Super awesome long weekend.

So, basically I’ve been looking forward to my self-dubbed “Super long weekend” because as some may know, the Queen’s Birthday was on the 1st of June, which was a Monday. I don’t work on Mondays, but the beauty of the story is that I get an extra day off to make up for the “lost” public holiday (!!!) which made me super happy and excited. I’m running a bit low on the monies but I’m equally just as happy to chillax and finally be able to perouse the city at my leisure without having to worry about going to work the next day.

Before I get to the Super long weekend, a series of facepalm events happened. Previously on Melodrama Galore:

So, someone stole something from our shop.

Okay. Let’s face it – it’s always possible and it happens. The thing is I’m super careful and very paranoid about it happening – and somehow it happened. It happened when we all weren’t paying attention, and the thief had a clear intention to steal. I have a police report number and everything since (unfortunately) I was the leading character of this story (COOL DOOD) but it’s so useless since they just let the thief walk out of the centre. Police aren’t going to help us in any way really (nothing they can really do), and it was just such a crappy start to the day. The upside was that the day ended up being a pretty good one, despite the whole centre watching us (security running in and out of our store – and even I was running around like an idiot XD). I hope it doesn’t happen again – guh. Usually I’m so careful – I guess we all let our guard down, because we didn’t even hear their presence in our shop. Holy crap.

Coming to think of it my reflexes were already fast enough, but if I exposed them on the spot, I was so close that maybe I could have been pushed, hit, stabbed – whatever. At the end of the day I guess safety comes first :\ Contrary to what you guys may think the thief was pretty calm and by the time we confirmed an item was missing, they already left. Eurgh. Major crapballs.

I also did something cute – I forgot I had work on Monday.

Yes. That’s right.

I guess if you read carefully enough, I already mentioned that I don’t work Mondays – or rather, I used to not work Mondays.

I genuinely thought that the roster changed from the start of July, but I guess not, because I was woken up by my manager who called me LOLOLOLOL.

The conversation was along the lines of :“are you working today?!?!?!?!” “…I don’t have to work today!” “…yes you do, you’re working today.” “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! ORLY. In that case I’ll be there ASAP.” “Lol, k.”

Basically I got there within 30 minutes and when my manager let me in we were both literally “KEKEKEKEKE” at each other. It was cool though – I didn’t get into trouble – it was a genuine mistake lol. I’m usually 20 minutes early to work anyway >_>

Awesome shopping Saturday, which involved zero shopping (on my part that is).

Yes, I dragged out my friend A to have lunch and we were going to scour all the sales, but unfortunately all our efforts were reduced to zero because all the good stuff is already gone. Seriously, shoes size 9 or 10s are left. Makes me want to cry 😦 But at the same time we both were talking about annual leave – YAY.

I’m currently contemplating leaving a bulk of my shopping so that I can go overseas towards the end of the year (TAX REFUND MIGHT AS WELL) and just escape Sydney for a bit. I haven’t been out of the country for uhh nearly 8 years now – it’s about time I consider going somewhere even if it’s a familiar place lol. Not sure what I should do though – do I want savings or do I want the experience? I calculated that if I did all my shopping here without flying overseas I get a considerable amount of savings which would otherwise go towards an air ticket and random meals and boosting other place’s GDP. Not too sure – but I did all the calculations.

All that’s left is to figure out exactly when we want to fly – there’s a significant difference in air ticket price for that time we’re thinking of flying. If the expensive season is chosen well then… lol – maybe I might choose savings instead. And I still get to buy a bazillion things I want to buy.

Anyway, I saw something that I really want to buy – I didn’t get it though, which was really stupid of me. I’ll go back on Thursday night (I finish early!!) so I’ll see if it’s still in stock. I’ve got my fingers crossed – really excited!

That aside, we had lunch:

Yeah, it was worth the wait 😛

It wasn’t the first time we’ve been there (in fact it’s probably more of a place we go for a hangout since I’ve been there a few times already) – it wasn’t too terribly busy though, we got seated within 20 minutes.

YAY FOR CRAPTASTIC DARK PHOTO. I edited these at night so yeah – oh gosh, it looks so bad during day time now that I see it, but I am too lazy to go back and re-edit. Blah.

The drinks came almost instantaneously – the one in the foreground is drink #4 on the menu ($3.50) which contained longan. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but it’s really refreshing and it’s good for you. Green drink in the background is drink #3 on the menu ($4.50) – apparently it’s creamy but it’s not that sweet. Comes with green jelly inside – mmm le coconut.

Green papaya salad – $8.90 ish

Mildly spicy, comes just like it is as shown. A few tomatoes and a bit of green beans.

Some noodle – #21 on the menu – without soup. Around $10ish – cannot remember its price.

Fish balls, fish cake, and some BBQ pork (or BBQ whatever it was – I can’t really tell what meat it was). I chose medium spicy (you can have it mild or medium, I chose medium) but even so it wasn’t as spicy as the papaya salad. The noodles are long thin vermicelli type noodles, so if you don’t like those (or love them) this is something to think about. I kid – we chose it because there was a photo of this in the menu taking up a full page and it looked yummy, so we ordered it.

Pork and beef balls on a skewer with a sweet chilli sauce. $2 per skewer.

This was an entree but it came last, roflolol. We were hoping to order the LARGE deep fried looking skewers but we ordered this instead by accident since we didn’t know the difference *shrugs*.

Sauce was a bit overwhelming, but yummy nonetheless, and at its good price, why the heck not? P:

In total for the two of us, it came to just $27.80 which was ridiculously good considering we had two mains, an entree and each ordered a drink. Honestly speaking though, I wasn’t full but I walked out feeling satisfied – you’re not going to get a huge portion at Chat Thai lol, so don’t expect to be stufffed. If you want to feel stuffed, you will need to order probably 3-4 mains between 2 people 😛

ANYWHO – Saturday consisted of great sunny weather and a lot of walking and window shopping.

Really looking forward to Thursday night – I’m going to definitely do some shopping before I go home!


I managed to tidy up my closet and store room a bit by collapsing all shopping bags that didn’t contain anything useful in them and I’ve also made some space for my bags so that they wouldn’t be pulled out and used so easily. Here’s one of the epic fails of my bag selection currently that is making me want to sob:

Nope, that’s not a shadow. It’s a stain on the canvas. And it has already SEEPED IN. THERE IS NO CURE.

I don”t know when it happened, because I used the bag on a daily basis for months at a time. The miserable thing about it is that to me it’s quite obvious and I’m sad since I actually do maintain them nicely even when the worst happens (this bag actually had the inside entirely flooded about a week after I got it – and yeah, water was spurting out of it. Long story short my bottle was leaking but my bag survived).

I used mild detergent, the ole eraser method – nothing worked 100%. The stain has faded a bit, but I’m not sure if you can tell, there’s actually an entire area that is already slightly stained. SIGH. I think it’s time for me to get a new bag… but the next one I’m getting will definitely be black.

While digging out all my crap from the storeroom I stumbled across the receipt for this bag and it turns out it was more expensive than what I remembered paying. BOO. Oh well, I have been using it for about 2 years or so so I can’t really expect it to be in pristine condition, given that I did use it so often.

So a friendly reminder to all – BEWARE OF BUYING LIGHT COLOURED BAGS. They might look cute and all, but they are viscious little creatures to clean and maintain – ARGHARGHARGH.

… Therefore I packed this bag away (I was also being good and found the cardboard shaper that came with it so I could store it nicely). Will only use it when I really feel like I should and know that I’ll be wearing light coloured clothing. Same goes to my Boston… the black trimming on the handles has started to peel. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Major crapballs galore. I’ll save up for a new bag next year. I’m too into accessories and clothes at the moment to think about bags.

PS: FYI for those interested in Louis Vuitton, their prices just increased recently from July 1. Feeling a bit jipped (because my shoes went down… 😦 on the bright side I’m assuming they are lacking colours and sizes since their stock levels aren’t really that great in terms of shoes) but also mildly satisfied that I got in before the price increase. So if you’re thinking of getting an LV bag, maybe consider it later when the prices drop.

Until next blog!


2 thoughts on “Super awesome long weekend.

  1. Now I want Thai food. XDD

    You should go overseas! Go go go! I’m planning on going to the US in December *crosses fingers* if everything works out.

    I would not have noticed anything on that bag if you hadn’t pointed it out. I was looking and looking and like, oh. XD

    • OMG THE US *spazzes* I hope you get to go!! It’ll be amazing D:

      Weell, I’m not going to be too hopeful because the air tickets to go overseas at that time are seriously expensive :s BUT ANY OVERSEAS TRIP IS LIKE YAYYY – so I guess I’ll be blissfully thinking about a holiday for now lol.

      It’s probably just the crappy lighting (lol, sorry XD – our lights are really yellow), but I guess it’s noticeable since it’s a really huge smudge of blueish black on something that’s meant to be white T^T Ah well ~

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