Quit being lazy, still lots to do, though-

Finally lodged my tax return

Australians have until sometime in October to lodge tax returns, so I continually delayed my tax refund for a long long time. It was always the same excuse every week – “I’ll do it next week, I still have time.”

Part of the reason why I never bothered to do my tax return was the idea of thinking of filling in annoying forms, having to possibly visit an accountant and the knowledge that my tax refund is actually quite small ๐Ÿ˜ก There are other factors, such as not really trusting people with my tax forms (I’d feel at ease hiring a more expensive tax accountant, but then again, why should I have to pay THAT much? Then “cheaper” accountants seem a bit dodgy…), and the idea of actually needing to pay someone to do something that I could possibly do myself. I never really had much motivation to lodge my application – until I finally bothered to download e-tax and then complete my form.

e-tax is the way you can do your tax online and by yourself. For those who never really realised, everything you do money-wise pretty much involves your tax file number, so common sense tells you that the Tax Office actually has a record of everything. So why is there a need to fill out paper forms and doing calculations, especially if your tax isn’t something complicated? Well, e-tax actually allows you to download all the information the Tax Office has for your past financial year – all you need to do is check if it’s correct, add in anything they don’t know, and then comfirm that all the information you’ve submitted is correct.

It didn’t take long at all – I completed my tax in about 40 minutes (I had to verify myself, get a password, confirm everything and iron out any “errors”) which was a lot faster than I had expected. The best part was the pre-filling so I didn’t have to fill in a large bulk of the forms. Most of the questions can be skipped, so you just need to fill in the bits that are relevant to you. It made tax a lot easier to understand, and best of all it was free.

e-tax is also pretty cool as it allows you to save a copy of your form (it looks exactly like a paper form as if you filled it in by hand) for your records. You also get a receipt number to prove you’ve submitted your claim, so you feel at ease.

I’m expecting my tax refund to appear in my bank account some time next week, which is really awesome since I really need to save up – I’ve been a little behind my saving target lately because of a series of unexpected/ unplanned shopping binges.

I know, tax sounds boring and all, but after using the software and lodging my form online, it was actually a piece of cake – if anything it was a pretty cool experience and I’m looking foward to having more money. I mean, who doesn’t like more money?

I’ve discovered something pretty amazing which improves your skin by tons and keeps blackheads at bay – sort of

b.liv by cellnique, off with those heads blackheads sebum gel

I’ve actually known about this product for a very long time (even before they changed the name and called it b.liv) but never really got around to buying it.

Firstly, it’s a product that wasn’t exactly available to me for a year or two – then sasa started to sell it, but I was always debating whether or not I should buy it because it’s quite pricey (don’t ask me what the price is – I can’t remember anymore, but this is 45ml and I’m sure it’s around $50 or so). Then AUD went up and so I bought it, lol.

I had a lot of misconceptions about this product, because I wasn’t ever sure of how to use it and what exactly it did – people said that after applying it, it would make your skin kinda oily, but that didn’t happen in my case – not immediately anyway. I also don’t find it making my skin any oilier than what it usually is like.

Just to take a step back, the main selling point of this product is that it uses sebum – aka that oil that your skin naturally pumps out – to get rid of blackheads.

This product is a gel or a serum – unlike what the tube tells you, you can actually get away with using a small amount. It’s absorbed quickly as it’s light, it has a minty sensation when applied, and it smells like Chinese cough medicine. You don’t wash it off (unless you want to), and it doesn’t really get rid of your blackheads like the way we all hope products would – what it does it makes your skin soft and pores nice and slippery so that it’s easierย to get your blackheads out (for instance it’s quite easy for me to just scratch my nose and have blackheads roll out – I KNOW GROSS, BUT OH SO COOL). Also, it’s quite effective in eliminating pimples if you can think a little carefully about how the product actually works. It’s also good for getting rid of redness P:

For me, I didn’t know it was a serum and I washed it off – but not before running a cotton pad over my nose and seeing how easily gunk comes out – and this was after just 10minutes of applying the gel on.

I’ve noticed a great improvement in my T-zone area but sadly, the blackheads will always be there. It’s a great product on the long term though – it does help to reduce the size of blackheads so that they’re quite minimal and I think with prolonged use it’ll make them eventually barely noticeable. I’ve only used this for about 2 weeks and I’ve seen a good enough change in my skin – my nose is really nice and soft and I don’t really know how I put up with my nose before lol. Makes my skin look a lot cleaner too – it’s so far doing wonders for my skin.

It is pricey as I mentioned, but if you use it sparingly I think it will last a very long time. Another thing to note is that it comes in a pump packaging, which can be convenient and hygenic, but it means I need to use a chainsaw and hack it open to finish the rest.

Stretching shoes, ticking off wishlist – what more can I ask for?

Salvatore Ferragamo Patent leather Varina flats in size 5.5B

I’ve been eyeing these shoes for a VERY long time. I first knew about them from Marie Claire magazine, but I hesitated a lot because of the price – they’re fairly overpriced here at $660 or so a pair. This winter they had some seasonal colours going for half price. HALF PRICE!!! but sadly, all that was left was size this or that and they wouldn’t fit. At all.

I seized the opportunity to get these with flat rate shipping (I also wanted a tshirt so I bundled them both in the same order) and jumped at the opportunity to order 5.5, which is actually my size. Size 6 is a bit too big. I know that with a 5.5 there will be a need for me to stretch the shoes out so that they’d fit right. Tedious, but what else can I do? :\

The leather is really soft but kinda thin – I’m not digging the sole – I know it’s going to lose colour over time >_> I didn’t take a picture of it, but it’s a soft type of rubber which will dent easily and all – but it’s comfortable.

The shoes come with a serial number and all and they’re Italian made which makes it worthwhile. I’m in the process of getting a dustbag for these because said place forgot to give me one. I’m hoping that they send me one, because it’d suck so bad if they didn’t have a dustbag.

As you can probably tell they are too tight – this is a width B, but even so they are RIDICULOUSLY narrow. I don’t have particularly wide feet, so I don’t know how people can have such narrow feet – it’s ridiculous. I wish that they had some different width options to choose from – if I got a C I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so narrow. It’s meant to be a rounded toe flat – but these are so pointy D: I still like them though – but for the price and comparing to how it’s made and all, I’m kinda disappointed. This is probably the most disappointing shoe purchase I’ve made to date, because I had really high hopes for these.

They’re fairly comfortable and they’re really lovely looking, but I find that they look best with skinny jeans or something of the sort, which is pretty surprising.

They’re currently sitting in my freezer waiting to be frozen and steadily expanding. I hope after being iced that they’ll be wide enough for me to wear stockings with them >_>

I originally thought that if they were that nicely made and comfortable, I’d probably start collecting the colours of the rainbow – guess they’re not that great for me to even want another pair. I can’t really say until I finish expanding this pair first – but meh.

This pair of Ferragamo shoes marks the end of my shoe buying (remember how I said I’d stop after my third pair…? >_>), and I mean it for good. I’m currently saving up for a new bag *shrugs*.

I’m not really a leopard print person, but this pair of shoes I obtained recently is seriously comfortable and did not disappoint me one single bit.

Glitter and sequins are awesome.

I’ll be talking about this pair another time. 100% leather. Yep – inside and out. Even I’m surprised.

Until next blog!

EDIT/ So, I’ve stretched out my flats using the water –> ice / chucking shoes into freezer method and I’m pleased to say, they’ve stretched quite well. I guess the shoes are fairly easy to stretch – once that has been done, they’re actually really comfortable, though my main concern still lies in the sole – it’s just so rigid, I don’t know what’ll happen if you accidentally bend the shoe too much – I hope the sole won’t crack. So far, it’s getting scratched really easily, but looks pretty well made. Fingers crossed they’ll last for a looong time.


8 thoughts on “Quit being lazy, still lots to do, though-

    • I know, they look so tight ;A; I don’t know why the shoe was made so narrow in the first place though :S Thankfully they stretch easily \o/

    • That’s actually quite nice lol, it means more money for the new year – unlike us, we spend our return before it’s even Christmas ๐Ÿ˜ก

  1. I still need to lodge my tax return – thanks for the reminder!

    I love your flats – do you mind disclosing which website you bought them from?


    • Hi Linh,

      I bought my flats from the Saks Fifth Avenue site- the US RRP is a lot cheaper than it is here at the Ferragamo stores here in Australia, but the worst thing about Saks is how I didn’t get a dustbag when I clearly should have received one. I asked CS about it, they told me someone would get back to me – nothing. If you’re after a wider shoe width (Saks only stocks it in width B and even so they’re fairly narrow), Nordstroms sells it up to width D which would probably be a more normal fit. Nordstroms sells it at the same price and same DHL shipping rates – I only picked Saks because they stocked another brand I wanted and because they had a flat rate shipping offer. Hope that helps!

      Remember to lodge your tax! I’ve already received my refund – I guess that’s the only joy in lodging the refund in the process lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for visiting and commenting, too!

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