Super long epic megapost

So. This is going to be loooong.

I haven’t updated in a while, and I had this draft piling for some time. I couldn’t be bothered splitting it into several posts (I don’t see why I need to do that, and I feel that shorter posts are probably less substantial and interesting than long posts) so I just kept accumulating this over a period of two weeks.

In a nutshell about how I’m feeling now – TIRED. Man I could so do with a break right now – I feel like my eyeballs are going to drop out of my skull any time soon. We’ve just been doing so much at work – selling, restocking, bargaining – EURGH. The psychological games we play are just DRAINING THE JUICES OUT OF MY SOUL. I just have no idea where my 2011 went because time just completely flies. Super dehydrated and probably fatigued – it’s time I really spend my days off lounging at home and restocking up on the fluid levels. My legs are super swollen and sore – I guess standing for long periods of time doesn’t do you any good either.

BUT I HAZ POST. A very different one to usual. Or not.

A week ago, I wrote this.

The weather in Sydney lately has been utterly depressing and to be honest, quite awful.

Img taken by Gakkenflex from last year’s batch. Not when it was raining though – this was sunshine after rain.

A lot of the streets in my area are flooded in the respect that you need to jump huge puddles, and cars can actually splash water onto you when they speed into puddles. Buses are doing it, cars are doing it, everything is wet and splashy. It also reminded me why I even wanted gumboots (ie. Wellingtons) in the first place – it’s just been too long since my area was all flooded and all. My trusty boots I bought last year during my domestic trip to Melbourne are slowly dying as well – I’m starting to see the rubber sole slowly detaching from the actual boot itself. This is what happens when you step into large puddles of water thinking your boots are invincible – it’s time to get a pair of actual rubber ones, as tacky as it seems. At least they’ll last longer!

Apart from moaning and groaning about getting shoes wet, this weather just reminds me of those days when I’m on a bus and I see people getting splashed as they’re walking on the sidewalk in slow mo.

So what’s been new? Again, nothing much (I don’t even know why I just type this sentence over and over again even though I have nothing new to say – I should probably just omit it from now on).

But here’s a shot of something yummy and probably calorie packed I ate –

Mango cheesecake from 85 degrees. Om nom nom nom.

The pistachio on the top is a really small and stingy portion but it was yummy none the less. The mango was sorbet-ey and the cheesecake was just right. My favourite part of the whole cake though was actually the strawberry LOL. The entire cake only came with just the two strawberry halves but for some reason I was given the strawberries so I was super delighted. The cake is for a colleague’s birthday, so I have no idea why I was given the strawberries P: I’m not complaining – I really like strawberries XD

Someone once told me that cakes from 85 degrees are made in Taiwan, frozen and then shipped to Australia >_> I really hope that’s not true because to be honest that really sounds gross lol. Probably out of all the 85 degrees cakes I’ve eaten this is probably the nicest.

I confess though, this isn’t the only super fattening thing I’ve eaten this week – we’ve been casually binging on junk like cookies, potato chips and other stuff this past week. I feel really bad because I’ve started to attend to my random cravings for pure junk – usually I’m pretty good at controlling myself because I eliminate junk out of my diet – but there are the random days when I crave eating a bowl of instant noodles. Sigh. I still need to lose weight… 😦

Met up with friends, etcetera. Had more Chat Thai. Yeah.

Gave into temptation. Bought a cape and a new pair of boots.

A while ago, I tweeted with the question trenchcoat or cape, and pretty much the responses I got were “trenchcoat”.

Currently I can’t afford a trenchcoat trolololol (I’m quite particular about this – and it’s not going on sale, so yes, I really can’t afford it) but for some reason I was easily able to afford a cape. With this is mind, I thought I’d get the cape out of the way. I’m aware that capes/ ponchos are a thing that come in and out of fashion, but it’s been in since a few years ago – Australia’s just been too slow to catch onto it. Originally I planned to Taobao a poncho sometime in December 2010, but I gave up after doing the calculations and deciding it wasn’t worth it.

I was doing a lot of online window shopping for the past few weeks and to be really honest, I regret not buying more when Burberry was on sale. I did actually return a week later (long story, don’t really want to go into detail about it because it was a bit um – I don’t really know how to describe it) but everything was “hidden”. I’m assuming they either sold everything, or they finished up their sales by transporting their last season items elsewhere. At this time you can also insert a gif of me sighing at how overpriced everything is here. Unless it’s like, 70% off or something (then that’s a bargain).

Anywho, digressions aside, I decided to try order from a particular website which is pretty self explanatory by looking at the photograph. Not going to actually type it or anything because I’m not really reviewing the site and I’m not advertising for it either.

My parcel came in a 6kg (!!!!) plain box (I asked for basic packaging) and then inside that was another box. Le hm. The box was HUGE but it was so pretty so I didn’t throw it out… I had to lug it back home. There’s a gift option where they send a gift card as well – it was free anyway, so why not?

The box was pretty much the size of a luggage case. Yeah. Srsly.

The box contained a crapload of tissue paper to help protect the items inside – when I received it it was literally layers and layers of tissue paper that was crumpled to fill up the extra volume inside the box. I’ve folded all of that now (as you can probably see underneath the items). They said they gave me a free measuring tape, but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I assume it was just bluff. The shoe box came already damaged (one corner was taped with clear sticky tape, the other corner split open for unknown reasons – probably from transporting it) but otherwise the items are in good condition.

The two items I ordered are supposedly available in Sydney (or Australia for that matter) but they’re a lot more expensive here. I’ve been eyeing them both for a while and I did take a risk because I haven’t actually seen them in real life before ordering them :\ I’ve never actually seen them in store, don’t know whether or not they’re actually IN store or not, but I know of their existence since they exist on the online catalogue. I was still really pleased anyway – I ordered the cape in a size 8 (should have ideally ordered a 6, but oh well) and the boots fit perfectly since I’ve purchased shoes before and know what size I wear.

The cape is super warm since it’s 100% wool – I feel immune to the wind once it’s on.

Top right corner of box lid is taped. Box lid is also slightly dirty, but overall it’s not bad. The other shoe box I got from the store was completely demented in comparison to this.

Said website is slightly cheaper because you don’t pay taxes, as long as you keep your order under $1000AUD. Buying things online and having it sent with the value of $1000 or more not only makes you vulnerable to pay 10% GST, you also have to pay customs duties which is an unknown administration fee for processing your goods. The fee might vary, so you might get a surprise when you’re asked to pay taxes before having your package delivered. In my case, I kept the order well under $1000 (nowhere near thankfully) to avoid the hassle of having to pay taxes and other fees before being able to get my stuff. The delivery was also fairly quick as I received my items in less than a week in total. It was sent by DHL express.

Another website I bought from has very similar packaging and return tags as pictured. Returns for exchange are free as far as I know, which is pretty neat.

Really excited! It was also my first time paying with my debit card in a foreign currency without the use of PayPal, so I was actually really grumpy about a so-called foreign exchange transaction fee, which the bank charges. It was a whopping 3% of the total of my order, and trust me, 3% is a lot :\ In retrospect, it’s similar to PayPal’s fees (they’re just hidden in the exchange rate/ currency conversion). Having said that, the exchange rate was actually slightly better than it was about a month ago when my colleagues bought online, and the items were a lot cheaper than the Australian RRP, so I’m not complaining. I’m super happy 😀 Now that I’ve got that out of the way I am continuing to save up for savings and my next purchase. I tend to buy things I can afford first, but I’ll see how it goes.

I guess one of the best things about this is that I can use the box to organise my wardrobe and store crap I am not using in it. YES.

I was crazy once, I don’t need to be crazy a second time.

So one of my recent shoe purchases which was ridiculous, probably excessively unnecessary and probably done due to rage/quit has led to the shocking realisation that yes, I was in fact insane at the time of buying them. So much that they want me to do it again.

My mum told me I had mail but I rarely get mail so I was just confused. She made it sound super serious as well, and then I saw this – and was like wtf.

The whole situation just looks ridiculous.

I was thinking to myself “is this a new catalogue? But I haven’t even spent near enough to be a VIP… what’s going on? WHY?”

No wonder. It’s the Winter 2011-2012 range which is new. And it’s so tempting – some of the shoes in the catalogue are absolutely gorgeous!

I have a feeling I got this because I actually bought shoes from them. So yeah.

Their winter range is probably a little bit out of reach for me financially at this point of time, since I have other priorities sitting at the top of my wishlist screaming to be ticked off. Who knows though, I might actually consider it because there are some shoes that are to die for ;_;… if I win the lottery or something ;D I won’t say no if it’s a present, though.

They even slipped in a somewhat personalised letter/ note to introduce the magazine and invite me in to have a look spend money and then go bankrupt.

I kid. I wouldn’t go bankrupt, but I’d probably describe the impact like a volcano explosion within my pool of savings. BUT DAMN I AM TEMPTED. I (might) be back.

Grease Lightning: Shinara Korean Grill/ BBQ Buffet thingy

Om nom nom, ddeokbokki :Q___

So, I went with my colleagues to Korean buffet on Pitt Street. It’s $21 per person (dinner) and it’s basically all you can eat in 1.5 hours. Drinks cost extra (like $3 a can of soft drink, so that’s where they’re making their money – they don’t even have green tea – smart – that way you have nothing to help you metabolise faster) and in a nutshell – hot so take your jacket off inside, floor is oily and you leave smelling like pork. MMMM.

Of course, they will slap you with a fine if you don’t finish your food, so the image above was EXACTLY what I got on my first round scavenging for food – three sticks of rice cake and a modest serving of kimchi. Yeah. I was that paranoid so I just only got a little bit. It was a good thing I got the kimchi (I was the only one who ate it, nobody else touched it) because it helped me digest the food a bit better and allowed me to stuff my face more. But I really did play it safe because I didn’t want to have left overs.

We had 7 people, so we had 2 grills (4 people and 3 people). I was on the side with 4 people so naturally we were all eating more than anything else. And so the food – glorious food.

We mostly chose pork belly (samgyupsal), bits of random beef, some marinated chicken and beef ribs. The beef ribs were really chewy (I don’t know why we still got more even later on during the night – I guess we wanted our jaws to take a good beating), but the chicken was nice. Beef was kinda meh and chewy even in its miniature cut up form, but the pork belly. OMG. HEAVENLY PORK BELLY. I didn’t even use sauce for it the whole night… the taste of it was already good enough for me to care about sauce P:

Basically everyone’s eyes were glued to the raw meat section. Once the pork belly’s gone, they will put out a new tray – and then everyone flocks to it. If you want to eat pork belly, you gotta be fast.

Of course, they have stuff that is pre-made, like this pancake thing. It was pretty bland, actually. It tasted just like a chunk of wet flour. Ick. I wasted probably 6 centimeters cubed of space of my stomach with this. Could have fit something else in. Their kimchi pancake isn’t bad though.

Just to gross y’all out, we ended up with 1.3 cups of oil by the end of the night. ONE AND A THIRD CUPS. I had to capture this in motion just to emphasise how much pork belly we scoffed that night. We didn’t get meat just once – we went THREE TIMES (okay, to be fair it wasn’t me who went, the other girls were responsible for that) and I’m sure that between the 4 of us we probably fried more than 20 slices of pork belly.

On the third time, I have no idea why, but the girls went and got a lot of ready made food (I DON’T KNOW WHY – BUT THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO ONLY SPOONS 3 RICE CAKE STICKS TO SHARE BETWEEN FOUR PEOPLE IN A BUFFET ENVIRONMENT) and we started to really feel full and realised that it wasn’t possible to finish everything… well, not entirely, anyway.

Their japchae was pretty nice. There’s my can of Coke Zero. Still sideeyeing them pretty hard for lack of selection and absence of green tea – I didn’t even finish my can that night. I’m not a soft drink person – I just had nothing else to choose from – it was either Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta or some other fizzy variation so I went for the one with the least sugar.

And yeah – that serving of rice cake in the background was another helping some time later that night.


So I leave you all with this post of one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see when BBQing.


Overall, we ate so much meat we really ate more than what we paid for. My experiences with buffets have so far been dismal and have been quite average, so in terms of buffets I’ve had in my lifetime, this is probably the best I’ve had so far – it was probably greatly to do with who I went with and due to the nature of the oily goodness of pork belly though. I’ve read reviews about Shinara before and they’re quite mixed – I think there’s a pretty good mix of foods available and there’s plenty of variety. I mean, there are noodles, rice, fried rice, deep fried chicken (?), salads, fruits, side dishes – even soup. I think there’s a pretty comprehensive variety available, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Then again I wouldn’t pay for a buffet just to eat fried rice, but hey, it’s totally worth it for the pork belly or just to stuff yourself stupid with various meats.

I had a great but short night with the girls for dinner and it was fun!

And to end it all, two youtube MVs.

Probably am too excited about this song for my own good but it’s made of its own awesome. DAMN CATCHY. BUT THEY ARE ALL TOO YOUNG.

This is probably the first song I’ve ever liked from Miss A and I must say, I really dig it. I watch all their live performances of this song because they perform it like a boss.

And so now I’m dead.

GUH I am so tired. It’s currently 12:31AM and I’m awake typing this up. Hope to see you all soon again via blog post and all – currently staying up a further 23 minutes and 30 seconds to download Running Man trolololololol. That’s how I roll.

Until then, stay safe, eat lots of vegetables and say no to unhealthy habits. BOOM.


2 thoughts on “Super long epic megapost

  1. ugh I hate being wet so I avoid huge puddles when I see a car/bus driving near it.

    I didn’t know there was Mango flavor cheesecake… too bad I don’t like cheesecake..its really sad because everyone I know loves cheesecake and I want to too so I tried forcing myself to like it, but in the end I still don’t understand why it’s consider good lol XD

    That is some awesome luggage-size shoe box haha …

    Now I’m craving food T_T

    Lol i hope you get some rest soon!

  2. Those boots are pretty! From what I can see anyway. XD

    That is a giant box, btw.

    I’ve heard mixed reviews of Shinara too. But seems like you had a good experience. I’m always paranoid about getting fined for not finishing the food. Wonder how often that actually happens. XDD

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