Stuff I did/ that happened in 2011

2011 was a year of change for me. Change in my pace of lifestyle and complete change in what I was going to do. I went from graduating from a Masters Degree in Architecture to working in a designer fashion jewellery/ fine jewellery boutique in the city. I met a lot of people who I would have never met otherwise, and they were surprisingly, types of people I’ve never encountered before.

There’s little to reflect on because 2011 was a year of what I would like to call “steadiness”. There were no major ups or downs, and there wasn’t anything amazing that I accomplished. But I will go and reflect upon my resolutions I set for 2011 and whether or not I achieved them.

Things I achieved:

Do well in my work, make some friends in my workplace (not some, more like, all) and get at least one payrise during 2011.
I achieved this several times during the year which made me happy. That’s as much as there is to it, really.

Go overseas or interstate.
I went to Melbourne, so I finally did do something 😀

Things I did not achieve:

Save up 75% of my pay. 25% of pay goes to bills and online shopping. If there is spare money, it will go to my parents.
This failed pretty miserably because I ended up more like saving 25% of my pay and spending 75% of it LOL. I did however, did buy a lot of stuff for my parents and looked out for them in that respect. 50-50. Close enough.

Lose that final kilo to hit the 5kg target weight loss. Then lose another 4.
Damn it, I didn’t even have that “extra kilo” to lose because I already gained several that made me far far off my original target. OTL Close enough.

Go out at least once a week.
I really, really tried. But I work long hours, full time, deal with all sorts of weird situations, and I have to keep an eye on everyone, everything. Eurgh. But I probably did go out once every two weeks or so – okay I lie, more like once every three and a half. Close enough.

Meet more people.
Errr like who? >_> Well to be fair I did meet new people – aka colleagues, but nothing to fangirl over. 50-50. Close enough.

Start those blasted dance lessons. Drag a friend along in the process.
This resolution was made one year too early. I only recently discovered that my workmate wanted to do lessons too. Y U NO WORK EARLIER.

Blog better, keep winning gift certificates and getting more comments from readers :P
Oh, I did achieve the latter half. I didn’t achieve the gift certificate thing though because I completely abandoned Gmarket – just got too expensive to play around with, and it was just too tedious to navigate. Ended up trying out ASOS instead. Worked out okay in the end.

Start posting on my Lookbook. Poor, poor neglected baby.
I don’t even think I logged in to be honest. Perhaps once.  But I don’t have a photographer to follow me around and snap pics of me unfortunately… and a self held camera will sadly not suffice.

Dyeing my hair a shade that is not dark ashy tobacco brown.
50-50. I went for something that wasn’t ashy, but it ended up not being much lighter.

Go on at least 3 dates. If it’s even humanly possible. There is nobody in my life atm. Or at least go to 3 outings where I meet new people.
So I tried. Zero potential each time. If it wasn’t meeting up with really close friends (like friends who you know so well they could still be smiling even if you give them the death glare), it was meeting up with people who had fiances or boyfriends. BO-RING.

Write up a fixed skincare routine timetable and post it up here.
Obviously not – so I’ll try to do that soon.

Blog twice a week and do a 30 day challenge, so I continuously post for 30 days in a row during one of the months in 2011.
I just never found time to queue up drafts… I know it sounds like an excuse, but I really have been really tired. Did you know, I also ended up typing so little that my keyboard battery lasted a whopping entire year?! That’s insane… usually I change batteries within 6 months. W-O-W.

Add bohemian/ gyaru style to my wardrobe.
I kinda scratched this off my list because I’m no longer interested in the style. Ie. I’m growing old, fast.

Shoot more in film, and experiment with film photography.
The most I did was develop a roll of film… already forgot how to insert a film roll into a camera. Oh, shame.

Result: Credit

I give myself a credit for trying, but not hard enough. I’ll post my new resolutions up soon and well guess what, still no photos from Melbourne… guess she either forgot about them or just couldn’t be bothered emailing me lol. Oh well, I’ll make do with whatever I have then, in that case. I wonder how many resolutions we usually achieve on average per year? Perhaps I put all my effort into the two that I thought mattered most, so I prioritised those. I don’t know – but it seems like it could very well be the case.


7 thoughts on “Stuff I did/ that happened in 2011

  1. Love how long your list of unachieved things is. XD

    I like the gyaru style but in Sydney … you’d stick out so much if you dresssed like that! I like that colour of hair that they usually have. Like blonde but not quite blonde. Gosh, I really want to dye my hair now. XD

    • Lol, I was surprised at how many things I didn’t achieve so while typing the whole post I was like “crap crap crap” in my head XD

      You’re right, but I really wanted a few pieces because I always wanted to go to an anime convention dressed up as a gyaru, but never found anyone to come with me. I felt that I was going to be like the forever alone meme if I went by myself… I think I’m probably too old for it.

  2. wow MA in architecture ? that’s pretty intense! but glad you found your passion in fashion! 😀 that’s so awesome. congrats on the things you achieved! and traveling is so much fun!

    well at least you saved 25%! That’s really good! :O!!! oh man, i dread going out of college to pay my loans! Ughhh!! at least you can say you tried, i agree! 😛 i hate it when people complain of situations when they don’t even TRY or give an ATTEMPT *smh ==;

    • Yeah~ it’s supposedly one of the hardest degrees ever created (lol) but I lived through it. Oh yes, travelling was awesome, probably the highlight of the year ^^

      Well, I still have to pay my loans, but the way our system works is that they take a portion (if not all) of your tax to go towards the loan, if your annual salary is above a certain amount. I have a feeling I have reached that amount so I won’t be able to get my tax back – I’d be lucky if it’s just like that, some people don’t get tax back and are forced to pay extra on top. Ouch! But still, I know it’s nothing compared to the loans in the US, you guys have one of the most expensive education systems in the world $__$

  3. lol close enough XD My version of “close enough” is “ time”

    It’s cool that you got to be friends with all your colleagues. It seems like work is doing well for you 😀

    Why did you stray away from the architecture field? It is interesting how people go to school for one thing, but end up doing something else XD I think I might end up doing the same thing.

  4. I’ve always wanted to go to Melbourne lol, but haven’t found the right opportunity to go there yet. And I’ve also given up on buying from Gmarket, Taobao FTW!

    I think even though you didn’t complete a lot of your aims/goals, at least you had put some effort into most of them ^^

  5. My friend used to study architecture for his undergrad but he changed to finance since he said it was affecting his health.. so dang girl.. you go!!! MA in architecture!

    i think life is unpredictable and sometimes that’s a good thing. Studying in one area but actually working in another is always a good experience and you learn from it! It seems like your resolutions were logical and your effort was realistic! i think you did a good job of attempting to accomplish them (since there were so many) and ultimately, at least you tried, so what else can you do right? But, giving it a better go in the new year is always a good possibility! yay for 2012.

    I can relate with the dates situation hahah. It seems difficult trying to find that person to connect with. But, ahh at least you tried! more fish in the sea and more time!

    ahh I LOVE this outfit mitha!! you look so gorgeous. I loovee bright bold colors for nice warm weather. The pattern is so cute!! I think this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve seen on your site yet. Lol I wish we had asian bloggers with similar interests here in NYC to meet up with. Maybe another day. keep in touch ❤


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