Gmarket Haulage 15

Before I start this post, I’ve just booked tickets to go to Hong Kong in May \o/ More on this later.

So well, it’s been a very long time since I ordered from Gmarket – a big factor included that Etude House stopped shipping overseas for a period of time, so I just forgot about it. I thought that I had a lot of supplies to last me a while, but it turns out that the Koji Spring Heart eyeliners I bought a while ago kind of turned all waxy and I can’t use them to draw on my skin – at all. They draw perfectly on paper though, if that helps =_= But I’ve finally ran out of my Etude House Proof 10 Eyeliner in sparkly grey. It has served me almost daily for the past 6 months or so, which means it has lasted a freaking long time. I just had a few things I just kinda wanted/ needed to order so I put one through. I haven’t spent money since going to Melbourne because my inner conscience has been telling me to save up for a potential international trip. But well, Gmarket is pretty worth it – my order ended up being $210AUD (10,000W refunded to my GAccount for overestimated shipping… which isn’t a lot) so I’m fairly pleased with the price.

My order came in a size 4 box which I thought was way too big for what I ordered. Turns out that it was because of the poster tube I ordered. I really don’t like size 4 boxes because they are pretty heavy even though empty… my order came to about 4.5kg and I don’t know what made it so heavy! I guess it was just a bit here and there… still I was lucky that my mum spotted the delivery guy downstairs and managed to catch him.

Unwrapped. There were quite a considerable number of items I ordered, but as you can see, most of them were fairly small and light.

Etude House: I ordered the eyeshadow palette from a different seller by accident – it’s really difficult to navigate Etude House pages because it’s really impossible to tell which colour you’re actually ordering since they no longer (or rarely have) drop down menus to choose colours. The rest of the items came from Etude House’s official online store – I ordered 2 Proof 10 eyeliners because they are fairly easy to use, last a considerable amount of time, don’t smudge too much (though they still do) and are reasonably priced for what they are ($6 each). I’ve never tried their black eyeliner pencil before… hoping that it’s not bad. I had to order the dark grey last time which wasn’t too bad – it passed off as a black for a long time so that was alright. All Proof 10 pencils are supposedly water resistant, smudge proof (not really for the single lidded) and last up to 24 hours.

Next in the image is Etude House’s new range which is called Nymph Aura. It’s been advertised quite a lot these days and it boasts a line of makeup items that give you a dewy, glowy look. Slightly sparkly in my opinion, but I haven’t started using the product so I don’t know. The particular item I ordered is a primer (for those who aren’t sure, a primer is a fancy word meaning a base coat for whatever you need to apply on top – this is a face primer so it goes on before BB cream or foundatiion). I wanted a primer because I figured most of the time my makeup melts is because I don’t use a facial primer – to get that flawless look, a primer is definitely a must. Probably Etude House isn’t the best brand you’d think of for a primer, but at around $15, it was worth a try. Primers are also good as they act as an undercoat/ barrier between your skin and makeup, which is better for your skin.

Etude Magic BB Cream – this was an order for C because it’s just too expensive here in Sydney. It costs $45 here – what a rip!

Etude House Baby Lip lip balm sticks – these have been wonderful. I used a peach scented one last winter by keeping it in my work jacket and it literally saved my lips. I currently am using a strawberry one, and the smell is heavenly. The best thing about these is that there is no taste, just only a scent. It’s light, and my lips have been well moisturised and don’t get worse… some lip balms like strawberry Blistex have sugary stuff in it and it ends up making your lips wrinkly… not mention the taste is foul. With these, no taste, only a pleasant scent – and that’s good enough. In fact, these have been more effective for keeping my lips moisturised than Khiel’s Lip Balm #1. And these are fairly cheap too… I forgot the price, but they’re around $4 each.

Last but not least, Etude House’s Collagen [sic.] Moistfull line’s eye cream. This is a newly vamped packaging – it used to come in a plastic tube which was slender and knocked over easily. Now it comes in a glass jar – not so sanitary, but easier to store. I ordered this item because it’s a really well priced eyecream at around $18 for 15ml. I use it myself sometimes and I find it’s alright. My mum went through an entire tube already, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

By spending over 50,000Won, Etude House offers you a free gift (there are other gifts for over something like 25,000W and 30,000W… whatever the amounts are).

The free gift happened to be a “Bee Happy!” mug and a pair of woolly sleeping socks (guess it’s cold in Korea at the moment). The Bee series is a new line that Etude House has released, namely featuring Lee Min Jung, selling products which I assume contain natural honey (or extracts of honey). I didn’t order anything from the line because I didn’t really need anything… but I guess the cup is making me curious about it!

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX 80ml jar – this was from some random seller and costs about $18. MUCH cheaper than Sasa which sells this for about $27. I used to buy these in the form of 4x20ml sample jars (do the math, it’s 80ml in total) and it only cost 9 bucks! Now you can’t get samples any more… so I was forced to buy the full jar. It’s good though, the packaging is pretty nice, comes with instructions, a plastic “spoon” and the seller even threw in a free mask. Sweet.

Bras and underwear, lol. I just cannot deny how cheap it is to buy these on Gmarket because they sell them in full sets, unlike here where you have to buy bras and underwear separately (you’re actually paying double if you think about it that way). On Gmarket it’s the reverse – you wouldn’t mind paying double for a full set… they sell it to you at a very reasonable price and it’s already in a set. Easy.

It was with this seller that I realised Gmarket has improved their multi-buy by automatically remembering every different opinion you’ve chosen from the menu, so you can buy several items in one go without opening a new selection. You just need to remember to remove any mistakes from Gmarket’s list of stuff you’ve chosen, or else you’ll be in for a surprise.

This seller by far was the most generous seller – they threw in an extra pair of underwear (to be honest, I don’t really care for their underwear) and as promised, if you buy 7-8 sets you get a freebie. I purchased 7 sets, and they threw in a pair of wool leggings, sleeping socks and a washing machine net (used for cleaning undergarments). I wasn’t sure if they were going to live up to their promise, but they did! There was also a shopping coupon, but it’s useless to me since I’m not in Korea. A really generous seller, thanks!

As for the quality of the items, they are not bad. A lot of the items are branded VERA which I figured is a pretty good brand. All of the bras came with linings, so they’re not flimsy.

Probably the most disappointing order was from this seller which sold leggings. I remember choosing leggings that had a pattern on them (leather panels along the legs), but instead I got three really boring pairs of leggings. And they were all around $7-13 each. The one on the far left is a pair of really thick wool-ish leggings… the one in the centre is stretchy and has a slightly shiny look… and the one on the far right was the most expensive and had zippers at the ankles for both legs.

I bought the zippered ones because I own a pair (also purchased from Gmarket) that are super good quality and I wanted another pair but couldn’t find it again… I finally found these and whilst they look identical, the quality of the fabric isn’t as good… the proportions are better… but yeah. And no freebies either and it all came stuffed in a clear plastic bag… which kinda came in a ball when it arrived. Quite a bit of a disappointment.

Last but not least, I thought that the Gmarket seller was joking when they said that Big Bang’s Alive mini album was over 2kg… I’m starting to think that it’s true because the freaking CD cover is made of actual metal… it was HEAVY!

I chose the TOP version so everything featured TOP… came with a collector’s card as well as a wallet sized photo print out of him so you can carry him around LOL. I also added 1,000W for the poster… which IMO was underwhelming. Anyone want this poster? You can have it, but you have to be from Sydney so I can pass it onto you. And yes, it’s free.

And I used the Etude House mug to hold the corner LOL.

Anyway, the CD came to around $9 or something… I used a 2,000W coupon which was specifically for this CD… but the description was a bit misleading because I thought that I was supposed to get a Big Bang board game thingy? Oh well, I don’t really care… this is just a CD to put aside as a collectors’ item.

As much as I love Boom Shakalaka-ing, this is easily my favourite track off the album –

I’ll be back probably tomorrow because of HONGKONGASJKHSLDGJlSKHJ. And I haven’t even blogged about Melbourne Day 3 yet, too :S


4 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 15

    • Gmarket is good for buying items in the bulk due to its higher than normal shipping costs and you do get freebies. If you want your package to come at once (when you shop from eBay you get little packages as everything is shipped separately), Gmarket is pretty safe and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get your stuff. Ideally you need to purchase about $100 of stuff for it to be worthwhile though (but that’s easy to reach)

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