Jimmy Choo Tokyo Glitter/Suede Sneakers (sneakurz)

Today (Sunday) is my day off. The weather outside looks amazing, sunny, bright etc, but unfortunately I am stuck at home nursing my sescond tonsil/ throat/ whatever it is infection I’ve had this year. The first one sounded pretty bad and it was bad (I would link to a post saying something about it, but I can’t find it, I don’t know why) – this time it’s mild (if I try really hard to ignore it, I can get by without painkillers). To recap what happened last time I was told I had some virus, needed to rest/ sleep it off, and I took a day off work because it was pretty bad. I can feel it now, but it’s only 30% as bad as it was earlier this year. HMM. Can I blame it on the lovely weather? Or rather, not so lovely weather change? BLEH – either way, it feels better than yesterday and that’s all that matters for now.

The best part? My doctor has decided to take a one week trip overseas somewhere so he’s out of the country – not that it matters, since last time he just told me (model answer) to take Panadol and drink plenty of fluids. This is why I don’t like seeing doctors >__>

So my phototaking time has been very limited lately, and I’ve decided to split them up into several posts to make it look like I’m actually doing something. I’m counting down just two more weeks until my super lazy annual leave (I am waiting for Sydneysider converted Melbournean friends to come back up to Sydney !!!) so that’s exciting. I get to not work. YAY! As much as I enjoy doing what I do, there are those WTFRAGEQUIT days (I blame it on the customers, though) and I’ve actually been working for about 9 months non-stop as a full-time employee already, which is pretty crazy. I need my rest. This infection is clearly telling me I need to rest – FAST. I get three days off this week though, so that’s actually not too bad.

Going anywhere? Clearly not. I’ve spent most of my money (usually at the rate of buying things before my pay is even paid into my bank account), but I am really interested in visiting Melbourne. Mostly because I want to use my new travel/luggage bag – I AM PETTY JUST LIKE THAT.

So, I promised shoe pics God knows how long ago. Here they are.

Excuse the dirty shoe close up – I really meant to take pics before I started wearing them, but I just couldn’t be bothered. OH SO LAZY.

My (what I call) “designer shoe collection” was really meant to end several months ago, but I got sucked into it because in case if you haven’t realised, I actually really like shoes. I never actually realised it, but now I do and clearly it’s a problem.

I first encountered Jimmy Choo – I don’t really know when. I know it mostly from browsing David Jones and gawking at a pair of $2000 heeled boots discounted half price to $1000 and thinking it was freaking ridiculous. (They were really beautiful though, but probably impossible to walk in, and only good for display – but who knows? I didn’t stick my foot into it to try, so I won’t ever know.)

What’s so special about Jimmy Choo? All their shoes are made in Italy (from what I’ve encountered anyway), and they’re made of genuine leather – including this sneaker which is made of suede leather in a leopard print on the outside, patent leather trimmings, and the inside is actually completely lined in leather – I presume calf skin. I honestly didn’t expect the sneaker to be made of leather on the outside AND the inside, but I guess it’s a bonus because these sneakers were actually freaking expensive for well, a pair of sneakers. I was tossing up between these and a pair of Louboutin sneakers (but they ran out of my size and were more expensive) so I ended up opting for these.

There are various details on the sneakers which made me pretty happy (STARS!), including under the sneaker where there was a really cute star print (not shown because obviously it’s all dirty now) – the metalware says Jimmy Choo on it and they’re fairly comfortable. The sole itself is quite high but it’s nicely cushioned – they really feel like a pair of really good joggers and it feels like I’m wearing Nike Airs, only upgraded to leather. I wouldn’t recommend running in these shoes though, just for the pure reason that they are too expensive to be used for running in >_>

What I like best about Jimmy Choo shoes is that the inside of all their shoes is contoured to support the arch of your foot, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time since the very last time I wore my Nike joggers. Yep – be it sneakers or flats, they are all designed to support the arch of your foot, and that’s what makes them comfortable. The sizing is roomier than expected, but otherwise it’s a well made shoe.

The only thing(s?) I don’t like about these sneakers is that the inside of the sole has the brand stamped on the heel part but it’s in a silver foil, and it has started to rub off already. It’s the inside of the shoe so it doesn’t matter, but I can never really get why shoes use metallic anything since it rubs off so easily – they’ve done that for another pair of flats I bought but at least the brand is a stitched on logo – it’s just the rest of the inside is coming off >_>. Another thing is that the outside is suede, so you really shouldn’t wear them in rainy weather. Last but not least, the black glitter does shed/ come off. That part annoys me the most – I had glitter all over my hands the first day I wore them and it was really annoying to get it off.

Anywho, the packaging is really nice – comes in a beige box, care instructions, tissue paper embossed with the brand and also a super soft dustbag.

Jimmy Choos are seriously freaking comfy and I’m digging the quality of their shoes already (I can say this for their flats and sneakers, at the very least) – I wouldn’t hesitate buying Jimmy Choo at all. I still need to try Louboutins though – but for now I’m content and I’ve ticked that off my list.

I really had to pause for a moment when I bought these because I am not a leopard print person, but the pattern is pretty subtle and the shoe (in my opinion) is cute enough to pull off the print. They’re more formal than casual sneakers though, so that’s always a plus – it ultimately depends on how you wear them.

For a quick note about Jimmy Choo flats, the pair I own is actually really flat, has the contour inside, but also features a non slip rubber heel which is good. They’re also made fairly wide so that they’re great for work or long days. They also feature the Jimmy Choo metal plaque on the back of the shoe.

So, I have finally figured out why so many people were willing to fork out so much money for a pair – apart from just the look, they’re actually surprisingly comfortable.

This post is prematurely terminated due to my increasing muscle pains which have been creeping up on me during the past few hours, despite feeling less pain in my tonsils.

It’s time for me to take a half arsed afternoon nap. Until then, drink lots of water and stay stress-free – I have no idea what mundane post I’m going to update with next, but hopefully, this was remotely entertaining/ enlightening… just a little bit… no? No :\

I’ll be back next time with something a little better 😉 Bye!


6 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Tokyo Glitter/Suede Sneakers (sneakurz)

  1. oh man, that really sucks and yes, today was gorgeous (where i am at, haha) i hope you feel better though!

    AH! i actually never looked into Jimmy Choos stuff but wow those shoes are SUPA CUTE.! and you make them seem super awesome too…but wow oh so expensive 😦

  2. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon. When I have a sore throat I go crazy and annoy like PMS’n so I can’t imagine how you’re functioning without painkillers XD

    LOL I can relate…when I buy a new travel bag/luggage I can’t wait to travel just so I can use it.

    whoa Jimmy Choo! I’ve never even tried on a Jimmy Choo before…because each time I pass the shop or something it looks too fancy for someone like me to go in XD”

    So I’ve noticed you didn’t stop from buying designer shoes hahaha XD But it’s okay because you earned the money and splurging is fine…just remember to stop O_O; and take a break lol

    • Thanks 😀 I had to give in to the painkillers though OTL I wonder if everyone experiences sore throats the same way – I think mine are pretty bad, I wonder if other people find it extremely painful as well o.o

      And I've definitely stopped with the shoes! I guess that's enough for now… I won't get another pair in the next 2 years… (or so I say so, but I *should* be able to control myself, I think) XD

  3. I actually really like these pair of “designer” shoes! Most of the sneakers made by well known designers tend to appear tacky but these are really edgy and subtle which is what i like. I’m not surprised it is so well made/designed though since it is made by Jimmy Choo!~ I wouldn’t be able to afford something like this even though it reallyyy looks great but I’m glad you ended up getting them since you like them a lot!! I think as long as you like them and will wear them a lot, it justifies the price. keep in touch lovely <33



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