Food poisoning sucks the ugliest balls known to mankind

Just a short update because I figured I’ve not updated for way too long. My Hong Kong Part 3 post has been in progress for the past few weeks (with no signal of where it will end) so I’m procrastinating on it.

I decided to take annual leave for the first 2 weeks of October, and then after meeting with a friend on Thursday I ended up with food poisoning since Saturday. So yes, do the maths, I’ve been sick for six days already, when usually cases like these end in like 2-3 days.

(For those who were curious, it was a place that is 4 letters long, starts with M, ends with O and looks vaguely like my wordpress username in the city)

At the moment I still feel crappy and I haven’t had much to eat. I’m tired, grumpy, irritable and hate my annual leave so much because it was probably better off spent working instead. Why I bothered to take leave in the first place (which was to apparently “rest, recouperate, get healthy”) is a complete question mark because my whole situation right now spells out bullshit.

I’ve never had food poisoning in my life, and this is the first time and I can say it’s horrible. I’m sure there are worse feelings in the world, but for the meantime, I really really hate it and will continue to hate it.

On the brighter side though, since I did have some problems with digestion and whatnot before, hopefully this can be seen as a cleansing experience and I will encounter less problems later on. After losing a hell of a lot of sleep, water, and at least 2 freaking kilos, I sure hope that in the next few days I can well and truly “rest, recouperate and get healthy”.

Take care everyone, and beware of what you eat – it was the worst feeling ever (seriously) – in comparison to this, the flu is nothing!

I’ll be back when the time is right.


2 thoughts on “Food poisoning sucks the ugliest balls known to mankind

  1. that sucks about the food poisoning. what did you eat that made you sick, you think?

    Hope you get better soon so you can enjoy the rest of your annual leave!

    • Thanks! Well, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it possibly could be as I don’t know if it was a direct consequence from eating out. I ordered a Teriyaki Chicken set – chicken seemed cooked well enough, but it could have been the lettuce or leaves, half the taro ball I ate or even the yoghurt that came with it to even perhaps the tap water. I ate with a friend though, and I *think* he is alright (haven’t asked). If so then it must have been the taro ball then since that’s what he didn’t eat… but then again, his meal and mine could have been handled differently, even though we both ordered the same thing. LE HMM.

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