Melbourne 2012 Day 3

Going to keep this short because it was a fairly boring last day, almost no photos, and not much to talk about.

Day 3 was probably the most boring day because for breakfast we ate the remainder of food we bought from the supermarket (pears… and tomatoes to be exact) so we didn’t eat out. We also were packing like mad to get everything into our bags since check out was fairly early (I think it was 10am from memory). The staff at Causeway 353 were really quite good. They stored our bags until 3pm, so we had plenty of time to have lunch and do shopping.

I probably mentioned it before, but our hotel was really close to literally everything, so we just needed to head to the above street to visit Myer and David Jones (my brain has died on me… I forgot the name of the street… I think it’s Russell but I don’t want to embarrass myself. I guess I already did.) LOL WUT WAS I THINKING. Bourke St -_- We stayed on Little Bourke… EURGH.

Well anyway, it’s very similar to Pitt Street Westfield in the respect that it looks similar with benches and stuff. It’s a really wide street, there’s Myer, David Jones and a bunch of other shops and mini shopping malls along the stretch – only difference is that trams run down the centre of it every now and then 😉

We went to Myer first where I managed to find something for my mum… they had an extra 30% off red ticketed items, so that was a really good deal. I realised that most of the awesome deals were at David Jones. I thought that I was in luck because I picked up a simple pair of black flats from Thurley for about $60 bucks… it was down from about $170 to $80… and then there was an extra 20% off dicounted items… so I was amazed! In fact, shortly afterwards I picked up a pair of Juicy Couture flip flips for a grand total of $18.75. $18.75. I freaking paid $75 for my pair D: 75% off! WTF. And then I picked up a Fendi handbag downstars for $125 – absolutely RIDICULOUS, but I was super happy! I did pick up some clothes as well and I ended up having to throw away my Thurley shoebox to get everything to fit into my luggage bags…

I found that Melbourne generally has better deals that have NOT been snatched away by people so there are some great deals available, with a larger range of sizes available. The people here in Sydney are too fast!

My boss and manager let us nick their Melbourne entertainment coupons so we kind of wanted to use them… one of the coupons was a buy one get one free bubble tea voucher… in Melbourne they apparently do have Chatime and Easyway… but we didn’t see any. The coupon was for Bubble Cup, which is a similar franchise selling similar products, only named a funny name. We literally found its store via the address printed on the back of the coupon… we almost missed it but I remembered seeing it the last time I went to Melbourne so I was like “I’m sure it’s in this shopping centre…”

Upon walking to the other end, there it was, on the Chinatown side.

Yes, my friend took a photo LOL.

They were looking at us strangely because we were standing in front of the store looking like utter NOOBS who haven’t got a clue what pearl milk tea it. PLZ, we have LOTS of that here… we just weren’t sure because we weren’t particularly overwhelmed with their menu. Our conversation was like:

Me: So what did you want to drink?
Her: Hmmm I think I’ll take……. how about you?
Me: Errr yeah maybe ……….
Me: Erm…. we should probably order because they really expect us to order… we’ve been gawking at them for about 2 minutes now.
Her: Okay, let’s do it.
Me: Okay, what size?
Her: Just a regular will do.
Me: Okay….. but this coupon is for a purchase of a LARGE cup…
Me: ….
Her: ….
Me: ….did you still want to have it?
Her: Not really… how about you?
Me: ….yeah, me neither.
Her: Let’s go >_>
Order lady: *WTF*

Seriously, we walked off after standing like nuts LOL. We kinda felt bad for using a freaking coupon and we really had too much to drink *flashback: 4L of water we couldn’t finish plus Ribena*.

We had lunch at some random Japanese restaurant… it was run by Chinese people… the food was meh in my opinion. My friend ordered a chicken katsu curry rice whilst I got a sushi bento… the sushi was just salty and well, not really filling or tasty to be honest. Really bad compared to the sushi here. The food came fairly quickly and they had se ating upstairs as well as outside… anyone who decided to eat outside really didn’t make a good decision. Melbourne streets LOOK cleaner than the streets here in Sydney, because they have street sweepers regularly…. and I watched as a street sweeper zoom past… it literally left behind a cloud of YELLOW dust… imagine that in your food >_> But yeah… the streets are actually dirtier in Melbourne… I’ve never seen my shoes SO dirty. My shoes never got that dirty here in Sydney :S

So this was apparently yummy. Portion was huge. Also, it was cheap for like under $10

This was awful. And it was not cheap.

Anyway, we picked up our bags…. crammed everything into them that we bought from the morning, and then trammed it to Southern Cross. Carrying our luggage about 200m to the damn Skybus terminal was freaking torture… bags were so heavy 😦 We got there in the end of course… there was a supposed dely due to roadworks… but we got to the airport within half an hour.

After drinking the rest of our water and Ribena we had in our bags, we went to the toilet and checked in (lolol funny sequence). We weighed in way under than the 20kg we bought… we only weighed about 12kg each O_O Then we waited for the gates to open. Watched a guy lose really badly at Daytona. Beginner level.

Anyway, we sat at the back of what I call a fairly full flight. I had to window seat to myself, but there was no view because it was foggy outside! I thought that I managed to see a tiny island with a big yellow M in the middle as a sculpture… I thought that it was an artistic display or something really really unique… until I realised I was looking at a weird yellow thing that was part of the airplane’s wing =________= OMG.

Mostly nodded in and out and we were in Sydney no time.

Overall I had fun in Melbourne… it was mostly consumer driven, but that was the whole reason why we decided to go in the first place… since we figured that all the good stuff has already been bought in Sydney 😛

Sorry for trolling you all for this Day 3 post when there was not much to talk about… I literally didn’t realise the lack of photos I had to document this day. It WAS an eventful day, but I had nothing other than words to kinda describe it, but even so, it wasn’t all that interesting as a blog entry.

I shall offer this photoshopped pic of myself as compensation for lacklustre blogging.

On a side note, I realised my passport photo only just now vaguely resembles what I look like now, given the photo was from 5 years ago. Looks like I got a nose job and shaved my jaw. WTF.

I shall be back Tuesday (methinks) – next week, anyway. I always have crap to blog about. I’ll be back.


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