October wrap up, temporary liberty and more complaints on life in general and everything else applicable.

I have a knack for extra long titles these days, so let it be the trend. It’ll most likely shorten by the time I start blogging in November, though.

So I actually did do stuff in October.

Not a lot, I must say – could be a lot better and I could have done more. For those who know me personally, I’ve officially started my annual leave (though that doesn’t mean I still don’t have to work – blast it to pieces, okay – I still need to work) so that has put my stress levels down. My stress levels are actually up here *drawing a line slightly above my head* because I know when I get back I probably have to face training a newbie again, and the whole process is going to repeat.

Another thing that I’m actually worried about is not being able to take the rest of my leave – believe it or not. Maybe I might be able to get a monetary reimbursement instead (which sounds pretty good to me, considering I’m actually really low on monies and I’ve been calculating every single potential dollar I’m going to earn up until the end of the year, because I have a crapload of stuff I need to buy). IDUNNO. Things are pretty messy right now and I don’t really want to think about it – not when I am supposed to take a break from work and like, wash our windows and car or something.

For those who were asking me if I was going away, the answer is no. I’ve weighed up the possibility of going somewhere – decided it simply wasn’t worth it. I rather spend the money and buy something I can see, use, and feel in my sleep or in my wake if I had to instead.

This post is brought to you via laziness and convenience of a mobile (cell) phone camera. I have been trying to sign up for a blasted iPhone 4S, but no, I keep getting told that 19 entire months is still not enough to upgrade my contract/ phone, when I was told that 19 months was enough. WHAT IS GOING ON. I even started to use my phone case already without the iPhone. I CAN’T WAIT OKAY, THE WHOLE PURPOSE WASN’T TO GET AN iPHONE, IT WAS TO GET A COOL CASE TO ENCASE IT.

Gone absolutely bananas.

I met up with A, whom I haven’t seen for quite a while (actually, I haven’t seen a bazillion people in more than a “while”). We just hung around uni, ate at a random place near uni, and observed changes around uni. We also hiked around uni.

The most surprising thing was that I had no idea I actually lived so close to a Passionflower, which has recently opened near uni.

I once had Western Sunrise (IT IS TERRIBLE, BORING, ETC, DO NOT GET IT) because of the lack of Eastern Sunrise available. This time I was like, “SWEET I shall try it now that I missed out the chance yonks ago”.

Eastern Sunrise @ Passionflower – $14 $16.

I had no idea taro icecream was soooo good. I was kinda meh with the sticky rice icecream – green tea is normal as usual.

What else can I say about this dessert? The orange was bitter, which was actually really really terrible and made the experience pretty crap. The bananas were also not really banana-ey and weren’t sweet. The worst part about it was that we were charged an extra $2 premium on top of the price of the dessert (which supposedly was meant to cover the cost of, well, everything that was included) because it contained banana in it. Yes. $2 for 6 slices of banana. Or, $2 for a super short, and tiny radii banana.

I can’t really ay I was displeased with it, but I can’t really say I was really pleased either. I guess I’m sort of “meh” – the dessert was nice, but it wasn’t super – then the price wasn’t terrible or great either, considering usually it is meant to just be $14. OH WELL. I reckon they should have just left out the bananas and ask customers if they wanted them for an extra $2 – but anyway.

Taro icecream – nomnomnom 😛

Personalised coke can

Caught up with D and decided to grab our free coke cans at Centrepoint Westfield.

We lined up for about half an hour but it didn’t really take all that long – it could have been faster though – it was mostly because some workers really tried to get the labels on perfect >_>

At first I thought that there was a self-serve machine where you type in your name and then a coke can (which gets printed on the spot) comes out – I was probably overthinking wayyy too much because it’s actually just a sticker they stick onto the can LOL. They have a mini bar fridge filled with cans and the sticker is printed like, instantaneously as soon as they click the print button.

While we were lining up and were about 2m from the coke cans, I posed a cruel question: what if they ran out of coke cans? LOL.

I wasn’t jinxing it or anything because I saw that the fridge was full before saying that out loud, of course. But yeah, what happens if they run out of cans? Does that mean you line up for nothing? 😉

We both felt pretty good because on the way to Westfield we already got a bottle of free tea courtesy of Nestea. I thought that the mango flavour was going to be gross, but it was surprisingly quite nice.

My personalised coke can is 200ml and the sticker has air bubbles in it lol. It was worth it for the experience and just getting a can – that was the most satisfying part. We actually felt like we achieved something towards the finish line.

Thomas Sabo new jewellery collection

I ordered these a while ago but they got backordered. I’m happy because I finally get to wear and use these babies!

Not to scale. The necklace is meant to be smaller – I blame it on my poor photoshop skills/ laziness which is kicking in. Because I can be lazy.

It’s a feather pendant from the newest collection with a pair of matching earrings. The pendant was actually a lot prettier, sturdier and larger than I had expected – I really really like it a lot. The earrings are a bit formal and they’re quite heavy so I’m not sure if I’d want to go out wearing the set (I think that wearing sets always tends to look too formal and over the top) but maybe if I had a really good excuse to, I would. I’m happy that it’s quite elegant looking – well priced, too.

Dinner with the Lovigans – OH YEAH.

I haven’t seen the Lovigans for ages. I think the last time was – April? I don’t even remember. Perhaps it was March. Yes, it was that long ago D:

It was a really short meetup and we didn’t even get to go through all the gossip! Usually we get to rant about something, but because we haven’t seen each other so long it tended to be a “how have you been?” kind of question time. I really wish that we’d meet up soon and have more time to well, yeah, talk about more!

I love my avocado and salmon sushi so I got a platter of it – $15AUD at ROLL+, Dixon No1. The thing that annoyed me the most was that I ordered a “Lychee Iced Tea” for $5 and was expecting it to be mixed – instead I got this can >_> Well, on the upside it was a really nice drink – the downside was that I could have ordered a $5 sakebomb and got more bang for my buck. Dayum.

I was stuffed by the time I got to the 7th piece of sushi – I was really content though. FOOD.


Other random things I’ve been watching and videos to kill your bandwidth when you’re bored

I finally watched 单身男女 (Don’t go breaking my heart) after much deliberation and found that it was actually a really uplifting and positive film. I enjoyed it more than I had expected and it does leave you feeling optimistic. Daniel Wu remains as my #1 Hong Kong actor bias, because he is still flawless and ridiculously hot – I DO NOT KNOW WHY. Though I keep questioning if architects are really that nice – I mean, after all, I’m not so nice myself. Then again, I’m not a guy so…

It was a really artisticly shot film though, which was surprising. It was subtle and comedic in a gentle way. I’d watch it again – only I’ve already watched it twice in the span of two days. Uh oh.

Tablo is a genius. Despite the crazy MV, song is really nice. Very curious to hear more of Jinsil’s voice.

Mature audiences plz – violence, nudity, alcohol/cigarette use references and a soulful voice.

I’d also add in Girls Drinks Money by M.i.B but I’ll pass on it. Mostly because I’m lazy.

So everyone please enjoy your Melbourne Cup day and save your money because you’re going to spend it soon – AUD has risen once more and it has never been a better time to start online shopping again. I know I’ll probably do it very soon.

Next post will either be a beauty review or another boring consumerist load of crap. Until then, stay safe and remember to put on sunscreen.





11 thoughts on “October wrap up, temporary liberty and more complaints on life in general and everything else applicable.

  1. That ice cream looks so good right now.

    Is it worth getting the personalised Coke can? I keep seeing pictures of them on FB. Makes me want one. XD

    Yay for the Australian dollar! I have no plans at all for the Melbourne Cup. Expecting to see lots of dressed up people around the city thought. XD

    • Ice cream :Q__

      Well, I wanted it personalised considering that it’s only fun if you put an uncommon name on the can itself. I don’t plan on keeping it forever or anything – I’m happy to keep it as a photographic memory and that’s about it. I reckon if you don’t have a nickname you want to remember on the can, you’re probably better off not waiting for it (or just line up early – I went around 2pm in the afternoon) or just photoshopping it in lol. At the end of the day it’s just a can of coke with a sticker on it ^^;; OR you can think of it as free coke on a warm day? IDK, just don’t line up for it for longer than 30 minutes – it’s just a 200ml can XD;;

      Oh lawd, I’m going to go to the city tomorrow – hopefully it won’t be packed with people ;D

  2. haha nah, we all have busy lives! and wow, you DID do a lot in Nov! i hope you destress smoothly, eek! i hope you can take the rest of your leave!

    that dessert looks great! *stomach growls* most nicely presented stuff like that usually cost that way because of the presentation more than the actual food: 😦 $2 for a banana…whattt? haha

    AH! i want a personal coke can! i’ve seen that around on other blogs but coke isn’t doing that promotion where i like T_T

    ooo i never heard of that movie but i’m definitely interested. do you know where i can watch it online?

    • Uhmmm maybe you might want to try mysoju.com to watch the movie – I can’t guarantee they have it, but they tend to have a lot of stuff available to watch 🙂
      I know right, it’s all about the presentation rather than what you actually get to eat – to be fair though, all three icecream flavours are pretty uncommon, but the banana really was kinda lame ^^;;
      I’m sure Coke will do the promotion where you live pretty soon – even if they don’t give away the free cans, they might start selling the cans with pre-determined names like “share a coke with mum/ nan/ boss/ mate”.

  3. ANNnddd sorry for double posting but WOW LOL you have a minitokyo account? that’s so funny, i thought i was the only one around the blogspace that had one XD though you’re a much more established waller & member than i am! coolioo

  4. Haha, one of my reasons of upgrading to an iPhone 4s is to get cool cases for it too! I’m sad that there’s hardly any cool cases for the 3Gs anymore lol 😦

    I hope that you can have a nice break, relax and destress.

    The matching necklace and earrings are awesome! They look really lovely.

    I also lined up and got a coke can lol *_* I think it was worth it, I’m going to keep mine on my bookshelf XD

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