From my hotel room, lazily.

Hello all, I never thought that I would have enough time to actually sit in my hotel room and blog because I expected myself to go out constantly every day. Basically I overestimated the amount of time I actually needed, which is actually not all that much. I have over 2 ish days till I go back home, and I kind of wished that there was just one more day instead. The past two days have been really boring since my friends need to work. It meant trips to the supermarket for me, and wanting to skip meals since eating alone is kinda sad.

Hong Kong itself is actually quite a lonely city; there are lots of people who eat, shop or travel alone. I admit it’s the same in Sydney, but I guess since family and friends make it so much better. This place is quite alien to me. I know the language and all but there is still that barrier- I never grew up here, I grew up in Sydney – raised and born there. My first language is English; I read Chinese slowly and pronounce things wrong. Well, just a bit more and I can go home.

The weather here is ridiculous, UV levels are 11-12 (meaning extremely high) and temperatures hover around the 30 degree mark. Humidity is usually 70-90 something percent, so when you walk outside you are drenched in either water vapour or sweat – you cannot tell which is which, nor does it even matter. The weather means you need some pretty badass makeup that does not melt off your face, and you want to take a shower, always.

Anyway the point of this post was not to go into too much detail about my trip, I will do that when I get back. For now, I am still having fun. Hong Kong is a really beautiful and captivating city – I always felt that way. This time, I am staying at a hotel which makes my experience a million times better (unlimited free bottled water ftw!), only I am travelling alone, which kinda sucks. But I got to see my friends I thought I would not be able to see again, and there are a lot of awesome things here that are ridiculously cheap.

The turning point in my trip was Sunday, when I went to Macau… I spent most if my money the day before (can you believe it… After just 3 days) so I was stressed and unhappy. I was doing stupid things like calculating how much money I could spend each day, and what I could or could not buy. It was so so so very stupid. Luckily for me I did bring money to exchange… And then things went back to normal. Even so, I feel guilty for spending so much money and not knowing where it went. Things are not as cheap as you would expect – that was a bit of a shock. I will go into detail later… But yes, some things really are not cheap lol, namely clothes and shoes. I had no idea they would be so expensive; cheaper than Sydney in a way, but really not worth the price D:

I think the problem with going on a holiday is that you are pressed for time not to buy the things that you want to wear, but more things that you NEED to wear or else you do not have a change of clothes for later. Which reminds me I should buy something for the next two days…. fuuuuuuuuu.

I would like to add that I am talking about Hong Kong shopping from the perspective of someone who is shopping at boutiques or shopping centres. If I shopped entirely at boutiques I would be broke within minutes. You might wonder why I do not shop at small shops or stalls… it is because they can be quite expensive :/ they are like the same price as upper boutiques for no reason. I am probably hanging around the wrong area to shop, but I feel safer shopping at large chain stores with fixed retail prices rather than small shops and getting ripped off for something that is not particularly well made. To give a good example, there are many boutique stores selling clothes around $500 hkd which is pretty damn expensive ($63 aud or usd)… If I add another $300 hkd ($35) I can get something with a fancy European label. Sooooo yeah. Millie’s shoes retail for about $1000hkd, yet I picked up a pair of Miu Miu shoes for just $1400. To be fair I had to travel to an outlet to get them and they were 50% off with an extra 30% off, but at least I won’t feel like I spent my money in a way which was not very wise.

Do not shop at 7/11 unless you are in a hurry; supermarkets can be 25-35% cheaper! Cafes are the most expensive to eat at- like Starbucks, I don’t mean the HK style cafes. I learned the hard way. Either way, be smart – that’s all.

My next blog post will come on Sunday afternoon if I can still keep my eyes open after hopping off the plane. It will be titled “a noob’s guide to Hong Kong, for noobs”. Stay tuned!



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