Scary yet intriguing – we’ve all thought about these but may not dare to try: Weight loss/ diet pills.

I know I’ve been talking about losing weight for years on this blog (coming to think of it, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging all that long, but guess what, I have been blogging for quite a while already – meep). I pretty much tried everything gimmicky from massage rollers (hey, they weren’t bad, they help with water retention), plastic wraps (lololol just a temporary fix that didn’t work long term), socks, creams/lotions/whatever you call them. The most effective thing that did anything for me was simply eating carefully and doing exercise – in the form of strangely, a hula hoop. Jogging or badminton strangely enough did nothing for me (insert WTF face here) – I would literally be drenched in sweat and sore muscles, but no results. W. T. H.

Over time I learned that yes, it was possible to get fat (be it real fat, or water retention) without caring about what you eat. It sounds agonising, and it kind of is – yes, what you eat can influence how you look. We hear it from parents all the time “being fat doesn’t run in our family, eat up!” – errr no.

I went from eating stuff like omurice, yukgaejang (OMG YUM), ramen, anything ricey – to a mere salad. Forget the iced green tea latte – just drink green tea. The green tea ice cream, milk and sugars add up in the long term. I couldn’t do this at home… so I did this whenever I went out. At home, the best I could do was just cut down on the amount I ate, tried to say no to more rice (I only have a bowl, but when she can, my mum will overfill it, so NO) and drank as much water as I could.

I did exercise daily for a year, and my weight came down. I dropped a size. IT WORKED.

Ever since I started working I started to get lazy and my daily exercise dropped to non-existent or perhaps once a fortnight or less. I stand long hours and I do stuff throughout the day, so in a way it’s a workout in itself, but I could feel the kilos creeping back on. Guess what, square one. Yep.

The best thing though, is that I don’t really care too much about weight, I care more about size – my size didn’t seem to change much (did bounce back but it doesn’t really concern me too badly), but there was a point where I was like “wait a minute, I think I’m starting to get fat again”.

At that time, it was the end of 2011 and I had 2 weeks’ annual leave. I started my daily exercise again, and bam, instant results.

One of the things that I decided to try with it this time as a crash course diet thing was diet pills.

I never believed in diet pills because I don’t think they do much other than make you go to the toilet more often. I honestly believe that they can totally mess up the way your body works, so I stayed away from them. I don’t think anything can burn fat apart from your heart palpitating hard. But still, I did hear from a friend that they worked, but you need 3 treatments for it to work. At the time, there was a promotion where you could buy 1 get 1 free… literally half price, so I split the cost of 3 treatments (altogether 6 boxes) with a colleague. It ended up being about $160 all up, or $20something a box, which wasn’t too bad considering it’s usually double the price. Apparently there weren’t any side effects, and the person who took them seemed to maintain her weight fairly well. Well, it was worth a try.

The price I highlighted is the price for EIGHT boxes per type. If you do the math, it’s a pretty good deal.

These pills are from a pharmaceutical company named BSC and have been medically tested – or so they claim. They seemed safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be on sale at Sasa, which is probably one of the largest and reputable beauty chain stores in Asia.

There were two different boxes, 3 of each type completes an entire treatment.

The first box is a yellow one, which is a fat burning type of pill, which you take in the morning when you wake up. The other type is one that gets rid of the belly fat and it is something you take after dinner before you sleep.

The whole process requires you to take these pills daily, drink a lot of water, and NOT take these if you’re having your menstrual cycle. Sounds pretty tedious, until you see how much you need to take.

The box also comes with a booklet (quite detailed, and environmentally unfriendly) which is NOT the one above. This is a short pamphlet with medical certificate evidence these pills have been tested. They also claim that within X days you lose Y inches from your waist. I can’t be bothered grabbing the booklet.

A reason why these are environmentally unfriendly – sealed for your protection, but a huge waste. They should have just done it like normal pills in the aluminium foil/ plastic packaging…

But rest assured, nothing has been tampered with. The packaging and presentation overall pretty much puts your mind at ease and is quite impressive.

The pills you take in the morning – there are 2 you need to take, in different colours. These pills are designed to help flush out any fat that’s stuck in your system overnight or from before.

The yellow pill breaks down fat, whilst the green pill detoxes.

Three pills need to be taken before night time and are 3 different colours… they look the same, but trust me they’re not. These target the stomach area so you wake up with a flatter stomach.

The three types do different things – one is designed to improve your skin, one is designed to retain the elasticity of your skin (so if you lose fat, it won’t be flabby so to speak), the other melts fat and reduces stomach fat.

All the pills have a plasticky taste so wash them down fast.

You don’t need to buy or take both sets at the same time, but if you do at the same time it’ll be much more effective. I had 2 colleagues buy the red box set only because they thought that the skin improving tablets would have benefits if the fat burning thing failed.

If you thought that taking 5 pills every 24  hours sounds so-so, here’s what 2/3 of a treatment looks like. There are 5 bottles missing from this image. That’s a lot of pills.

I did not complete the entire treatment.I went through 1/3 of a treatment and then stopped because it made me feel kind of dehydrated, and I didn’t think it was a particularly good thing.

How did the pills work though? Well, they worked. With exercise.

I doubt that hula hooping 2 weeks would have super dramatic results, but because I took the pills as well, it kind of speeded up the process. I did feel like I went through a body cleanse, and my stomach was flatter than I have ever experienced, which is quite amazing. I felt that my waist was smaller than it was when I just relied on exercise alone. They really did work, but there were a few things that made me a bit iffy about them – apart from feeling thirsty, I felt that if I continued to take these my body would start to rely on these to cleanse or detox. My appetite also decreased rapidly, so I wasn’t feeling hungry. I don’t mind taking pills occasionally, but not like, continuously – especially if it could potentially mess up my system.

I wasn’t sure if I was losing weight from exercise, the pills, or from the extra water I was drinking during the process. There were just too many factors that lead to more questions rather than answers.

Apart from that, it didn’t affect me otherwise. I didn’t break out, I slept fine; everything was fine. I just didn’t want to rely on the pills. My weight didn’t really bounce back up all that much or if any at all… I’d definitely finish the other 2/3s when I have time, but I won’t be ordering these again. FYI, you can take more than one treatment if you feel that you want to continue losing more weight. I felt that these pills weren’t so effective after taking them for about 3 weeks… so… hmmm. Yeah. Forcing you to buy 3 boxes for a full treatment is kind of a way to make more money on their behalf.

Let’s put it this way – I was happy with the results, and I believe they were quite effective. But the thing that made me unhappy was the idea of relying on pills to do so. It’s not a natural way of losing weight. Please lose weight the right way – it’ll be much healthier in the long term, trust me!

I guess I’ll be staying away from pills in the future. Still it was a good experience just to test it out and see how it went. Hopefully this may help some of you who have been wondering about the effectiveness of this product.


2 thoughts on “Scary yet intriguing – we’ve all thought about these but may not dare to try: Weight loss/ diet pills.

  1. wow I feel like this is a controversial topic XD I’m not familiar with diet pills, but I’ve heard people people saying that they’re risky. I’ve always assumed that people who are taking diet pills, are just experiencing a placebo effect, but it seems like the pills you took had some real effect. I lost 5lb in two weeks by cutting down my bad habit of eating late at night. I’m not trying to lose weight though, so I think the trick is to not think about trying to lose the weight and just relax and eat right and *ahem* exercise. (I totally need to start exercising). Being healthy is really important 🙂

    • I must totally agree with your last line – size or appearance doesn’t matter, in the end it boils down to being healthy which is the most important thing!

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