Dr Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks

Forget the shoe review trololol – I need to actually edit photos for that to happen, and I’m lazy. Hence I dug this out from my drafts. Enjoy…?

Recently I heard from my colleagues about this pair of socks and it was really drawing my attention since they actually seemed to be use/ful.

I talk a lot about having high water retention levels and how I’m swollen most of the time. It’s actually not my imagination because I got it confirmed by a work colleague… (that was kinda… idk, not exactly embarassing but I guess reassuring…? Somehow?) and well yeah. I know it. I know I don’t drink enough water and I know I don’t exercise enough.

Img src http://drscholls.jp/hosiery/mediqtto/products/sleep.html

I stand for quite a long period of time and whilst I was really happy to stand (I thought that my legs are getting slimmer by doing so) I overdid it and realised that they started to get swollen again. Then when I sit for longer, I get a fat stomach OTL

The swelling was actually so bad that it hurt whenever I tried to massage my calves – and to think that nowadays I rarely even get to sit for hours at a time, it was about time I had to do something about it. So I tried these socks, lol.

What the socks aim to do is squeeze various parts of your leg so that there are different pressure levels, causing the excess water retention to move away from the foot (as that’s how gravity works). They have different socks for different places (out and about, at home, sleeping) and I chose the ones that were for sleeping because they were actually the cheapest to try. Even so, “cheapest” was around $35 USD from sasa so that isn’t really cheap by my standards.

Should I believe that these socks work? I did once buy a pair of tights (they’re somewhere in my wardrobe, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE ANYMORE) that seem to have helped, but they were so tight that they actually cut into my skin >_> I decided to give these a try since I remember seeing these in Japanese magazines (who doesn’t recognise that graphic?!) and they should work because a lot of women have sworn by the product.

They’re actually fairly well made, and the best part is that the top bit where the elastic is at thight level isn’t actually that tight, so it doesn’t cut into your skin – it’s slightly looser than the rest of the sock so it doesn’t actually cut off your blood circulation. The tight part is generally the whole lavender bit of the sock, which is pretty interesting as it distributes the tightness quite evenly.

It also is an open toe sock so that people with different feet sizes can wear this easily. I found it super easy to match my heel and knee with the corresponding bits on the socks (marked in white) – and to my surprise they weren’t super tight, just tight enough, but very comfortable. They come in two sizes (medium, large – maybe there’s a small but I don’t know) which are determined by your height. I’m around 165cm and that’s pretty much the tallest they have on their height chart (so people who are 165cm or above don’t have water retention?!?!), so I naturally ordered a size large. It just fits perfectly. I pretty much slept like a rock the first night I tried these – they were super comfy and warm for a winter night’s sleep, and then woke up the next day with my legs actually feeling lighter.

If people tell you that these are weight loss socks, it’s most likely bluffy – yes, they may help in reducing water retention and helping you get a good night’s sleep if you suffer from tired legs – as we all should know by now, weight (or rather, mass) loss is only really achievable by an active lifestyle, and that’s not really going to happen during your several hours of sleep just by wearing a pair of purple socks.

You’re not supposed to wear these socks other than the time you’re sleeping, so take that into account. They are able to be washed, and they do lose their elasticity over time (so therefore you will need to spend more money to buy new pairs and that’s where the money rolls in) – but for now, they’re actually pretty nifty and I really really like them.

I found that aside from wearing these socks (which kinda help) is to just massage your legs while you’re watching TV or something – don’t just sit there and do nothing – you should take every chance you get to be active somehow – I found that helped in reducing the size of my calves.

I think that for $35 (plus shipping or however much they are here in Sydney – they probably go for about $60 or so which is totally not worth it considering that’s not how much they should be) it’s a good investment and worth buying. Even if it doesn’t help with your water retention (though it really should – massage your legs if they don’t, or else you may have a pretty serious problem) they are pretty comfy as bed time socks. They’re well made and are pretty good quality, so there’s nothing to worry about.

For something that has been advertised for so many years in Japanese magazines, I trust it should work for most people. I gave it a try and liked it – maybe you’ll like it too.

Some consumeristic crap coming to you soon later this week. Until then, snuggle tight – Sydney is freaking cold for no apparent reason. TIME TO WEAR THESE SOCKS TO SLEEP.


8 thoughts on “Dr Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks

    • Lol, I guess these socks aren’t all that surprising since there are medical socks that aim to do the same thing – I guess there are many more weird Japanese inventions XD

  1. cool post~ I’ve never heard of these socks before. They definitely could’ve helped when I worked in hospitality. (I worked long shifts standing around the whole day and I also suffered from swollen pressure on the foot/calves as a result of the job!) I remember I’d always rest my feet up high so the blood could flow downstairs relieving pressure. This is a good alternative without having to do that. Glad to hear the socks were pretty comfortable and didn’t cut blood circulation! I’d consider these again if my next job had a similar effect 😛 Keep in touch ❤



    • Thanks for visiting Joyce 😀 I used to try and put my legs up high as well – I don’t know why but I didn’t think it was as effective as I hoped it to be – I guess massaging the calves work pretty well XD

  2. How interesting, I’ve heard of slimming socks before but not of this product. I’ve had a pair of slimming socks before though I guess my legs were already skinny since they weren’t tight lol 😦

    It’s good to hear that they’re not a sham lol and that you like them.

  3. Wow $35. I got mine on eBay for $10 or $15 last year. It’s nice to wear after a tired day of walking and you have sore legs but don’t wear too much, a doctor in Taiwan said can give you varicose veins if use too often.

    • :O Thanks for the heads up, I never thought about getting them from eBay… and that is super cheap O_O Guess I’ll be buying mine from eBay then XD
      I did remember seeing the back of the package saying to not wear them either more than 12 or 16 hours at a time, but eek, yucky veins D: I guess I’ll alternate wearing them from now on. Thanks for the info!

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