December 2012. My New Year’s Eve was spent at home, lonely, watching the MBC Gayo Daejun and then sleeping after the first few fireworks were in the sky.

Strangely enough I didn’t set myself any targets for 2012 so I have no idea if I achieved anything.

In a nutshell, what I did for this year wasn’t that much, but it was an improvement to 2011 in some ways!

  • Went to Melbourne in January 2012. Spent a reasonable amount of money and had reasonable amount of fun.
  • Did attempt to go out (not as often as every week or two weeks), and did go out to dinner – shock horror – something I rarely do. I’m making an effort, okay.
  • Spontaneously got pulled out to have dinner on several occasions – WHICH IS AMAZING BECAUSE IT NEVER HAS HAPPENED MUCH BEFORE D: It’s super awesome when you’re just at work or wherever and a random friend pops up and goes “hey, doing anything later? Let’s eat” – woahhhhhh mindblown.
  • Went to Hong Kong/ Macau May 2012. Spent a reasonable amount of money but had a really boring time since I stayed way too long. Did not get wasted. Did not lose myself and go crazy. Will make note to do so next time I visit – which is probably some time this year.
  • Went to the movies more often, surprisingly. I’m not a cinema person.
  • Did sort of reach my savings target – just shy by a bit, but I already tucked it away into a good savings account where I can’t  touch it.

There is still a lot of room for improvement though. I realised that in 2011 I was so fixed on work I was too busy to do other things. In 2012 I had a lot more time for myself and took out time to do things that were self-reflective in a way. Went out more, enjoyed life a little bit more – gave myself some more fresh air and opportunities in a sense.

Of course not everything went well in 2012:

  • Got food poisoning and didn’t eat for a whole week. Only got back to normal after 10 days – EEP. That was the worst thing that happened – probably next to encountering the dumbest customers I’ve encountered thus far (seriously, stupidity is a bottomless, mysterious pit of doom).
  • Found out that my teeth and health was appalling, but apparently my health wasn’t too bad, and I found myself a good dentist I shall continue to visit.
  • Extra workload and stress because of the economy and general increased workloads due to colleagues.

2013 resolutions

For this year, what I really want to aim to do this year is fairly simple – I keep saying it again and again though.

  1. Save up half of my annual salary at the very least and be wiser with money. Maybe for this year I will only buy one expensive item only and just have that only for the entire year. As for what that one expensive item will be, I still don’t know yet. It could be a diamond, or it could be a handbag (tossing between Chanel or Dior – most likely Chanel, but eeeeep MONIES and not enough for it) or perhaps a watch (though most probably it won’t be a watch, because I don’t really need another watch). If not –
  2. Go interstate once, go overseas once. At least 😉 And perhaps a road trip. Who knows?
  3. Get a pay rise. Again.  And it’d better be a good one lololol.
  4. Meet more people, perhaps get myself back into the rhythm of things and start seeing people. This also includes just meeting up with friends on a more regular basis. I really lost touch with people in general and have a trust tolerance of barely zero. Back then in the days I would stand and wait ages even if the person I was about to see was running terribly late – these days I just rage/quit, turn around and just leave. After a set of more than unpleasant experiences in recent years I’ve really just learned to get rid of my feelings and hardened up to the point my sarcasm levels are an all time high. Don’t know how to be cute any more, nor do I know how to maintain a friendship without coming off as a stuck up bitch.
    Somewhere in 2012 I actually told myself to stay single forever since I have a job that would be good enough to take me into the latter years of life. I am financially stable (for now at least) and in no debt whatsoever with plenty to keep myself happy. It’s a really negative way of thinking considering now I’m only 24. In 2013 I will be 25. Now 25 really is a quarter life crisis – it has only really struck me just about now that I only really have about 3-6 years because I hit my 30s and suddenly turn into a super unattractive candidate for anything, really. I don’t want to calculate my life like this, but if you think about it rationally, getting married and having kids when you’re about 30 or just before 30 is probably the most ideal scenario because it makes the most sense. I don’t really have much time left, and I don’t have many chances to be honest. But at least if I try so see how it goes, it’s probably better than not trying at all. By then if I’m still single, that’s fine, I will stay that way and just let it be.
    At least for now, I’m enjoying being single (which is something people can’t do!) – if I were to suddenly not be single it’d be hard for me to adapt, I think. But for now, let’s just concentrate on meeting more people/ hanging out with more people and enjoying life as it is.
  5. Do more beauty posts. I used to really enjoy doing these – what happened?! Queue ’em on, I’ll definitely work on these in my spare time in the upcoming weeks!
  6. Stress less, be healthy, be stronger. I promise I will do stretches, do the occasional hula hoop routine and start doing push ups. I have weakened too much!
  7. Start looking for investment opportunities this year.
  8. Visit a beach at least once (because I never go to the beach).
  9. Get a massage. (Resort, anyone?)
  10. Spend more on home improvements, rather than the usual stuff I buy.

That’s it. A lot of it is fairly simple and straight forward. 10 relatively easy things to achieve by the end of the year, which seems pretty reasonable.

I think I will be able to achieve a majority of those, because my January is already seemingly packed with a lot of stuff to do. I’ve already booked coach tickets and an apartment for Canberra next week (yeah, it was a super last minute decision – wasn’t expecting to go that soon, but since I have an extra day next week to rest, why not-) so that counts as being interstate, since Canberra is in the A.C.T (Australian Capitol Territories) and is not in NSW 😛 It’s a bit of a pity because I want to visit Melbourne again to satisfy my shopping monster inside, but I think I will leave that for next year. I’m only going to be in Canberra for one night – or 27 hours total, so I kind of cheated, but hey at least I tried. I know there’s nothing to do there, but I’ll be visiting a friend (I think I should change my name to “friend-visit-er”, yes I  know it’s visitor, but I visit then er) and I do want to go to the National Art Gallery or whatever it is. It will be my THIRD visit to Canberra in my life thus far, which is a lot considering how boring the place is, but hopefully this time it will be more interesting than the other visits I had, which were high school/ primary school excursions that were damn boring with the exception of Questicon. Now that I’m much older and can do whatever I want there since I am free to go wherever I wish to go, hopefully it’ll be a much more enjoyable experience. But yes, I do want to visit the Art Gallery, because I can’t say no to art galleries.

At the end of this month a friend will be coming back from Hong Kong for a few days or so, so I guess that will count as a catch up or whatever. ANYTHING THAT CONTRIBUTES TO HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE, I WELCOME YOU.

Possible road trip this month. By that I mean just a drive to somewhere and drive back lol.

Colleague is leaving to have her baby, so we will have a farewell dinner.

I’m still thinking about where I want to go overseas this year – Hong Kong is a given. I still kind of want to go to Fiji or Hawaii, but I’m not a person who likes to travel alone (unless if it’s Hong Kong, then I don’t really have a choice).

Didn’t have an exceptionally great 2012 considering it was supposed to be a shitty year for me, but I got through most of it in one piece. Waiting for Chinese New Year now so I can stop wearing my red leather bracelet which I’ve been wearing every day without fail for the past lunar year. Hopefully 2013 has bigger and better things to offer me, so let this be the start of a fabulous beginning of something irresistibly awesome.

Happy new year to all of my friends or subscribers who are reading this post – I will be back fairly soon with a beauty related post (or fashion, I need to find my camera, it’s somewhere in my wardrobe) – hope we all have a good one this year with many more good years to come!


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