So, I kinda tuned out of it for a while.

My last update was a very long time ago, and I kind of just fell into a slump. I’m forever tired (still am), blood test results came back (nothing major, but I’m on vitamins now) and I’m just looking forward to lots and lots of rest. A lot has happened since… May basically, which is where I left off with my Hong Kong part 2 trip. I will post up part 3 in the weeks to come, but to stop myself from delaying posting anything at all from then until now, here is just basically what I called a rapidfire vomit list of stuff I did/ that happened in the past few months which I never bothered to talk about. I’ve been in an eternally bad mood lately because I have so many things to worry about (which I shouldn’t). It’s starting to even reflect in my sleep because I dream of things that infuriate me so much. Can’t wait til my annual leave.

If it’s rushed and basic, I apologise. I actually need to get ready to go out… and I haven’t moved an inch, which is pretty typical of me these days. I’m trying to type as fast as I can already D:

My friend graduated.

Not too sure which abbreviation/ initial to refer you as 😛 But you know who you are 😉 Girl got a USYD medallion too, which is really cool considering that where I went (UNSW) didn’t do anything like that at all. Belated congratulations! (Though I think I did say it on the day – but then again, I don’t remember…)


We went to a place called Sunflower and ordered these green tea lattes which were more latte than green tea.

I ordered a crepe, which was super super cheesy on the inside. Not bad, though it really reminds me of “The Ultimate” pancake from Pancakes on the Rocks.

We then went to an art gallery named White Rabbit. This is le Nokia 3210 that we spotted.

This was my favourite work. It’s on the top floor and it’s just pretty. All the chairs are numbered though, in case if you really couldn’t figure how to put everything back.

Thanks for inviting me! I had fun that day just unwinding myself and taking a breath of fresh air 🙂

My male colleague is more of a housewife than I am.

Tom Yum Gung soup courtesy of workmate who made this by himself from scratch (yes, using lemongrass, limes and what not – whatever a Tom Yum Gung is made of) and brought it to work for us to share. All I can say was several hours down the track, my stomach was still burning and I was sweating. Yes, it’s spicy, but it was good for the winter.

I owned a Christian Louboutin for 1.5 weeks.

I know it sounds so weird saying that I had it for such a short period of time, but the story was kind of long, complicated and frustrating.

I snapped up this baby because it was… well impulsive. I generally buy myself a bag every 6 months, but considering I had nothing on mind and I’m not considering anything for Christmas, I decided to get this in advance as a work bag. It was such a beautiful bag, I really loved the red interior and the magnetic studded bow clasp. It was okay made (not super well made considering it was made in Italy), but the thing was it wasn’t particularly cheap and it wasn’t even majority leather. Whoever sent out my order screwed up by not giving me the long strap it was supposed to come with, and I wasn’t going to let them get away with it, because it wasn’t what I paid for.

I returned the bag and got a refund. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that – even if I receive something and it has a small manufacturer’s fault, I’m still okay with it as long as it’s resolved properly. I couldn’t stand it this time round and just asked for a refund. The main reason being that without its strap it looks like a briefcase/ laptop case. I’m still fine if I had to resort to using it as a laptop bag, but it’s not even designed to fit my laptop! I’m going to be cautious because I don’t want to buy anything from there again even though I’ve bought loads of stuff from them before.

So instead I went and spent a tiny fraction of the refund on Juicy Couture instead. Loads happier even though they’re of a different calibre.

Why thank you, too, Juicy Couture.

Went and saw Batman in Gold Class. Alone. And was underwhelmed.

I have never gone and seen a movie by myself, but this time round I had to because I kind of rage/quitted on a friend of mine who I usually go see movies with. I was pretty underwhelmed with the movie, and kind of walked out thinking “da hell did I just watch?” – I even forgot to pull out the foot rest on my chair so I kind of wasted my gold class ticket without really sitting as comfortably as I could have.

I ordered a spicy ham pizetta as well ($19) which was surprisingly pretty yummy. That was my lunch though, so yeah.

Went to the Biennale with the Lovigans.

I can’t believe it has been 2 years already. I went to the Biennale 2 years ago… and here I am again. Time surely flies.

I won’t bore everyone with photos of the art works… I’m sure you’ve all seen them so I’ll skip those.

Green tea cake roll from Azuma Lumiere.

This was dessert after Pepper Lunch… and this the best green tea flavoured bread/ cake/ pastry thing I’ve tried to date. Super yummy.

My work place celebrated its 7th year anniversary.

This was a portion of the food that we had in celebration at Encasa. Food these as usual was good and although we were so hungry going in, we were soon full because the food was so quick at coming out!

A banana milk chocolate shake (?) from Max Brenner, Broadway. I can’t remember the exact name of this LOL. It wasn’t bad, it was only slightly banana flavoured but you can tell there are actual bananas in it. This was dessert after the anniversary dinner. It was enjoyable because it’s been such a long time going for a late night snack thing… reminded me of uni days.

Rediscovered Nutella.

How many of you know how to actually eat this correctly?

If you answered “spreading it on bread” you get a massive thumbs down.

I found these at the supermarket after talking to my colleagues about eating Nutella with a plastic spatula (that’s how we all did it in Primary School) – and voila, here it is. And I’ve been eating these via the spatula. And with ice cream.

My former work colleague came back to visit from Hong Kong

My friend J who I saw in Hong Kong and went to Macau with came back to Sydney for a few days since she had a graduation ceremony on. On my day off work, we all went to have lunch at this place near King St wharf named Vessel Italian. Food was okay, but the service – UGH. Let’s replace the word service with “attitude” – not going back ever again. Not recommended, unprofessional.

We then went to browse Westfield and then had tea at the Tea Salon thingy on the 3rd floor.

Started my second Pandora bracelet – err filled it.

The new collection is really stunning. I’m not trying to sell it or anything but I haven’t been this excited about Pandora in a long time. I filled up my bracelet a long time ago, but I was actually not satisfied with several charms I had (for instance, I had a three tier cake on my bracelet, which I thought was pretty cute, until I discovered it was actually more of a wedding cake – obviously, I am not married, so I felt that it wasn’t right for me to have it on my bracelet – though it sells if I wear it, but still…).

I renovated my bracelet by firstly buying a shorter one (my bracelet stretched and is too big), and put all the ones I liked on the one bracelet. I still had some left over for my old one and so bang, I have 1.5 bracelets  now. I’m going to probably start my third bracelet next week because this time I want one that’s not so full and it will have a different colour scheme. We shall see.

And the 25/8/12 wasn’t important lol. It just happened to be there on my diary page when I took the photo D:

After all that crap, hello spring!

If you look harder, I’ve got stuff actually written on my September page of my calendar. I’ve got days off, stuff to do. I’m actually kind of excited for September, because I finally get a  break from everything. My annual leave is due to be the first two weeks of October, so REST HERE I COME.

I’m currently watching “Answer 1997” which is flawless. Drama of the year. It really reminded me of my high school days, which is why I enjoy it so much. It also sometimes makes me wonder why I didn’t have friends like that when I was in high school – it’s so hard to have close knit friends (both guys and girls) who just live a street away from you. I never mananged to experience that. The other night however, I bumped into a uni friend on the bus, and after chatting and needing to get off the bus I realised that we both lived in the same complex for the past 6 months! He’s going to move out though (probably) soon, but that was super weird/cool because I never knew anyone who lived in my complex after living here for like 12 years.

I’m also watching “To the beautiful you” (which my mum is hooked on -_-) – not bad. We’ll wait for the rest of the episodes to see.

I still watch Running Man, Chubal! Dream Team Season 2 and I’m going to get into Kangyoon couple on We Got Married (which they’re going to call We Got Married Village since they are going to live with each other *gasp*). Currently waiting for GDragon’s album to drop.

So writing this post took longer than expected – took me an hour, consists of almost 2000 words and I have less than an hour to get ready and eat lunch before I take a 30 min ride to the city (it’s the weekend). Eurgh, I manage my time so poorly these days.

Will be back – next time will be Hong Kong part 3… then I can get that over and done with – geeeeeez how long does it take for me to do things D: LATERS.


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