Troll rain, lazy lazy lazy.

I know I should really be blogging about something useful, but I haz LOTS OF DAYS OFF SOON. I’m actually kind of in the mood to blog so I think I should just do it now. I’ll definitely post up something good latest this weekend (and by good I mean remotely useful). I would have done the whole beauty post thing if I wasn’t such a major slothball the past Saturday when it was R‘s birthday and I had to lug my ass (lolz jkz, wasn’t lugging – err – what) down to Parramatta, which by the way cost a freaking ridiculous $6.60 return and took 45 minutes to get there from Town Hall. Call me a cheapass or whatever, but damn that’s expensive. The last time I went to Parra it was like $5. Anyway, I digressed. On Saturday I went to Ramille‘s lovenest (aka awesome apartment) and naturally groomed myself. I was sitting in my bedroom still in my sleepwear at 12:30. It took me 20 minutes to decide how to do my hair and in the end I ended up doing nothing. I swear, I am ace at wasting time doing useless crap. Anyway the thing I was trying to finally get around to saying was that I didn’t take any photos for a beauty post because I was (1) pressed for time (2) had a massive pimple on my nose which refused to die down for 2 weeks.

And then the next day, bam, it’s almost gone =_= Well, this Saturday (or possibly Thursday night… I have a feeling my Thursday night may be “disrupted” in a very otaku girl light) I’m going out, so, hopefully I can take photos then. Then I fly. Like, on an aeroplane. So yeah.

But yeah, it was good seeing them after so long, and I did sort of enjoy my time at Parra (lols).

For instance, I waste my soul and life on 9gag these days. Yes, that is a dog saying “I’m fabulous” on my screen.

Now you all know what I do instead of blogging, though it’s no secret.

Apart from being really lazy (only working 4 days a week, still), Sydney has been pissing down rain like holding it in your bladders for 5 train stations in a row on Cityrail transport.

Probably the most famous intersection of the city centre… with nobody crossing it because everyone’s using the underground pass to get across the road. Screw using an umbrella or getting wet from rain, go underground.

I kind of flooded a pair of my flats in the rain because I stepped into a puddle ankle deep (and yes I put the other foot in as well since I decided I rather have 2 wet shoes than just one) and my ankle height rainboots have been cracking T_T I only had them for a year and although I wasn’t happy with how quick the lining was breaking down, how quickly the rubber sole was getting worn down (I blame it on made in China items), they were REALLY COMFY. The worst part is that the sole is fine, the water is coming from the top of the boot because that’s where the crack is… and I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to put duct tape on a pair of boots that clearly do not suit it.

I guess that’s just an excuse to buy a new pair of boots \o/ But cracked or not, seriously, invest in a pair of rain boots. I never thought that Sydney would rain this hard, or that I’d see the day where I’d need rainboots, but apparently they are super useful! Do it do it do it.

I managed to solve one face of my super mini rubix cube… I know it’s not finished and I probably will never solve it. I am not smart enough to solve it >_> But considering I picked this up for just maybe a few minutes maybe 3 times before solving this side before deciding it was impossible and managing to solve a side miraculously, I say I did a job close enough.

The past two weeks have been kind of eventful because I’ve been doing things I’ve never done before. Recently I’ve stomped down my foot and decided to just meet up with friends, right? Well, I did that, and decided to meet up with my friend, P, after not really keeping much contact for maybe a year (possibly less). I think the most memorable so far is being the random girl who crashed a night time karaoke session with two of his other (girl) friends. I must say, it was really awkward. I had no idea what I was doing there. And then use that formula and repeat. Random dinners, random crashing of karaoke. Please insert the “oh God why” meme here.

They all probably thought I was trolling them when I replied “I don’t know what song” whenever they tried to hand me the microphone. But really, I really know nothing about Chinese music.

No really, WHAT IS THIS SONG. I was told it was a classic, but WHAT IS IT.

I can’t hit high notes either. That’s why I only sing songs sung by men. FAIL.

But in the end it wasn’t bad, everyone was friendly (though interaction was probably about 10% – not surprising, I am the face of expressionless especially around people I’ve just met). But then we went to play cards until Gloria Jean’s closed shop. Then we played pool. And then cards. Until the gaming place closed. And then went to KFC, which was closing. Then, Maccas. And before I knew it, I got home at 2:30am. 2:30am and no alcohol was involved. The last time I got home late was NYE and that was back in like what, 2007???

Considering that these kids (I am allowed to call them kids, right?) are like 2 years younger than me or whatever, it just made me wonder like “oh so that’s how kids roll these days”. WTF, you know how young 21/22 is?! Back then whem I was 21/22 I didn’t do any of those things. I was single [?] (crap I don’t even remember, that’s how messed up my memory is), miserable, and I slaved my night hours in a computer lab full of other students snacking on junk food and holding in their pee to wait for Vmax to finish rendering perspective #6.

I’m not saying that it’s the right way to spend your Thursday nights hanging out until 2:30am in the morning, or that if you missed out on it it’s a real shame, or that I’m too old to be doing that these days. It was just so different. Not really sure what else to say… but at the end of the day, any experience is generally a good learning experience.

Not sure I want to repeat (I probably will get in trouble for it, I got scolded for coming home too late =_=), but I really do think it’s part of taking a step out of my room and away from these 4 walls. I’m starting to have my mum nag me about what people I’ve been seeing or meeting lately, and even my workmates are offering to introduce me to people. Friends too. ;___;

Then the next day I went to the Fish Markets. Woke up at an unearthly hour otherwise known as 9:30am because, really, my brain was still playing cards. DAMNIT.

Really pointless post, but that was pretty much my last week or two. It was seriously filled with random, but a lot of fun all because it was different. I mean, I would rather spend my time out doing something I’m perhaps not too (socially) comfortable with, than being stuck at home with zero social interaction doing what I find is comfortable and utterly useless.

Last random fact before I end this is I’ve been listening to older music (by this I mean like 7 years ago or whatever) and I still find that I like/ loved it as much as I did when I first listened to it. Classics are the best. Also my all time bias is Toshiya (bassist of Dir en grey or shall I call them DIR EN GREY now that they’ve changed their name…) – the awkward moment when you realise you still majorly stan him, like, 9 years later. Those notes/ riffs – SWEET DAYUM. Blast from the past, AWWWWWESOMEEEEEEE.



6 thoughts on “Troll rain, lazy lazy lazy.

    • What about buses D: I’ve heard a lot about driving to just go to a supermarket in the States… luckily for most of us most places have a bus stop somewhere near by… but I know a lot of places where transport is about 20-30min walk away and that makes it way too far :\

      The photo was taken quite a while ago lol… now it looks like someone rummaged through my desk XD

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