Lots on my plate but not reeling in the beef enough to fill it.

So what’s new? Nothing.

That’s right. Apart from the fact that I’ve been insanely busy this past week – I’ve worked an extra 9 hours this week, officially making it SIX working days out of a seven day week – that’s it for my life. Yeah. That’s right.

I’ve been really tired because I’m just working every single day. When I’m about to go home I suddenly have to meet up with people – I need to wake up to prepare for lessons – I HAVE NO TIME TO CATCH UP ON JUICY GOSSIP OR WATCH KDRAMA.

I haven’t been able to sleep in for the past two weeks or so, which really sucks because that’s what days off are for – sleeping in >_> (Factor in that I usually sleep at midnight and wake up early, and by that I mean 7:30am or so – probably a lot of sleep by some people’s standards, but I’m a sleepyhead and I usually need about 10 hours to feel human.) The fact that I’m busy on my days off (and sadly, it’s mostly not involving seeing my friends or catching up with people – though there are the rare instances where I do so when I’m not feeling tremendously tired) and not doing things like shopping, hea-ing, or sitting down for a drink at a cafe or over lunch with friends is really worrying me. I haven’t even had a proper day to take my mum out for lunch or something because I just don’t have any time to do anything for myself.

There’s always workplace gossip and just general catchups that do make my social life/ interaction a little more interesting, so it’s not all too bad. But I kinda wish I could just take a week or something off and just use it to sleep in, lol. I honestly haven’t had an awesome holiday as such for quite a while. And that brings me to my next point –

I need to take annual leave.

One of the things I really like about my workplace apart from the people I work with is the fact that I get to go on holiday. I’m sure it’s the case with most employers, but it’s about time I start to consider when I want to take it.

I’m currently deciding on two options – going overseas or just resting at home. Or a combination of both.

Obviously going overseas is going to deplete $$$ from my savings – in fact I’m not even sure if it’s worth going overseas, since as soon as I think of the cost of the air ticket, I can feel that I’m not in for any bargains (cheaper stuff overseas and claiming back GST* is NOT going to exceed the price of the air ticket). I think it’s alright for people who actually NEED to travel overseas (so claiming back money on shiz actually makes their air ticket more worthwhile), but for me I don’t really have a need to go abroad. I’m not really an adventurous person and I don’t feel the need to take photos standing outside famous monuments to “prove” I’ve seen the world – I don’t really care for those things, sadly enough. Another thing is that I’m naturally chicken (though I do really stupid things that are foolishly fearless) so I need to drag someone along with me. I need to find a travel buddy who has the monies and the excitement for said destination to embark with – and sadly, at this point of time, nobody really comes to mind 😦

*For international readers, in Australia we have a nasty thing called GST – Goods and Services Tax, which is an extra 10% on top of the “actual” price of the product/ service and is passed down to consumers. When you travel overseas, you can claim back GST on purchases over $300. For example, when you buy $330 worth of goods from a store, you can claim back $30 at the airport. So in other words, it’s actually not a TON of money unless you buy something ridiculously expensive – in fact, I don’t even care for this GST thing unless it’s something light and small. Think of it this way: if you buy something $500ish, you can claim back $50 or so, but you actually need to lug that item to the airport and show it to them in order to claim the money. Would you rather a lighter luggage load at the expense of $50, or would you rather carry something (which you could very well be bringing back – possibly heavy or bulky and can bog you down during your trip) for an extra $50? I don’t really know – it’s all a matter of preference and I can’t say it’s a win-win situation to be honest.

But anyway, I need to consider where to go for my “holiday” and well, yeah. I just don’t know. I still have maybe 2 more months to think about it, but I’ll need to take action fairly soon. What should I do????

Within the craziness of this week I managed to socialise, though.

Met up with Ramille and we had a ridiculous lunch at “Taste of Shanghai” (ridiculous meaning we ordered portions for 4-5 people when we only had three people – this happens EVERY time without fail) and then scoured the city’s nice boutiques for what they had to offer.

I’ve been so out of touch with the city that I said something really dumb (I can’t remember what, but it was one of those comments that made people go “uhhhhhhhhh….”, something like “OMG THEY HAVE THESE AT SHOP X” and the reply would be like “it’s been like that since n ago”) and I was really sad because I missed out on sales 😦 Or rather, sales opportunities – Ferragamo had 50% off shoes. FIFUTEE PAASENTO T_T But everything left over were sizes 9s and 10s ;_;

Basically, all the good shiz was gone -_- But oh well. It’s not like it’s the end of the world – they’re bound to go on sale anyway.

I’ve had it with snarky Dior sales reps in Sydney – I heard that they were bad, but I didn’t think they’d be THAT bad. I mean at least you can PRETEND to serve people instead of chitchatting to your colleagues. I don’t know why it was so hard for them to understand “can I look at the item you just packed away” – it means literally the last thing you touched before the item you’re holding now. Seriously. What. So we also hopped to Prada (which was kinda disappointing because I saw most SAs chatting LOL and the shop was a lot smaller than I expected it to be) and Hermés (also smaller than what I expected, also depressingly expensive to the point it’d make me cry a river).

So without further ado, we headed to the trusty Louis Vuitton which so far, hasn’t disappointed me. In fact I feel like we go there whenever we feel down so that we don’t get disappointed (?) if that makes any sense.

The reason for boutique hopping apart from checking out sales was because my mum recently lost a bunch of cards (she kept them in a lightweight cardholder) because her wallet was too big. She probably yoinked and tugged while she was getting her wallet out, and managed to somehow lose the cards in the process (you know when you try to pull something out of a full pocket, you might pull out other stuff in your pocket and drop it onto the floor instead). Cool story bro – well, not really, since she was pretty sad losing stuff. Wasn’t really valuable which was good, but she needs them >_>

So in other words, I really wanted to get her a new wallet. I was the one who chose the nasty wallet in the first place (saw it on sale, was like “WOW ‘TIS CHEAP FOR ALL LEATHER”), but it suffered from problems including being the wrong size/ proportion (ie. unnecessarily large and bulky), being heavy, being hard to close, and being crap quality in general – aka signs of chapped leather (sorry, Oroton*, but I think the only thing I’ll ever consider from you would be an umbrella – on sale – preferably at 50% off).

*For international readers, Oroton is like, the “Guess” of Australia. And I guess everyone knows the brand Guess – so yeah.

… to be fair though it’s still in great condition for about 2-3 years’ of use. But since it was culprit to losing cards and all, it’s time to bid it goodbye.

The conclusion after so much boutique hopping was that –

1. Nobody really took me seriously. Or if they did, it didn’t seem like it.

2. Nobody really makes wallets in red.

3. Nobody really makes SMALL wallets that are actually durable.

4. Nobody really is bothered to come up with the idea of an affordable small wallet that is durable minus any gimmicky features or decent looking.

If I had to pay $X for something, I’d better be getting good service, a brand new item, and have it last a zillion years before it finaly falls apart and needs to be replaced. The famous question of “does it really need to be 100% leather?” comes into play, and the answer to that is “no, not if it’s more durable.”

I decided that there’s no point in waiting for something I was looking for that doesn’t exist currently, because it’s not gonna happen any time soon. And if it does, too bad, they were too slow in winning me over. Therefore I put my foot down and decided to shed some blood. I’m going to delay my next purchase probably for the next few months, because my savings are suffering at the moment. I really wanted an alternative which wasn’t quite as expensive, but since I looked at so many different options and found no other option that was clearly better, I settled for this.

Louis Vuitton French Wallet in Monogram Canvas. Not pictured because it’s not mine, so I’ll just photograph the other stuff. If interested, simply visit the LV website for details and pics. Way over my budget, but since I worked so many extra hours this week, well – it still could be cheaper LOL.

Not gonna lie, I’ve eyed this since probably March this year and I watched the price drop once. And then it didn’t drop ever since >_< It’s a relatively new model, so I don’t mind – it’s something different, too. It’s REALLY hard to find french purses that actually use a clasp to open and close. Most french purses are just small continental wallets or continental wallets using a zipper for the coin compartment.

It came in a really cool drawer like box like the shoe box I got, so I’m assuming this design is so you can stack a bunch of these wallets and then “choose” which wallet you want to use from your personal stash – something that’d never happen to me unless I went nuts like with shoes lately. This time the sales rep also threw in a card and a catalogue (card is shown above in the white envelope, but the catalogue will remain anonymous). It was a really quick purchase (which ended up in a chain reaction so C also bought something while we were waiting to be served :P) but it was a satisfying one. My mum was really surprised (I shoved all of this into my bag so she didn’t see me with any shopping bags when I got home and when she asked me if I bought anything I told her no teeheeheeheeehee), so when I pulled it out she was like “ahh spend money on yourself/ I’ll pay you back.” Of course, mum talk lol. I don’t expect her to pay me back, because I don’t want her to :\ Seriously, what’s the point – I earn money, and money is earned to be spent.

Out of my 23 years of living the most I’ve ever done for my parents is buy them clothes occasionally or make them happy by being as “good” as I can be. Other than that, I really don’t do enough for them. Sure, I’m young and I have plenty of stuff I want to buy and do, but my mum works hard – hopefully this cheers her up. I guess that’s the way things are – doesn’t matter about the price (within limit :P), as long as it makes someone you care about happy. It’s a super early birthday present for her anyway, and hopefully it makes her life easier and prevent cards from falling out etc!

I’m not really sure what to think about parents who buy their children designer things, because I’m not one of them. I’m probably in a small percentage where I’m the child and I buy these items for my parents – so essentially it’s the other way around. I bet you most of the time you see a young person walk out with designer stuff you’d point the finger and think “they bought that using their parents’ money”, even I think that. However, I just want to share with people that it IS possible for children to buy their parents something nice once in a while – and furthermore, my parents didn’t pay a cent for any of the stuff I own under this category.

So yeah, long story short, the moral of the story is treat your parents to something nice once in a while!

On that note, it’s (Chinese) Fathers’ Day – or was – since it’s past midnight now. Love your parents! Dunno what makes me feel like a good samaritan these days, but I just feel that way.

Until next time! And hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to blog about.


2 thoughts on “Lots on my plate but not reeling in the beef enough to fill it.

  1. I’m in the midst of cramming for an exam and just wanted to say I spent precious study time reading (more like skimming) this XD.

    I hate when sales assistants chat to each other instead of paying attention to customers when customers need some attention. It really puts me off.

    You’re such a good child buying things for your parents. XDDD

    • Good luck for your exam! I’m sure you’ll do well 😀

      I agree – I don’t mind if it’s a few words with each other and then they become quiet (we do this all the time at work) – it’s a little bit of respect for the customer. I suppose since that’s what we’d do, we expect the same treatment from others LOL. But yeah, it was mainly that reason that I felt I didn’t need to buy anything from them, because I didn’t think it was worth it. I’m sure if they exchanged a few actual words with the customer and offered to answer questions and stuff they would have sold a few items by then – guess not 😛

      Lol thanks ~ ^^

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