My past month in pictures taken by Instagram

I’ve been the lazy “photographer” by using a bunch of seemingly awesome filters on photos otherwise too low resolution to see crap. Now that it’s available for Android, go get it 😉

After my emo post about feeling extremely socially deprived, exiled, depressed, negative adjective here, I did get myself to meet up with people I haven’t seen for a very long time. And it felt good. It was a bit like “omg wow, people remember me!” well duh, I remember people too, but I just happen to not go out all that often.

Going out with people made me suddenly remember why I stopped going out – it’s because I hate people. I KID. THAT IS NOT TRUE EXCEPT WHEN I’M DEALING WITH AN IDIOT WHICH NONE OF YOU GUYS ARE. A big issue is money. I am not the type of person to go out and spend money on food and entertainment – I like to pool up my money and buy stuff with fancy packaging, labels which draw you yet repel you at their ridiculously overpriced prices and oogle at boxes or whatever it is that is included with my purchases. Yes, I am a materialist at heart – but I’m sure everyone is to some degree.

No, really, it was really good going out and seeing people again. I like the long talks at a random coffee place, catching up on what has been going on. Complaining about stuff in life that you and your friend can totally relate to. Whining. 9gagging. I haven’t had this much fun in quite a while and gradually my mood has improved. I wasn’t particularly ill-tempered or anything before this, but I just felt that there was this air of negativity around me.

Please don’t judge me, these were a bargain – had to get them. Also it was because I saw them in a magazine before that. But that’s not the point.

Le tiramisu from the Guylian Cafe at the Rocks. Probably not a very good tiramisu, but it was a new experience sharing this overpriced and miniscule thing between three people 😉

Chat Thai. It was really hot (flat noodles not pictured) – made my stomach feel like it was on fire even way after I finished eating. GUH.

Korean hot pot at Seoul Ria – look at the ridiculous amount of beef they gave us… between two people. HOLY MOLY. I’ve been craving hot pot for quite a while… especially with this weird weather, it’s kinda good to have a hot pot. But I am craving spicy chicken hot pot… too bad they didn’t have it (or I missed it). My liver is probably crying, but I haven’t eaten spicy food in a while.

Meet Fresh. Wow. It has been such a long time since I had this. Doesn’t really bring back any memories because it’s just herbal jelly, but hey, the rice balls are geeeeeeewwwwd.

It was my first time trying this as a dessert at night time (I generally never have dessert at night… half because I am keeping an eye on what I’m eating, the other half being I never really liked desserts at night knowing how long it’d take to metabolise… same same, but different reason – sort of) so that was something different. The red/ black tea was mine. I was hoping to use the tea to help break down the beef hot pot we annihilated just moments before.

NEW TOY. So I like to call it.

Apart from meeting up and just stuffing my face or spending money like it’s my enemy, I also had the amusing experience of going ten pin bowling last week. We played a total of 3 games which was full of sweat, muscle pains and GG. I rolled a plethora of 0’s (SO EMBARASSING, I USED TO HIT STRIKES *CRIES* OVER 10 YEARS AGO) and I ended up chipping two nails as well as getting a muscle pain along my right leg because I overstrained myself. How noob does that sound. OH THE SHAME. But, WTH seriously? It’s just bowling, didn’t think that it’d be so tough 😦 I guess I’m getting old. When I was younger, I’d definitely be like “OMG, THAT WAS SO NOT A ZERO, I TOTALLY ROLLED IT RIGHT, THIS SHIT IS RIGGED”. Nowadays I can’t be stuffed and I’d just be like “LOLZ I SUCK.” Maturity or laziness? You decide.

I’ve also started watching a series from Hong Kong’s TVB named “Bride Wannabes” (feel free to youtube search it, they’re there, but they’re all in Cantonese so… err… no English subtitles as I know – so far). It’s a pretty interesting reality TV show following 5 single ladies of different backgrounds/ ages/ situations and their mission is a 6 month opportunity to do whatever it takes to increase their chances of finding “the one”. Now, we talk about this show quite a lot at work because it is pretty intriguing. Le manager was like “I CAN HOOK YOU UP”… with guys who are looking to marry… like… now. I personally am not flustered like the contestants because I’m not like, old enough to be worrying. I still have probably 2-3 years more before I actually need to start to panic should I remain single until then (fingers and toes crossed I won’t be because I would HATE to resort to singles parties and crap because the photographs taken to document those parties really turn me down and everything kind of screams out “greasy” to me, and it’s just totally not my thing)… I just really hope that I am not like the “delusional” character who is requesting boyfriend material from a husband (or trying to find a husband displaying boyfriend traits). It’s kind of hard to explain, but it makes sense… one does not simply keep the same checklist for dating when they hit the age where they should actually be getting married. But what’s worse than being delusional? Being friendzoned. There’s a contestant who gets friendzoned and it must hurt a lot. I know what it’s like to be friendzoned… and it sucks.

For now, I’m actually pretty lazy at everything. I’m only working 4 days a week until the end of this month and then I fly overseas. I still haven’t set my itinery, and I still haven’t cleaned my room :\ I know this post sucks, but it’s been a while since I updated so here I am.

Most likely I’ll do a makeup related post next if I can be bothered taking photos – until then take care and take in your vitamins – I am probably deprived of something so I am constantly unwell (not in a super dramatic sense, but there are several symptoms which do hinder my every day activities to some degree). Vitamins are damn important.


3 thoughts on “My past month in pictures taken by Instagram

  1. FOOOOD pictures! haha everyone is using all these app to stylize their photos.
    I like the bags, it’s so cute ^__^

    I don’t watch reality tv show much… and I sure don’t watch anything that deals with finding love. I think this should be a personal affair. Such a strange time we live in.

    • Lol yeah, Instagram makes everything look so much better >_<

      Well the only reason why I liked watching the show was because it was honest in the fact that it detailed the actions of ordinary women and why they were successful or unsuccessful. In a way you could sort of relate because you would be like "oh, that's what happened to me, so that's where I went wrong." It was just insightful, but it didn't go into their personal lives or anything… the documentary series kind of ended with a big question mark with more than anything else lol.

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