Painful past few weeks

I don’t want to keep saying the same thing over and over again, but I’m saying it for real – I’m really tired. I guess there are a variety of factors which contribute to this, but lack of sleep is definitely one – as well as the ups and downs when you try to figure out why you’re dehydrated yet quite swollen. I guess one of the lessons at the end of the day is that it’s not easy earning money; I’ve probably been spending it the wrong way (though I do have savings which is pretty interesting) – I just wonder how long I’ll be able to keep up such a busy lifestyle.

But anyway, there have been a variety of random things since the last update which I meant to write about, yet didn’t have much time to do so. I caught up with a high school friend the other week after not seeing her for like, 1 year and 5 months, which is pretty ridiculous.

Now I have a bit of time chillaxing and listening to old school music. YEAH.

Company dinner. Nyum.

We were treated by our boss at the Bavarian Bier Cafe, York Street Sydney, which was something really new to me considering I haven’t had German food before. Yes, I’ve been living in a hole, but there’s a first time for everything, yes? The reason for the company dinner is because it’s an anniversary thing. Schwing!

I’m not going to post too many photos because I’m a bit too lazy to do so I don’t want to bog this whole page with photographs (and crap ones at that), so I guess I’ll just only talk about the main points.

Trololol so lazy that even my watermark is cropped and I can’t be stuffed fixing it ._.

My drink of the night was a Lychee flavoured Ladies’ Bier. It’s really light, doesn’t have that bitter taste that beer has – and most importantly – doesn’t have the fishy/ stinky smell that beer has (call me weird, but I find beer stinks pretty bad and that’s the main reason why I don’t drink it. Strangely enough I’d drink soju without hesitation, even though the smell reminds me of nail polish remover. OH WELL). For some reason when my glass came, it came with a lychee on a stick, whilst the others didn’t get any fruit with theirs at all. Maybe I was lucky and they were randomly giving out fruit..? Either way I think it was a canned lychee or something – the texture and taste of the lychee reminded me of the feeling of eating a raw oyster. >_> BUT sweeeeet free fruit.

The beer itself is pretty light so it’s easy to drink. I did feel my face getting red by the end of the night because we ordered drinks first… on empty stomachs.
(Lololol I had two minute noodles for lunch that day – my colleague had Maccas – I think we were all making room in our stomachs for dinner :P)

The bad thing about alcohol is that it makes me red and sleepy, but otherwise alcohol doesn’t really affect me that much – then I don’t drink enough of it to actually know. It was a while since I drank alcohol – and that was drinking on the job (with permission) :S – and I did feel sleepy. I just wish we had stuff to eat beforehand.

The largest pretzel I’ve seen to date in my life. It was really crunchy and yummy, minus the ridiculous distribution of sea salt on one section. We all ended up picking the salt off and all. I didn’t really eat my pretzel with butter (their butter is so soft and fluffy :Q__) – I just ate it as it was and I quite liked it. We were all pretty hungry because we walked up there after finishing work and really wanted something eat ASAP. My pretzel was gone pretty quickly – I was starving.

The highlight of the night was definitely the crackling roast pork. YUMMERS. I can’t say it was the best I’ve had, but it was pretty damn good and I was pretty surprised that they did it right! I must say the meat was pretty juicy yet the skin was nice and crunchy. I really loved the potatoes from pretty much every dish we ordered, but I really wasn’t a fan of the sauerkraut. I probably would like it more if it was crunchy and not soggy (but then I assume sauerkraut is meant to be soggy) – just not really my cup of tea.

We also ordered stuff like the ham platter, snitzel, sausages, stew, fries – even pan fried fish. Basically the whole table was filled with beer and food – but we all ended up not eating too much. I actually really like the Caesar salad there – the cheese — YUM. I think it’s mostly because most of their food was so filling that we weren’t able to actually finish everything. All I remembered eating was bits of sausage, snitzel, roast pork and mostly spooning myself potatoes and salad (they were the things I liked the best).

The atmosphere overall was pretty friendly- staff constantly asked if everything was ok, and there were those awkward moments when another table ordered a shot and the waitress comes with the shot on a wooden plank and ringing a bell simultaneously LOL. Everything there was nice and clean and the food overall was pretty good. In terms of cost I guess it shouldn’t be too bad, but considering I didn’t pay the bill, I have no idea.

I shall leave you all with this image of a “ham egg” which none of us dared to eat LOL. Coming to think of it, I didn’t eat any ham that night :Q__ Oh well – maybe next time, if there is a next time and I’m bothered enough to go.

Other random things to come soon

I know a lot of people come here to read about reviews of products, so I’m going to post up a few beauty posts soon (that I have been really lacking lately). I really do apologise for an absence of those – I just haven’t really been in the mood to be doing anything with beauty products lately. My night time regimen consists of washing my face, toner, moisturiser and then sleeping. I used to use sleeping packs but even those have been eliminated because I’ve been too tired to bother with those. To put things into even better perspective, I used to turn up to work with eyeliner – I’ve completely stopped doing that altogether and the funniest thing is that I work in retail. Yes. Something is strangely amiss.

Another thing I’ll blog about will be shoes – again. My shoe collection is getting pretty ridiculous, considering it kind of grew a little too much within a span of just three months. Yes. I wouldn’t have guess it was 3 months myself if I didn’t actually bother to remember how it started D: GEEZ. This time though I’ve found out why a particular brand of shoes is so very much loved by many – it’s because they’re so damn comfortable. I’ll talk about that another day.

Until next update, please be safe and be careful. In the past two weeks I managed to badly bruise my leg and end up with a bruise on my face (I tried to pick something up, bumped into something, felt dizzy and then hit my head – onto something with alumnium coating. It wouldn’t have been half as bad if it was just timber :\) – but then I’m just clumsy. Don’t be like me!



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