Happy New Year in low resolution – Dec in a flash.

Apologies for my absence, tbqh.

I MUST blog about Melbourne, but the highlight of it happened to be that I charged my camera battery but forgot to put it back into my camera so I didn’t take many photos!

I’ll blog about Melbourne as soon as I manage to grab photos off my friend, because I only have a few from my phone but they’re not really all that fabulous. I didn’t take photos of everything so yeah – I’m kinda counting on her photos. Until then, here is a super backtracked post – enjoy!

Happy New Year

Long time no see everyone 🙂

Well a lot of stuff has happened in the past few weeks and I did have a lot to blog about – I just kept missing the timing to do so because I’m actually running out of time to do the things I need to do on an ordinary basis.

I recently upgraded to an iPhone4S (though super unreliable, terrible, worst carrier in the world – Vodafone still hasn’t migrated my number after TWO whopping weeks – not to mention it took me over 3 weeks waiting for it) but I’m not pressed or truly excited. Planning to use my phone when I go to my Melbourne trip and if it’s still not switched over by then, gonna return it, cancel the lameass contract and then sign up for iPhone5 on another carrier. iPhone4S has a really crap battery. Sorry to Apple fans, but the battery life is just ridiculous by my standards – I’ve just been too used to charging my Samsung just once a week for the past 2 years. Maybe I’ll consider an android phone instead – at least it’s better than chasing Vodafone and getting tired and frustrated after waiting for so long, and having nobody do jackshit about it. Appalling, disgusting service.

I didn’t mean to start off the new year with such a negative opening – it just has been like a dark cloud hovering above my head for the past 2 months and it’s NOT fun at all. Vodafone should be reimbursing me for the time I’ve waited by waiving at least 4 months off my contract, especially sending me a phone I can’t use because the damn SIM card isn’t activated. System issues, public holidays, backlog? Stop making bullshit excuses, it’s just not good enough. UPDATE: I’ve just lodged a complaint to the ombudsman today. 3 weeks and no activation? U SRS?

For now, I’m enjoying the messaging system and the fact I can send Chinese and reduce the number of characters I need to send an SMS. HURRAY. There was a use for it 😉

On the other hand though, I won a bit of money from yesterday’s Saturday Lotto 31 million dollar jackpot 😀 I rarely buy lotto but I was pleasantly surprised to see I did win a prize. It’s not much, but that’s a pretty good way to start the new year. MONEY AHEAD OF ME. Gonna collect it from my least favourite newsagency in the world, because I want to be mean and difficult.

No, really, sarcasm aside, I didn’t really have any feelings for new year’s eve. I completely forgot that there were fireworks, until I turned up for work. The fireworks were pretty dismal (I’m too used to seeing them on a regular basis, so fireworks aren’t really my thing) and only lasted 15 minutes. I don’t get why anyone would camp out for so long just for 15 minutes of fireworks.

I snapped this super low resolution photo with the iPhone last night standing at my window. I was too lazy to get outside and onto the balcony. Wasn’t worth it, in my opinion.

Low resolution, indeed.

But as you can kinda tell, I never felt the need to go out and see the fireworks since I could see them from my window. There were actually larger bursts of fireworks near the base of Centrepoint (but they weren’t going off when I was taking the shot), and I was just that lazy to even get a better camera. I wasn’t going to take a good shot anyway so this shall suffice.

Packing Progress: 5… or 50%?

I just realised that today was my last day off work before I go to Melbourne. I’ll be working for the next three days – obviously not enough time to pack. My biggest concern about packing was mostly to do with the transparent cosmetics bag that you need to present to security. There are so many rules about this bag, including that it cannot be more than 1L of volume, and that each individual item in it couldn’t exceed 100ml each. The toughest thing was that this includes mascara, foundation/ BB cream and lip gloss. Don’t forget shampoo as well! I found it a nightmare getting everything to fit. I managed to find the largest resealable bag I had lying around and tried to fit all my crap into it in an intense game of tetris that lasted me at least 2 hours. I finally got there – but I sacrificed my mouth wash (will buy it when I get there), toothpaste (same story, will buy it there) and my facial mist. I didn’t even bring my cream liner – just settled for an eyeliner which I was going to abandon.

To achieve this task I literally dug out my samples hoard, which probably includes over 50 samples. I have them in sachets, tubes, jars, bottles – you name it, I probably have it. Well okay, not really, but… you know what I mean 😉 The only reason why I decided on one thing over another was probably whether or not I trusted the brand, and if I deemed it useable. I have a lot of samples from brands I actually no longer trust (includes Biotherm and Clinique), so I picked samples from those brands that didn’t really matter – like facial toner. Everything else like cleanser and moisturiser, IMO are pretty important so I picked the brands I am using currently. I’m also paranoid about running out of product to use over my stay. I was considering hair styling gel (I have it in a sachet), but then decided against it. I just really had a lot of decisions to make…

I finally managed to fit everything in that tiny plastic bag! I didn’t manage to fit mascara primer… I’ll only hope that it’s not that humid to make my mascara run. Also ditched the makeup remover, too, which kinda sucks :\ So far I only have PJs, that plastic bag and another bag to fit the “dry items” (eyeliner pencils, powders and all). Currently my bag is pretty light which is what I’m trying to aim for. I think I can do without the hair straightener. I’m also planning to buy my clothes when I get there, but I’m not sure if I should do that or not.

Queen Victoria Building: Tea Room

Several weeks ago I went and had high tea. About a week or two later I went to The Loft to have high tea, but I will write about that later/ next time.

High tea (lunch) is $39 a person, $2 extra for tea for connoisseurs.

The Tea Room is also open for breakfast, and there is an option for tea with a glass of wine/ sparkling.

Find more information at: https://www.thetearoom.com.au/

I ordered a regular tea (forgot the name of it, but it was a rose tea) and it was quite nice and fragrant. This isn’t the first time I’ve been to The Tea Room – the last time I ordered a Superior Gyokuro tea (connoisseur tea) and it detoxed me like crazy. Not sure if it was a coincidence or if it was really the tea, but I decided to stay away from that list just in case 😛

As you can see we got macarons, cakes, tarts, sandwiches. There was also an additional plate with scones and spinach pie. I think we finished everything (I think except for half a scone) – it was quite yummy. I really like The Tea Room’s relaxing atmosphere.

Note that the place was quite empty as we walked in at around 4pm – High Tea closes at 5pm, so be sure to get in there earlier so that you don’t rush to finish. It’s best to go there early and slowly take your time. It’s a great place to just chill and chat. I also really love their china and interior design.

Will go back again for sure.

Cutting this post short. Sorry for the crappy nature of this post.

I just have been bogged down with all sorts of random stuff – I really don’t want to sit at my computer and blog because I want to dedicate more of my time off to tidying up my room and doing exercise. I’ve been quite stressed at work because soon I’ll be probably the most senior staff around (STRESS, PRESSURE, NOT GOOD) and I am going to continue my training (again) very soon.

I was going to write about my Christmas pressie haul for myself but it’s probably going to be pointless. My next post will either be new years resolutions or about Melbourne, depending on when I manage to get the photos. I had a lot of fun in Melbourne and this time I really scored some awesome bargains. The highlights of my trip pretty much included Southwharf DFO, having fine dining at Crown Casino, visiting TopShop on Chapel Street, Eureka Skydeck 88 (not really a highlight, but I didn’t do this last time) and scoring ridiculous bargains that I really needed to rub my eyes and pinch myself to make sure they were actually real.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their new year and has a series of awesome things to do for the year ahead! I certainly had fun (even though I didn’t even realise it was the end of the year and start of a new one so soon) and I started this year with a trip. I shall be back really soon with a proper post!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year in low resolution – Dec in a flash.

  1. High tea is one of the things I wanted to do these holidays. Still have not been!

    You flew tiger? Must have been okay since you made it back in one piece!

    • Do do it! High tea is something you need to do at least once ^^

      Tiger’s actually not too bad. We flew on time (even arrived early) and everything was pretty smooth. I’ll probably talk about it in more detail in my blog post, but you just need to make sure you cover yourself for anything that may happen (including having more luggage than you expected).

  2. YESSSSSSSSS long time no see! lol! haha, i stay away from Apple so i can’t put any feedback on the phones but sorry to hear your experience. it must be really frustrating 😦 I do have an android phone too~ they have their glitches as well (no phone is perfect!) but i feel happy with it!

    wow! congrats on winning some money! i never won anything by sheer luck X_X the only thing I recall winning was a Dir en grey CD but that was through some mini essay contest lol //sighhh!!

    i never been to a high tea place (i’m not even sure if they have those in NYC) but it looks really fancy and nice! those sweet~~~ TwT~~

    i hope things go well with you with work! listening to music always helps me during times of stress. have fun in Melbourne!

  3. It’s funny because I was like which Happy New Year are you referring to? XD Cause the Lunar New Year just finished.

    Vodafone sounds like a cool name. Too bad it sounds horrible D: My service provider here is okay… though it has extremely low signal in my room O__o;

    I think winning money is a good sign for the new year 😀 hehe

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