Okay, take 3.

These days I start writing a post, and then I keep deleting it because I think it’s inappropriate to post up. Maybe it’s because I’ve just grown way too sensitive in regards to what I can and can’t post up on the Internet since people will either get offended or whatever just because I am merely trying to get my thoughts out. I’ve started this blog as a way of sharing experiences (be it crap that I buy, or things that I encounter) that appeal to a lot of people so that readers can actually relate to what I am experiences as most of the stuff I write about tends to apply to most people. Since I can’t go into too much detail, then I guess I can only list it out in point form.

Sorry for this super sloppy post in advance – I’ve tried numerous times (I swear, this is not just take 3, this must be at least take 5) to post, but I never hit the Publish button because I never felt that it was “the post”. I will post about Melbourne (though the photos in question are not here yet – I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get them, to be honest… if that’s the case I’ll just have to make do with what I have) and I will post about my new year’s resolutions as well as a review of the past year’s resolutions (whether or not I achieved them).

To make up for the lack of photographs I have, I present to you le doodles with the nearest felt pen I have – a blue coloured permanent marker. Geez, it’s been ages since I’ve last drawn. Though it seems I haven’t lost my drawing style – I like to describe it as “ridiculous”. Or “#WTF” will also do. Meh.

Happy Chinese/ Lunar New Year

Lol, that’s totally a classy dragon. Le doodle.

Yes, very late, but I did celebrate it (sort of) – I have a company dinner coming up very soon so I guess that’s where the real celebration kicks in.

This year is the year of the dragon, and I was born in the year of the dragon. Apparently since it’s my zodiac year, I need to be really careful, and in order to do that I need to wear red and stuff. It’s my very first time hearing that I need to wear red because it’s a year I actually need to be careful in so I have started to prepare all my red accessories so I could wear them to work.

I kid, I had NONE. Either that or they were so negligible, it equalled to none.

I absolutely hate the colour red, simply because I think that the colour is too sharp. I like colours like purple, pink, corals – but I don’t like red.  Like, #FF0000 red.

Either way I solved that by buying myself a leather bracelet… but I realised that when I was buying it, it was too dark inside the store to see what colour it actually was. Turns out to be a tangerine red (but hey, red nonetheless). SIGH.

This wasn’t the bracelet I bought (I got the double stranded slipknot one), but it was the same colour as above, with a fancy designer colour named “FIRE”. Red enough, I guess.

You can buy this bracelet from Bottega Veneta.

I’m generally not a superstitious person, but being careful is better than being lazy. But overall I still reckon that this year will most likely be an awesome year.

Opportunity or deathly trap?

Not much earlier than the new year, I got a job offer from a “friend” I’ll name X.

Can you keep a secret?



The job offer was to be a store manager at a retail chain store which I can only describe as fashion related, for privacy/ censorship reasons.

Those who have followed my Twitter probably have guessed what the situation was – yes, that’s right. Bullshit.

Look, I’m terribly sorry if I offend anyone, especially since I know that in economic times such as these, it’s really hard to get work opportunities, and I should be beaming like I’ve hit a gold mine when I’m offered a job (especially since it was a PROMOTION too) when I wasn’t even looking for one. Instead I look like I’ve received a phone call from a grim reaper and treated this situation like it was a burden. Well, guess again – yes, it was and would have been a burden had I said yes.

Without going much into detail, please, please assess your working conditions before you accept a job offer. Sometimes we get blinded temporarily by money and the prospect of a prestigious work position, but what good is that if you feel that it’s only short term glorification? ANY job offer is tempting, if it seems to be better than what you have now.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but honestly speaking, any business these days is hard. Major corporations continue to cut down on their numbers, larger companies are cutting down hours of their part time and casual workers, it’s the end of January and there are still major sales going on. These are all indicators telling you, “oh, that’s kinda abnormal.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, and I can assure you, it’s not a smart move to change jobs at THIS current point in time. Especially if it’s to something you have very little confidence in.

I on the other hand, have confidence in what I am selling at the moment. I believe there’s a market niche somewhere, and there is still potential to grow. The offer I received, on the other hand, I saw limitations. With the Australian dollar so high right now, everyone is more than happy to spend their dollars overseas to milk every single bit their dollar can go. I just blew $50 on ebay just today on craft supplies, but I saved money in the process because I paid less than I would have if I bought it 2 weeks ago.

The moral of the story is that you MUST think about the long term, and also just beware of what you might sign up for. The situation I was in was damn complicated, and to say the least, I was not, and still am not impressed with why it even happened in the first place. Again, it was just BULLSHIT. It just made me even more annoyed that I had to keep quiet about this because under no circumstances should I have to abide by such a condition.

Thank you, but freaking NO THANK YOU.

Not every single opportunity has a pot of gold on the end – beware as sometimes there’s a little time bomb waiting for you on the other side. Then, it’s game over.

All I can say is that I’m super lucky as it is that I made the right decision – if I was blinded by that split second of glitter, no red leather bracelet/ string would be enough to save my ass. Seriously.

Either way, I’ve done everything I could to keep everyone’s privacy and I have omitted a lot of major details which would be enough to tick off anyone. If you were in my position and knew everything in detail, you’d probably end up doing this too:

Lol, of course I kid. I obviously have more than just like 3 friends to list >_> But I hope I got my point through.

So, what IS up these days?

Well, it’s currently 12:05am and I have work like, today.

Most of my time is consumed by work, and it has been draining my energy – fast. I have pretty much zero social life at the moment, and I’m still training (omg). Lol. I honestly don’t mind training (it’s a given since we have so many new people), and recently, work has been pretty awesome. From the coffee machine, random chocolate pig outs and workplace gossip (nothing nasty though, just prying into people’s personal lives, tis all) – all I have at the moment is just stuff to look forward to.

I think I am starting to enjoy my work more than I used to because I’ve just gotten so routine about it. I’m just so used to how I’m supposed to do things that it’s getting pretty efficient. I still have plenty of room to improve of course, but I’m starting to feel the joys of what I’m doing. I feel that I am actually doing something meaningful – the same rings I sell will last couples through their relationships, weddings, perhaps for many decades to come – and that’s what makes me feel happy. The various presents that are for friends and loved ones which can make a difference and can make an average day into a wonderful one – this is something that I have never been able to do.

It sounds pretty farfetched perhaps, but I do feel that I have a job which can make people a whole lot happier in some respects. I never felt this before when I was designing to be quite honest. I never felt that my designs could actually touch or move people, especially when it’s something that can be put under scrutiny. At least I know for now, I can, and am doing something meaningful.

My new years’ resolutions will be coming up within the next week or so – and I really hope that I can make more time for myself and go out more often. If I remember correctly one of the things I told myself to do was to go out on three dates (with guys, obviously) – I think I did make it to three (more than three if you count group outings with friends), but unfortunately they weren’t with people I have just met… they were all really good/ close friends… or boyfriends/ fiancés of friends… :\ That’s even worse than 2010… I at least went out with someone whom I met by chance at a social gathering… Anyway, I don’t really feel like going into detail about it – I’ll just continue to just be myself. Whatever happens shall happen.

I guess for mself, my first priority at the moment will be work and family. I’m doing fairly well, and for once I feel like I’m doing something where I am actually needed, and not just mechanically churning out “good grades”, which is what I did for 16 years.

Hope everyone had a great week and I will be back fairly soon. My days off now really just consist of catching up on Running Man, Dream Team, threading pearl necklaces for my mum and doing exercise. I need to stop thinking too much though, I don’t want to grow old too soon. I’m already mature enough as it is now – although I’m the youngest at work, sometimes I feel that I am the adult at times, lol.

All the best to you all for this year – hope to see you all soon!

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