So long; farewell.

Random photos from recent weeks, days, whatevers.

Roses Only.

My workmate who went overseas (for good) was really really sweet and ordered these roses to be delivered to work on my manger’s birthday. My manager really loves roses and these were so pretty. They were all super surprised because my boss was like “…it wasn’t me!!”. I wasn’t there on that day to witness the lulz, because I actually knew they were coming beforehand, but I snapped these in their full bloom. They were really beautiful and kind of looked fake because they were so velvety and perfect. For the record, I love roses myself. It’s my favourite flower, but on the contrary, I don’t like these naturally grown roses because they’re too big and their thorns and stems are really thick. I prefer glasshouse roses simply because I think they are more elegant and easy to control, despite probably not being as large and perhaps not lasting quite as long.

These took about 3 days to fully bloom, and lasted a total of around 9-10 days. Not bad, considering that these had to live in an environment without any breezes or drafts overnight. Gorgeous nonetheless.

Visited the Bavarian Bier Cafe for the second time in like, a one year period because we didn’t know where else to go to for dinner.

The first time I went, I was the only one who got a fruit (in this case, a lychee) out of all the girls on the table (all but one ordered a ladies’ beer… but I was the only one with a fruit included on top LOL) so I felt super special. This time I got TWO lychees and not just the one. Damn, I better be rollin’. Next time I should get three.

I’m pretty bad with alcohol. I used to be a lot better with it, but I guess if you leave it, you will only just get worse. Half way through this beer I already had my face heating up. The worst part probably was not having eyemakeup on – that’s the WORST because my eyelids go puffy and red D: Makes it look like I’ve been crying, wtf 😦

That night I also went to see The Avengers. Worth a watch, go see it.

I’ve been karaoke deprived for about a year. Then I went three times in a span of less than a month. Probably not as much as some people, but I think I got a bit too much of an overdose. I also realised that I could no longer sing. Hmm. That and people are singing those super annoying crappy songs the shopping centre I work in plays on cheapass speakers that lack bass and level control. It drives me insane that I have to listen to the music in my own spare leisure time AS WELL as during my work hours. BURY THAT MUSIC NOISE IN A HOLE. And this is coming from someone who actually does not mind loud stuff, as long as it’s music.

Well, I had a bit of fun with this photo knowing it’s low res as heck, but the laser lights created a cool green/ bluish effect without using something to edit it that way.

And yes, it’s freezing in Sydney. One day it’s warm, the next it’s freezing cold.

I know I promised a makeup related post… I just didn’t manage to take photos. I’ve been so lazy and slack with my time lately that I was generally in a rush to get ready and just get out of the house… too bad every time I did have time, it was too late to take photos because I FORGOT to take them.

Well, I guess I lied again 😛 I have no idea what kind of makeup post I’ll be doing anyway… the stuff I do is basic as heck… well, I guess I’ll find something to talk about. LE HAULAGE. SOON.

5 years of architectural study and this is what I can do. I kid. Give me a ruler and I’ll do better. And I didn’t spell “Chater Rd” incorrectly, if it’s meant to be Charter instead, blame Google maps. I just copied it off there (google map it :P).

I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow morning, so I’ve been busily packing my bags, random crap and doodling maps so that I don’t get lost. These are just 2 out of the 6ish maps I’ve drawn. I’m wondering if I should do Macau as well, but I’m not sure if I’m going or not any more… I’m only there for one weekend and there are other things I need to do on the Saturday which seem to be much more important. And yes, I will be visiting Victoria’s Peak. I’ve been back a handful of times but I never managed to do any sightseeing as such. I don’t even have any memories of Causeway Bay… doubt I’ve even been. How noob.

Apparently it’s pissing rain in Hong Kong as well, with humidity close to 90% and the temperature being around 30 degrees. My sweet luck to pick going on a holiday with the type of weather I hate most. Eurgh. I had no idea it’d be that humid and hot in May… I thought it was meant to be gross starting in June. Guess that shows how much I know about the place heh.

Well, I’ll be updating my Twitter via Instagram, hopefully, to show I haven’t been lost in translation over in Hong Kong. I hope I survive over there.

See you all again in about 2 weeks! Unfortunately I work the day after I arrive back in Sydney, so it’ll be about 2 weeks until I can update next. Until then I hope everyone does well in their finals and assignments for the end of semester rush – enjoy your upcoming holidays, and don’t forget Mothers’ Day!


One thought on “So long; farewell.

  1. The Avengers!!! I loved it. I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny!

    Have a safe flight to Hong Kong! Have fun and enjoy your holiday! So jealous. I so want to be overseas right now!! XDD

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