Why do some people bother?

Keeping this short because it wasn’t really meant to be a post, and I don’t want to make cultural generalisations, since it’s mostly just coincidence – when it comes to stereotyping.

  • Dude comes in and asks my colleague about Xbrand earrings.
  • I jump into the equation as she’s fixing up something at the same time.
  • Dude complains about how expensive the earrings are because they are RRP around $100AUD a pair (doesn’t matter where you go, same story bro) and happen to only cost $50AUD a pair in some anonymous overseas country (which I highly doubt).
  • I show him something in his price range of $50.
  • Dude complains they’re “not worth looking at” because they’re so small.
  • I tell him to go buy them overseas then.
  • Dude pretends to not be able to hear me and asks to me to repeat what I just said even though I speak PERFECT ENGLISH.
  • I repeat exactly what I said, LOUDLY.
  • Okay, maybe he has a hearing problem – maybe he should perhaps come closer or bend over or something, I don’t know, but at least don’t ask someone to repeat what they say a zillion times.
  • He adamantly declares he WILL buy them overseas and claims he travels often.
  • I reply, “that’s GREAT!”.
  • He leaves without saying an extra word.
  • I cheer, “byeeeeeeee”.

This guy has come before and he was super rude the first time around. He came when I was still starting out as an enthusiastic trainee and was extremely rude and made me very unhappy right from the start of the day.

The thing that annoys me the most is how arrogant his attitude is, and he has ZERO product knowledge about the brand itself yet makes claims about it and thinks he knows stuff about it. The last time he came in he wanted a bracelet that was “22 inches”. Do the math and you’ll notice 22 inches is about the length of a long necklace. The funny thing is that even in its right units, the size 22 actually doesn’t exist (for whatever reasons I don’t knon, but it actually really doesn’t exist).

Seriously, last time you didn’t bother listening, and this time it’s going to be the same. Don’t expect people to serve you and be nice to you if you don’t even have the slightest bit of respect! We’re trained and have a pretty good knowledge about the brand and its products – if you don’t know anything about it, I think it’s probably a good idea to actually LISTEN and actually learn something.

Not within your budget? We tried our best to suit you by finding something that did fit it, but you could have just said you were looking for something else instead of trampling on people’s efforts.

PS: said brand is actually usually MORE expensive overseas. I haven’t heard of a single country that happens to be cheaper than Australia up until now, FYI.

Moral of the story: Yes, customer is the king, but, at least respect SAs efforts even when taking something out to show you. If we treated you like a thief, we wouldn’t even risk it by opening a cabinet for you. It actually does take effort to take out the keys and to pull something out of a display window, believe it or not. Please at least show the same respect that the SAs show you, because at the end of the day, why be so snarky for?

Maybe my colleagues have a tendency to not get irritated as much as I do for particular customers as such because their first language isn’t English and they might not fully interpret tone and syntax the way I do. If you just say things a little gentler and not sound so arrogant, the sale will be a happy one. I’m serious. Why make the SA unhappy, and make yourself unhappy in the process?

Buying something should be a HAPPY thing, not a burden or something to argue about. I’m sure that if you walked into a shop knowing you were planning to buy something, then shot down the SAs with little reasoning and then walking out of the shop without knowing anything, I can guarantee the present you’re going to buy – no matter where you buy it – will not be a present from the heart. Why? Because the original mentality was not in the spirit of gift-giving. Why bother, when you didn’t have the heart in the first place? If you had the heart to buy a present, you’d look for a solution patiently. In this case, there was zero.

I feel really sorry for the gift recipient.


4 thoughts on “Why do some people bother?

  1. LOL I hate it when people complain about the price of luxury goods. If you’re not happy with the price of it, then don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that. It’s not like they’ll die if they can’t afford it lol =_=

    As a customer I always try to be polite as I know what it’s like to work in retail. I think sometimes rude customers should have a taste of what it’s like to serve someone like themselves.

    • Yeah, I don’t know why people feel the need to be rude from the beginning even though we didn’t do anything to them O__O I guess they are rude to hide their ignorance of a particular field of knowledge, perhaps. I eally don’t mind when people don’t buy things that are out of their budget – but I guess they usually don’t say it and keep it to themself, which is the best way to handle it. That way, everyone’s happy – I don’t get why buying an item needs to be so sour lol.

  2. you know… some people are really just that obnoxious. I remember when I worked at the library (the busy section in the whole library) I would encounter several rude people who’ll come up and treat me like I was inferior. They will try to argue with you and they think they know everything when they have no idea how the process work behind the scenes. =_=” Very annoying. And it’s funny..they really shouldn’t have acted that way… Literally rather they earn a good grade in their class or not is in my hand (rather I want to lend them the textbook that is usually very hard to obtain is my decision).

    The guy you encounter obviously do not have the money so why is he even embarrassing himself? =_=”

    • Couldn’t have said it better :’)

      Yeah, I totally agree – it’s so embarassing that they’re asking for a favour (eg like your textbooks at the library, or asking for a discount) yet they’re being so rude about it. I don’t mind if a customer comes in on a tight budget, but clearly saying “I’d only pay $XX for that item” really does make me lose respect for the customer if their price is clearly nowhere near what it should be.

      It’s simple – if you’re nice to the sales assistant, you might get a freebie, and they might get you a new item – when I’m being nice, I do nice packaging and I also get a new one from our stock. Some people clearly though just don’t really have much respect for others… but oh well, learning experience!

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