Melbourne 2012 Day 2

Triim Food & Drink

Hardware Lane Melbourne Victoria (Open 9:23)

Because of my upset stomach from the previous night (because I ate a ridiculously light lunch and left dinner too late), we made it a mission to go find a hot and filling breakfast. We walked a very very long way to find a cafe that we thought looked decent – we walked so much we realised that nothing was really open at around 9:30am in the morning =_= We basically wandered around the city centre, crossed the road whenever we saw a ramen sign, but found they didn’t open for breakfast. We went in the opposite direction to Flinders St station which was where we needed to be for our next stop – even climbed slopes – then we stumbled across Hardware Lane. There were 3 cafes, but we picked one randomly.

Vegetable and poached egg $10.50

This was my friend’s breakfast – it was supposed to come with 2 eggs only but she ended up with 3 because I was the one who ordered an extra egg – not with my meal, but as a separate thing. So this egg on her meal was free lol.

Strawberry and vanilla ice cream pancakes $10 ($7 after discount as I ordered a tea, plus $2 for an egg)

This was my breakfast and it was quite satisfying. My extra egg came poached but I didn’t get a picture of it.

Earl Grey Tea and Cammomile Tea – $4.50 ea

I ordered a Cammomile tea as I expected it to be gentle on the stomach.

Overall it was a really satisfying breakfast. The bill came to $28.50 which is pretty standard. The staff were pretty friendly and food came pretty fast. It was a nice atmosphere – not bad to visit. They open at around 9:30am so that’s a plus.

Federation Square

We had to walk about 10-15 minutes to get to Federation Square. The reason we headed there was because we needed to get to Flinders St station, and my friend actually didn’t get to visit Federation Square last time she came… so here it was.

We actually came here because the toilets here were a lot cleaner than say, a station toilet.

Melbourne Visitor Centre – there were a lot of people inside there – we wanted info on how to get to Chadstone, but when we got down there we actually had to take a ticket and wait for our number to be called – just to ask a question! Well, we just took some maps and left…

Flinders Street Station! I think this station is butt ugly compared to Southern Cross (which I didn’t get to take a photo of, but it was really nice since it was newly renovated and feels like an airport in disguise). It’s kinda nice in the respect that it’s well preserved though – but I really think the colour scheme is really tacky. Eurgh, just google pics or visit it – you’ll probably know what I mean.

We decided to take a train to… I forgot what station. The one after Oakleigh… I think. Waiting for a train takes forever. But unfortunately I didn’t know back then that I could have taken a tram to Oakleigh, then hop on a bus to Chadstone… either way it seemed too complicated. The Chadstone website also said it was a 10 minute walk from the station… so I took its word.

The trains are really different to the ones in Sydney in the respect that there are no partitions between carriages, and you need to push the door button for it to actually open to board and get off the train. The seats aren’t all that clean, but there are very few people on the trains. We took trains I think 3-4 times that day and we got our tickets checked twice in the same day,  by the same ticket inspectors. Seriously, if you catch trams or trains in Melbourne, buy tickets. We did that and we were safe.

Chadstone shopping centre – just a really bigass shopping centre you can easily get lost in and takes forever to finish walking

The Chadstone website kinda lied because it took us probably 20 minutes to walk to the shopping centre and it was like “are we there yet….” the whole way there. We just basically walked past a lot of large houses with really ugly front walls to make their properties look like fortresses.

Anyway, we finally got there and the first stop was David Jones since that was how we entered – through there. I then spotted Prada, which was super elusive since the day before. I wanted to get a keyholder, and my friend was after a phone case – to my disappointment, there was only one keyholder left, which was the display model. Even worse still, there was a black mark on the gold metalware – mind you this is NOT normal by my standards… so I had to give it a miss. It was also $280, which was NOT what I was expecting to pay since the price was only like $230USD or something on the international website.Prada, why are you so expensive in Australia?If that keyholder was $250 (similar price to Miu Miu), fair enough, but $280?~ U MAD?

Either way, my friend got her phone case and even got a new wallet too, so that was good for her.

We then split up to visit different stores and decided to meet again at 2 to have lunch.

We had lunch here at Dumplings Plus – this place goes by the same name as the one on Swanston Street so I’m assuming it’s the same famous dumplings place. Only this was super takeaway style as it was in a foodcourt.

I ordered a chicken noodle soup (background), we shared xiao long bao (wooden crate in centre) and my friend a beef pho (foreground).

I was fairly satisfied with my noodles, and the xiao long baos were okay, just a bit dry as these didn’t have any soup in them. According to my friend the beef pho was awful – I guess that’s probably a good hint to not get Vietnamese cuisine from a place specialising in Chinese food. But if you look closely, the beef in the beef pho isn’t that thinly sliced beef you usually get when you order a beef pho – so… eurgh. Either way, I was super full from eating it and really, my noodles were pretty good.

After Chadstone, we went back to the hotel (this time we caught a bus to Oakleigh, waited ages for a train… got off at Flinders… realised we could get off at Southern Cross and hopped back on immediately – then trammed it back).

We then took the number 8 tram to get to Chapel St, South Yarra. There we visited Topshop and a few other shops – I have photos but I’m too lazy to post them up. Let’s say that Chapel Street on a Friday night (it’s supposedly Friday night shopping which means shops close at 9pm) were dead quiet. Topshop was OK busy, but the other stores were like… whoa.

I really wanted to visit more shops alongn Chapel Street because I keep hearing about massive bargains…  but a lot of shops weren’t open (it was only like 6ish then) and I didn’t know which shops they were. We ended up just tramming it back to visit Eureka Skydeck.

We didn’t know the exact address of Eureka Skydeck, so we actually looked up to the skyline and tried to get there by walking towards it LOL.

Well, it worked because we managed to find it just by spotting the building in the sky. Eureka Skydeck is a popular tourist destination and is the tallest building in Melbourne.

Pretty tall.

To get up there, you need to buy tickets – it’s around $17.50 for an adult. At Southern Cross Station we picked up a Melbourne’s Visitor Guide which coupons inside – there was a coupon inside for 10% off entry tickets to Eureka Skydeck… so we used it. Didn’t take much off the ticket obviously, but we saw massive families (like 6-8 people!) so that coupon would have been great for them. Get the coupon, money is money.

Well, the level we needed to get to was level 88 – the lift is super fast and it takes about 30 seconds or less to get up 88 floors! Literally could feel the wind and my body felt like it was hovering slightly because we were going so fast. Pretty cool.

When you get up there, you get 360 degree views of Melbourne – such as this:

We took photos from everywhere, but there were a lot of people up there. We tried to take a photo together and that kinda failed as well lol. Well, anyway, the whole point of us going to Eureka Skydeck 88 was to watch the sunset… we got there at around 8pm, actually.

A shot I managed to take of the setting sun.

Melbourne’s skyline is really different to Sydney’s skyline. Everything is a lot flatter and it’s really calm in a way. Lol at the Topshop bag in the reflection >_>

… as you can gather, we waited until about 8:30pm or even perhaps later… but the damn sun wouldn’t set!!

We pretty much gave up waiting for the sun to set, because it wasn’t happening. We expected a really pretty red sunset with a huge yellow egg yolk in the sky… but we didn’t see anything like that. To be honest, it was kinda boring up there, but it was good as a touristy thing to do – and we did it.

On the way back to the hotel, we figured that it was probably too late to eat dinner at around 9pm since probably most stuff is (again) closed – so we ended up buying dinner from Coles Supermarket ;A;

The lunch we had this time around was so filling we just opted buying a salad and microwaveable soup as well as a dessert for dinner.

I also lugged this ridiculous 4L bottle of water all the way back to the hotel because we were dehydrated and didn’t have enough water to drink…. unfortunately… 4L was too much D:

I chucked my dessert into the mini freezer since I was too full to have dessert after my “dinner” – but the next day when I got it out, only half of it was still frozen, the other half was melted because it wasn’t touching the frost Dx Eurgh – that was a waste of food 😦

Anyway, here is a picture of some stuff I bought during the day to finish this post off –

This is what $68 worth of chocolate looks like.

Koko Black is a chocolate shop/ cafe which is only Melbourne based – last time I came I didn’t bother with the chocolate because I thought it was freaking expensive… this time round I still think it’s freaking expensive… I mean the cheapest is like $3.50 for a small block of chocolate…

I’m not really a fan of chocolate to be honest, so to me, all of this is pretty useless. It’s stuff I won’t really eat… it’s more to give away really. (I ended up buying more the next day =_=)

Well, I figured since it was only available in Melbourne and people made it sound like their chocolate was made out of unicorn hair so I decided to give it a try. My verdict is that it’s not that bad – but you have to be careful and check the expiry date. Also, 34% cocoa is milk chocolate… anything more than that is already dark chocolate… so I ended up with a crapload of dark chocolate which I probably won’t eat. Gotta find someone to give these away to… >_>

Stuff from L’Occitane. There was a sale and I grabbed a shampoo/body wash made out of royal jelly, as well as a hair treatment spray for $32 – both were half price. It was a pretty good deal considering that usually they’re pretty expensive, but the sales on Chapel Street was super friendly and she even gave us some samples to take away. I am currently really digging these products because it makes my hair actually feel healthy and I think I’m shedding less hair, which is pretty good.

Overall Day 2 was a really long day, but we did a lot – we went to 3 places which was pretty demanding as a schedule. We were meant to go to Eureka Skydeck on Day 1, and we were going to abandon the idea, but we managed to make it there anyway, so that was pretty good.

I’ll probably blog about Day 3 next week – until then, everyone stay healthy and strong – I’ve been in a good mood lately and I’d like to share that with everyone 🙂 Have a good day or night wherever you are!


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