Just an update.

As usual, I backtrack a lot and a week ago, I wrote this:

My annual leave has consisted me of doing things like sleeping in, properly moisturing after taking a shower, and washing our very very dirty car. Our windows are next. DAMN IT. I’m the only one who cleans the windows 😦 I still haven’t got around to cleaning out my closet and putting unwanted crap away into a large box – I have only gotten so far as to rearranging my bag section by adding an extra box as I decided that I needed a box to encase bags I didn’t want squashed. Called Telephone Banking. Oh, life is so boring.

I went to work on Friday (I sometimes do question myself WAE WORK WHEN ON LEAVE??) so I haven’t really been making the most of my time effectively. Only one more week left – I’ll definitely need to do all the things I need to do this next week – I’ve decided to take hula hooping again because I decided that I haven’t been active enough despite standing long hours at work. I feel really fat compared to this time last year – Why is it so hard to lose almost 5kg over a period of a year and then just to have it all come back!?

Met up with sis, L.

I haven’t seen L in ageeeees. By that I literally mean over a year and a half or something, which is ridiculous, unacceptable, preposterous etc – so we met up.

L is who I’d refer to as my “sis(ter)” and we’ve known each other since high school. Back in those days when we’d stay behind to leech bandwidth and then fangirl over Dir en grey, Vanness Wu or perhaps Gackt or Hyde. Oh yes, those were the days.

L went to work interstate and came back up for the long weekend, so basically we just had to go somewhere in Sydney that was new. We were originally headed for the foodcourt at Westfield, but we didn’t even make it to Westfield LOL – we decided to just wing it at Ichiban Boshi or something – along the way we got distracted by Sushi Hotaru (see how easily we get distracted??) and decided to just go in, not before trying to enter through the back door 😛 😛 😛 😛

So Sushi Hotaru has been a place which has been popping up recently in blogs I’ve been reading and from what I gathered, it’s most well known for everything being $3 unless specified. Yes, $3 sushi. That certainly makes me happy, because I hate how I go to a sushi place and I want to pick up the $2.50 plates, but I try not to because it looks cheap LOL. I guess this place solves all your problems, and the good thing is that they have a good selection, including temaki sushi (a la the sushi that look like ice cream cones) which was all we ordered that day. Their temaki sushi was geeeewd.

Nevertheless, this was the only photo I snapped that day, courtesy of le crappy phone camera – don’t even know how I managed to get the bubbles.

Hotaru – $5.50 @ Sushi Hotaru

L went for the green tea latte with red bean icecream (also $5.50) but I went for the Hotaru, using the logic that it should be the best drink since it’s named after the place (like how the Musashi Blue is the best drink IMO from Musashi *shrugs*). It’s a pretty drink which is supposedly meant to be peppermint and ginger ale, but it really tasted like lemonade, with some mint syrup (that blue stuff) down the bottom. It did come with a lemon and a mint leaf, both of which I did not actively use for ingesting the drink. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed with appreciation either – whatever that’s supposed to mean >_> It was pretty though! Too bad the crappy photo ruins it.

Apart from eating temaki sushi and takoyaki plus gyoza, that was pretty much all we ordered. We had a total of 6 plates between us (1 entree, 2 sushi each) and surprisingly, we were kinda full. With the drink it was like $15 each which is pretty damn good by sushi train standards. I usually walk into a sushi train thinking that I will spend at least $25, but that wasn’t the case. Either way, I was full.

They use iPads to order (yes, those touch screens are iPads which are secured to the wall so that they aren’t stolen), but their system isn’t advanced enough to calculate the bill total (you can always do it in your head, it’s really easy since everything is $3, then you add it to the total the screen tells you, which is the total of what you ordered that ISN’T $3) so you have to get a waitress to count your dishes and you pay at the counter.

Overall it’s a pretty nice place (the service was a bit confusing though, we kept getting our temaki sushi together and we couldn’t figure which belonged to who – so we had to ask – then they had limited English and had to find someone to figure it out…) and I’d probably go back again – soon. If not soon, then whenever.

Half a day wasn’t enough to catch up with L, seriously hope to catch up with you in more detail when you’re back in Sydney, or if I can ever get my lazy self to where you are. We didn’t get to talk about everything – it has just been too long 😦

Now, I wrote something along the lines of this:


Not saying I didn’t do anything awesome or anything – but more like time went by so quickly I didn’t end up doing as many awesome things as I had expected to do. I barely did anything important and I go back to work again tomorrow – TOMORROW! Then it’s another month or two of non stop working 😦 I DUN WANNA WORK T_T

In the midst of my shopping, I somehow got sent a magazine from well, as you can see, all the way from Sweden. I’m not sure if everyone gets a copy or not, but when you start getting catalogues in the mail, it’s about time to just stop spending money – it’s a serious issue >_>

I did actually do a bunch of shopping (be it online or in person), but I most likely won’t blog about any of that until probably later in the year, because I have a lot of random material to blog about in regards to purchases, including this which I bought several months ago –

Chloé Mini Marcie Bag in brick red

UM – should I be reviewing this…? I don’t know because there’s not much to really say. As you can see it just comes with an Authenticity Card (doesn’t really do much), and a bunch of tags as well as in instruction care booklet thingy. The dustbag is nice – slightly coarse though? But it came with it so w/e. The leather is presumably calf leather and it’s really soft (made in Spain) – the stitching is immaculate and surprisingly, it fits a lot of random crap in there, as there are 2 small slots for you to hide your spare cash or slip in a bus ticket or something. My record (which includes the bag closing properly) consists of: a wallet, mobile phone, keys, a pair of sunglasses (in a soft case), bus tickets, with enough room to also spare a pen and a bunch of post-it notes. Basically, it’s good enough to fit everything you need to basically survive, which isn’t too bad.

It’s lined in a black cotton – I personally like cotton, but it doesn’t feel as awesome as some other cotton linings I’ve experienced in my lifetime. A bit like how I’m a bit like “wtf” with the dustbag – usually you use the dustbag to wipe the bag, but I can’t imagine myself doing that with this dustbag – in fact I’m pretty hesitant to store the bag in the dustbag >_> Anyway, I shall not repeat myself any more.

If I had to say anything bad about the bag, it’d be the fact that the hot stamp is really tiny, and because the leather is too soft (probably thinner than desired), it could crease and lose shape easily. I currently have this stuffed with loads of tissue paper to stop it from deforming. The strap also is too long by default, and if I move it to another part of the strap, I can see the “mark” where the strap used to be – that is something that really pisses me off, so I just left it as it is. I can only hope that I just get used to it – I have a feeling I won’t, but then again that’s just too bad.

All in all, it’s a good bag for a casual outing – nice with a vintage style, sundress, maxidress or with shorts or jeans. Not suitable for work, unless you work a casual job (in other words, I work a preetty casual job myself trololol – I wouldn’t wear this if I were in a corporate job, to say the very least). For those who know me best, I actually really don’t like the colour red (I don’t usually voluntarily buy anything red in colour that is of substantial size – this is what I consider pretty big) – but it beats having a boring black bag or a light coloured bag which would discolout and stain over time, adding on unwanted stress – I’m pretty particular when it comes to bags being dirty, I must have it kept clean or else you’ll see me sitting down with an eraser attempting to get rid of stains for at least half an hour!

Overall, it was worth the buy – price was pretty good for a small bag (generally small bags aren’t cheap at all – my theory is that they do it because it’s harder to get the sewing machine in a smaller space or whatever) so I’m happy. Ticked off the list and that’s about it.

Guilty, oh so guilty.

Apart from watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, which is so embarassing it’s good (seriously, just looking at his face, he’s so not 19 years old, but then again, kids these days grow up so fast ._. – but IRL he’s actually older than me, so point proven – I mean, I wouldn’t go around telling people I’m 18… though some people might actually believe it… but then again… eurgh just no), I’ve been watching every live of this performance, and recently they’ve released an MV. I’ve read a variety of lolsome comments in regards to the group (including comments which contained the word “spasm” and perhaps “goddess pose” which really makes me want to snort tea from my nose) and my verdict is I’m not sure if I should take them seriously or not, because well, it could be the same as my opinion as the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop thing – it’s so weirdly bad, it’s just damn good.

I’m genie for you boy – yes, I see what you did there.

They also had a little bit too much fun with the cameras towards the end *side-eyeing*.

Another “guilt” I have at the moment is the fact that I am seriously getting fat. Yes, I’m repeating what I wrote last week, because it has been that long I’ve forgotten what I’ve typed in the first place. By fat, I mean gaining back pretty much all the weight I lost in 2010, in the form of water. Oh, detestable water. I don’t know how it happened (it was gradual at first), but it came back at me so quickly and before I knew it, I was pretty much back at square one. Still slimmer than originally, but seriously, why is it so hard for me to lose weight and have it come back so damn easily?

My next blog post is definitely beauty related (I haz a product which I think is awesome, amazing, must have) and probably I will have a post named, albeit curiously, “bikini ready in 3 weeks”…? Perhaps 2 weeks? IDK. At the moment I’m going through a pretty intense bout of (I know this sounds unhealthy) weight loss pills and a drink. If it works, I will post about it and gloat about it. It seems to be working, but that’s only because I am doing exercise at the same time – so in other words, I’m doing 3 things at the same time, but I actually don’t know which is actually working – perhaps all 3? I don’t know, but I have a feeling I will be able to lose an inch off my waist within a week (I’m almost there and it has only been 5 days).

I’m not a person who likes to endorse lazy ways of losing weight (that’s why I’m still active and I do exercise) – but if it’s a supplementary thing that makes things easier – why not? I’ve realised that I have a problem that can’t be solved with just exercise, because maybe I have slow metabolism, or I need to detox or perhaps I just don’t drink enough water in general for anything to work. Anywho, I will write about it in a few weeks’ time.

Last few words to sum up what I’m doing or not doing –

– NOT going to Kpop Festival 2011

– NOT going to spend any money for the rest of the month (unless sales pop up then UH OH BIG TROUBLE)

– WILL upgrade my phone. On Sunday.

– WILL post again sometime next week.

Until then, whip out your sunnies – Sydney is getting HOT – hope it just doesn’t get any hotter 😦 Toodles!

/gone to watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – DUN DUN DUN…


3 thoughts on “Just an update.

  1. I keep meaning to go to Sushi Hotaru because it’s like 3 dollars a plate, right? I just always skip that … XD

    No KPop concert? There’s most likely still seats available if you change your mind!

    Have no time to watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop or whatever even though Jung Il Woo is in it … that’s for post-exam time. Also, I just googled … he is younger than me by 5 months. How are people in dramas younger than me?? XDDD

    Sydney, needs to be not so hot … just okay non-sweating kind of hot. XD

    • Yep, $3 a plate! They have some things that aren’t $3 (sashimi/ raw fish plates are around $7 – otherwise all roll sushi is $3, some entrees cost more as well – it’s in the menu and all the prices are there, anything without a price is $3), but they have a good selection for $3. We didn’t line up that long either (we got there around 1ish), but try to go there in either a group of 2 or a group of 4, because any more than 4 people they’ll make you sit in a line at the front of the sushi train, and you don’t get a screen to order. I went in a pair so we had our own touch screen to order, which I think is way better since you could take time to choose drinks and stuff.

      Yeah, I’m not really concerned about tickets, more concerned about getting home after the concert, lol. I am working Sunday as well so I guess a late night out isn’t the best decision to make XD;

      IKR – idols and actors these days are so young ._. I think Jung Il Woo is older than me by a year – I still think it’s funny he’s acting a 19 year old… kekeke.

      I agree – hot isn’t bad, as long as it’s not over 60% humidity, and it’s not super windy when dry XD

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