Lol rly poor

So it’s yet another one of those phases where I just keep on expanding my wishlist and adding more crap to my wardrobe impulsively. The fact that almost everything is on sale also really attracts me, even if it’s just to have a look at what’s on sale. I’ll probably need to update my wishlist (I keep saying this all the time but my lazy self never gets around to doing it) and probably stick to it, because I just came across these by chance.

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I saw this wallet on the weekend and I really liked it, but didn’t think that I needed a new wallet (lol my wallet was bought with the mindset that it’d last me 10 years – I’ve used it for about 3 years now and it looks still pretty new and ready to use for another 5 years at least). This is a french wallet style but the cool thing about it is that it’s in grainy leather which means it’s probably a lot more durable than the usual softass lambskin that looks sexy but isn’t so practical, prone to scratches and peeling too. What attracted me to it was its size and its simple design, which really is quite timeless even though it’s a seasonal thing. I thought the price was also alright (turns out I saw the price wrong and it ended up being more expensive than I initially thought it was – but oh well lolz) and I did have it on my wishlist once upon a time ago.

After thinking about it for a few days I thought to myself that I should probably get it – at a really good price point and with such a nice design, it’s probably going to sell out really fast and I probably won’t come across something seasonal that looks so timeless and most importantly – like it at the same time.

Before that though I did eye a pair of shoes by Burberry, but I guess they still haven’t arrived in Australia because they’re pretty slow at getting stuff in.

I went to Burberry on Thursday night and did so first because I had no idea what time they were closing, so I had to move pretty fast. After doing a round of the store I realised that it was the biggest sale I’ve seen by Burberry – perhaps I didn’t really notice it before because I never really spent more than 5 minutes in Burberry at their old store, but I was surprised to see 40% off or even 50% off some of their clothing and accessories.

Comes wrapped in grey tissue paper and is sealed with a super sticky Burberry sticker.

I did get a jacket – it’s a quilted short sleeved double breasted cropped jacket (lol what a mouthful)- it’s from the Burberry Brit range (lower price point, “imported” aka made in China but it doesn’t say anywhere on the jacket I GOT A BARGAIN THIS WAS MAKE IN TURKEY – so I guess not all items are from China then :D) but it was on sale ZOMG SALE and it was the last one they had!

It was really cute – biggest problem is that the jacket is only half sleeved, but the pockets are lined in suede I presume wth, they were lined in normal fabric but it’s ultra soft and warm, so I was really happy when I put my hands into the pockets and felt my hands were instantly warmed. It’s also a good colour that will actually match with a casual outfit or even a more formal occasion and it’s really warm.

Another problem is that because it’s the last one it’s actually a size medium which is a bit too large for me. I did buy it with the intention of sharing it with my mum though, so I guess that’s okay – and it is a cropped capeish look so I guess it’s meant to be worn loose.

I’m really happy with this purchase and was really cheerful the whole night because I reckon this was a pretty good buy. HAPPY!

After a super speedy purchase I headed over to Chanel to find the main store was already closed, so I went to Westfield.

Long story short, there was a slight mishap in communication and the SA didn’t know what on earth I was describing, so she was positive I got it wrong because the classic line of wallets (in terms of grained leather) was not in the particular style I was describing. After a bit of research she went to check the stock levels and pulled out a series of drawers with a stash of wallets – and there it was.

So my natural reaction was to point at it and go “THAT’S THE EXACT ONE!!!”

Either way I’m sure she didn’t mean to be so confused, but generally when we have new stock in store, we are pretty sure of what we have (with the exception of watches, since they’re pretty tricky to remember – that’s what I think anyway), so I don’t really know what happened there. She told me that it had just arrived that day – maybe that is the case – but oh well, I saw it on the weekend and I thought about it – came back and my main motive was to buy it. Then again thinking about it, not all of my colleagues actually are familiar with new stock once it comes in if they miss the briefing lol.

The SA then found me a new wallet inside the storeroom so that I didn’t have to take the display one home – and well, I did go to Chanel to get the wallet. I just really didn’t expect it to be such a long winded process – I would have been happier pointing at it and saying I’d take it, to be honest. I give her props for offering to find the model and stock levels to see if they had it even though she wasn’t sure of what I was after – usually in this situation I’d tell the customer it just plain didn’t exist and chase them out of the store LOL. But yeah, she made quite some effort to either (1) find what I was after and (2) offer me something else similar in the event that I got it totally wrong and the model didn’t exist.

But anyway, because it was the first time I’ve bought something from the actual Chanel Boutique, I’ll probably talk about the packaging and product quality in more detail.

My first reaction was that the shopping bags are pretty stingy. It’s the first time I’ve bought something from a boutique with the bag just fitting the item (well okay, the largest LV shopping bag just fits a large bag box but we’re talking about an already huge shopping bag – any larger you can’t carry it properly). You can’t even seal the top of the bag together with tape because the box doesn’t allow you to do so (it’s quite fat and it actually is almost the same size as the bag, so le duh of course you can’t seal the bag); Gucci actually gives you a bag that is slightly larger so that the bag can be sealed – but with Chanel, the bag can’t be sealed. I remember feeling pretty shocked seeing such a small shopping bag. Maybe the next size up is way too large – I don’t know, but oh well, that was slightly disappointing.

After staring at the bag for a while and storing it in my closet, it’s a pretty badass looking shopping bag so it’s not so bad afterall.

That aside though, it comes in the same black box packaging as their sunglasses (in terms of LOOK and consistency – they’re completely two different types of boxes okay), and it’s presented like a gift so there’s plenty of ribbon around the box as well as tying the two shopping bag handles together (hence the extra ribbon). It also came with a small envelope with care instructions in a zillion languages as well as a card hot stamped with their trademark camelia which includes the receipt/ tax invoice. The wallet itself does not come with a dust bag, which was a bit of a surprise (LV does provide a dust cover), but is wrapped with a black feltish fabric and comes with plenty of tissue paper which says Chanel all over it.

The wallet is gorgeous though! The caviar leather isn’t a permanent thing for wallets so it’s a real treat to have a wallet in this kind of leather 😀 (I think that’s why the SA was confused – she told me that wallets rarely come in caviar leather, so when I told her it was a grainy leather she naturally thought it was from the more classic line.) I really like the buckle as well, even though it’s just a seasonal  buckle – but otherwise it’s a pretty simple looking wallet that isn’t tacky. It also comes with the card of authenticity and there’s a serial number on the back of the card which matches the serial number inside the wallet.

Inside the wallet there are 10 card slots (10!!!!) which was WAY more than what I expected. There are also 4 extra slots to slip in the odd photograph or receipt. There’s one bill compartment and at the back there is a zipper (engraved with the logo on one side, the other side engraved with CHANEL) which opens to two coin compartments. Made in France. Should be able to stuff a lot of crap into this so yay P:

The interior is made of some kind of soft leather (probably calfskin to go with the rest of the wallet, but I wouldn’t have a clue – could be lamb but it doesn’t matter) – that overall will shorten the wallet’s lifespan but I can still expect that this wallet will last for ages. The interior soft leather is naturally a bit creased already, but that can’t be helped. Does it live up to its price tag? I’d say yes – this is actually the same price if not cheaper than Louis Vuitton epi leather wallets, which was a huge surprise.

I’m excited to use it! I’ll probably be switching to this soon since it is a new season thing (by new, really really new) so I should make the most of it while it’s still new. I’ll probably switch wallets sometime next year so that I don’t damage this one too much.

I think the best thing about this is that the metalware is all silver coloured so I don’t have to worry about it changing colour.

My overall thoughts on Chanel? Well, there are some (note the wording and usage of “some”) nicely priced items – and by nicely priced I mean competitively priced in comparison to Louis Vuitton or Dior. For now the only other thing I’d consider is Chanel shoes and possibly a few of their accessories – their bags aren’t on my agenda at all. I guess I’d rather spend my money on other stuff for the meantime. To be honest, a part of the reason why I bought this wallet was just to test out what it was like shopping at Chanel (I believe it would happen sooner or later – and it’s inevitable I’d buy something from there – so there you have it – went there, did that), and I must say I felt more satisfied buying from Louis Vuitton in terms of shopping experience – but I think I’ll be more satisfied with owning and using a Chanel product in the long run.

As I mentioned earlier, it turned out more expensive than I remembered it being, but I still thought it was well and truly worth what I paid. That was never really the case with Louis Vuitton – each time I bought something from there I was happy buying it, but couldn’t help but feel it was slightly overpriced. With this wallet, I never thought that way for even a single second, so that’s where the after sales satisfaction comes into play.

For anyone who is asking “geez, when is your shopping going to end?” I’m going to reply, “soon”. I still have a few items to buy on my mind, and after those I’m probably done for the meantime until I have a need to buy more. I’m the type of person to analyse what a brand or store has to offer and I sweep all the things I think are good buys or not so common (I have a tendency to buy pretty uncommon things because I like the idea of not walking out and seeing a zillion people have the same thing). Once I’ve completed the process, I bid that particular store goodbye and promise not to buy from there again LOL. I’m really not a person who likes to buy everything from the one place.

In conclusion I had a really awesome shopping “week” which has pushed my savings to a recent low, lol. I’m leaving any extra shopping for next week – I’ll just see what’s left. If it’s still there and I like it, it means it was meant to be. SMASH is on next weekend, so yeah, it’ll be a “well I’m going out anyway so I’ll just drop by and see what’s on offer” kind of thing.

Other stuff I’m currently spazzing over:


Okay his name is Uram and he’s younger than me *sob* but for some reason he is so strangely attractive ;A; Their leader (dude in fluffy jacket who looks like Karam) is older than me. HELL YEAH. We share the same birthday too, which made me go D: at the screen when I read it (heck yeah I can finally stan a Karam lookalike without feeling like a pedonuna). They also have a rapper who isn’t random – he actually contributes to the song :’D AND IT’S NOT IN ENGRISH. IT MAKES SENSE. Yiruma says they’re awesome, so yeah.

If that fails to persuade you, then… the girl in the MV is hot at least…? ;D

I’ve watched their debut performance on Music Bank a million times already (they did all the background vocals and all, it was hectic) – I shall not spam you with any more videos related to this group, but I’m expecting them to be big (they are under Sony Music after all). I did however lol when I read a comment saying their concept was a mix of some group and Code V and I have to wholeheartedly agree. OH WELL.

Currently also chasing this drama down like a detective. Heartstrings is currently really really really good. I can’t really describe it, but it’s super awesome thus far. I have pretty high expectatioins of this drama and I’m sure it probably won’t disappoint.

I’m currently really digging their soundtrack and I am almost listening to Jung Yong Hwa’s “You’ve fallen for me” on repeat. I actually didn’t really mind him in “You’re Beautiful” but I started to appreciate him more as an entertainer since his epic Running Man episodes LOL. Poor thing though, he really is really thin right now – that episode where he had to look at food but not be able to swallow saliva on Running Man must have been torture to him since he wasn’t even going to eat the meat at all in the first place :\ GG. He’s doing a really good job atm and the music for this drama is wonderful, bravo, excellent etc.

On other drama news I finally finished Youthful Beauty (aka Babyfaced Beauty) and it was an overall really enjoyable drama. Probably one of the better dramas this year that was lighthearted, didn’t drag on and actually made a point about life. I’ve officially given up on Lie to Me because ep 13 onwards drags :\ I think the drama suffered from having a great concept and then prematurely abandoning it leaving a large bulk of episodes to deal with the aftermath (which is nowhere half as interesting at the original dilemma). I’ve also put City Hunter on the side because I can’t stand whatshisface dad. WTF. Worst dad ever. I tried to start Miss Ripley but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue it after watching the first episode – I felt that it was a bit too overtop despite it being a melodrama. So currently I am only chasing Heartstrings lol. THEN IN AUGUST UEE’S DRAMAS WILL BE AVAILABLE. YAY.

On general news about health I realised my calves are at an all time small. YESSSSS. I’ve decided to step up my working out routine (I abandoned it temporarily because I’m pretty dead when I get back home from work). I’ve decided to forget about weighing myself – all I care about is being toned. As long as my water retention problem stays away and I stop having such flabby arms and everything else, I’ll be happy.

So that wraps up this week’s lazy post. Stay tuned next week for I shall promise to put up photos of some sort. Actually I shouldn’t promise – I suck at keeping them so far in terms of blogging :S Until next blog!


3 thoughts on “Lol rly poor

  1. oh dear, you are seriously buying a lot of name brands! XD But its your money and you worked hard for it so you deserve them…but remember to save some money too XD;

    I want a wallet with 10 card slots… I didn’t know such things existed! That’s pretty handy 😀

    I’m not into boy bands so… I have no comment on those videos XD lol

    Ohhh, I didn’t know you’re watching Babyfaced beauty! I tried watching it..haven’t finished it yet..its just hard to finish when it became more about love and less about fashion XD lol (I’m the type that watches a drama for a few episode and when it becomes too complicated I tend to stop watching). I hope the ending is good 😀 (I don’t care who she ends up with or if she ends up alone..I just wanna see if she becomes a successful fashion designer *-*)

    • Lol thanks for the reminder ~ I’ve been saving up money though (keeping track of how much I’m spending – actually I have a target to save up to so yeah) so I guess that balances out? XD I haven’t really spent anything crazy like I have been lately for quite a while T_T

      Yeah, I was really surprised to see that it actually existed D: The most I know of is 8 but some super wallets have 12 slots (if I’m not mistaken it’s one of the Gucci wallets in their classic line) so that’s a looot of card slots.

      Haha I’m a boy band-er ._.

      I actually thought that it wasn’t too bad because it did have stuff about design (it at least showed a bit of the process and the end result!) – it’s way better than some other dramas I ‘ve seen that are supposedly about a particular topic but barely show you anything about it. The ending is quite good – if anything, watch it for the casual laid back lulz 😛

  2. Such a pretty wallet!

    Still have not started on Heartstrings. Have a couple of eps of Lie to me downloaded but yeah, friends say it’s not that great. They only finished it for the cast. I don’t know about City Hunter. Watched up to ep 6. I don’t care for all the action stuff … Finished ep 1 of Miss Ripley and yeah, still don’t know about it either.

    Might try out Youthful Beauty on your recommendation. XD

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