Stopped being lazy; did something I was meant to do a year ago

I’m a really bad procrastinator – if I feel like it can be delayed, I’ll basically do it until I’m like “hmmm – yeah, maybe I should really *insert action here*“.

Yes, I took two rolls of film from June and August 2010 respectively, which was about a year ago. I was so lazy to develop them I just left them aside. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember what’s on the film so whatever comes out of them will be a complete surprise.

The two cameras I used were the Superheadz Harikin and my self-constructed Gakkenflex. Although my colleagues liked the shots from the Harikin better (as it does focus easily and the colours are really vibrant), I actually prefer the Gakkenflex. NOTE: I finished a roll within two days – at first I didn’t have a strap for it, so blurriness is expected since I’m not a very steady person – so most of my shots were blurry. But I love the double exposure effect and the natural blurring of images – as well as some precious light leaks which made it all really worthwhile.

Minus the dust, this is probably one of my favourite shots because the colours actually turned out LOL. You need to have good daylighting – I took most of my shots indoors because I was so hasty to just test out the camera, so in essence this first roll is a test roll to get used to the camera.

The Gakkenflex is more than capable of taking clear shots LOL. I think this was one of the maybe 3 or 4 shots out of a roll of 24 that actually had a clear image, but if you look carefully the top and bottom of the photograph is naturally blurred – SO COOL. I also double exposed it (a la fortune cat), so I’m like “schweet that’s pretty cool.” Otherwise I really need more time to test out the Gakkenflex. I think it’s a really worthwhile camera because you CAN do double exposures and do cool things with it.

The Harikin on the other hand delivers excellent non-blurry photos (don’t forget the shutter is fast – the Gakkenflex shutter is a tad slow, even though I rigged it to shut ASAP). You need natural light – and by that I mean a direct source of it – otherwise your photos will turn out grey overall and fairly dark.

Federation Square, Melbourne (I forgot I took this camera with me to Melbourne until I looked at the photos and was like WHAT WHY MELBOURNE)

I really like the wide lens because the shot has captured so much without being a panoramic shot. The lens is quite incredible, but as you can see, there aren’t really any special effects associated with the camera. You can’t double expose shots, and there’s little blur or colour distortion. There’s only a slight darkening at the corners, but I reckon a cheap pinhole camera would produce a stronger effect. The colours are nice and the quality is really crisp though, no doubt about it. The only thing that bothers me is that this shot can easily be taken with a digital camera – it doesn’t quite have the film feeling. Maybe I’m not doing enough weird stuff with it to generate some cool effects?

I think the Harikin is perfect for sunset or sunrise. Or just something really damn colourful and bright. Probably just anything colourful and bright >_>

I was really impressed with this as a film camera shot. You can’t really do this with a digital camera – or at least I haven’t figured out how to. Probably not the best view, but the colours are really good – it’s better than any other digital photograph I’ve captured in terms of colour during sunset.

Therefore, as you can see, the Harikin shots are kinda boring, whilst the Gakkenflex shots although craptastic, have some kind of “hmmm lol wut…” element to them. The Harikin shots are all pretty standard and blah – then again I suck at taking photos so that’s a different story 😛 I currently have a roll of 8 year expired film sitting on my desk. I think I’ll happily sacrifice that to my Gakkenflex and hope that my next batch will be awesome. I won’t be doing any double exposure stuff (that’s just too risky) for my next Gakkenflex roll, and I’ll definitely be taking it outside and using it only when it’s sunny! Hopefully my next batch won’t be so full of fail. But it was fun receiving these photos – it’s a bit like writing a letter to yourself and then reading it a few years down the track – amusing, slightly embarassing, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Darksauce, courtesy of sunlight deprived Harikin, believe it or not. Those two dudes on the bench behind are even brighter and in more detail than I am. Guh.

Until next blog!


8 thoughts on “Stopped being lazy; did something I was meant to do a year ago

  1. Love the shots from your Gakkenflex.

    I bought that Japanese magazine that comes with a Gakkenflex that you have to put together. Still haven’t touched it. XD

    Do you have any other film cameras? Wanna get a Holga but don’t know if it’s worth it …

    • Lol, build it! You might need something like an elastic band (the small type you use when you’ve got braces to help align your jaws) to push the spring up higher (the higher the spring, the quicker the shutter shuts – trust me, you’ll need a fast shutter) so your photos won’t have half of it blacked out due to a slow shutter. I built mine as soon as I bought it lol – so frustrating but it’s really fun!

      I have a Fujifilm Instax and another toy camera with three lens (shoots three scenes on one frame instantaneously – have yet to use it), but I don’t have a Holga. I have friends who own Holgas and they produce some pretty cool shots (esp if the price is good why not) – but if you want something a little more sturdier in build and don’t mind spending the extra mile, probably a Diana is better. You can also get an Instantback foro the Diana which will take Instax film – so yeah.

      • I plan to make it after exams are over. I still have leftover elastics from when I have braces. Yay for them have extra uses!

        I have the Fuji instax wide but it’s big to bring around. I think I have that same toy camera with 3 lens Mine’s mostly black and then orange around the lens. I still have to develop that roll of film >.<

        I'd love a Diana so so much. The thing I kind of want at the moment is the Lomo LC-Wide. It looks amazing.

        • Yay! Can’t waiti to see your finished Gakkenflex and what you do with it 😀

          Ahhhh – I understand what you mean. I think the Instax wide is cool though, since the shots are nice and larger – the instax mini itself isn’t that light to carry since it uses 4 batteries ^^;;

          I agree – Diana would produce amazing shots. Lomo LC-Wide also sounds super tempting – le sigh lol, so many things to buy/ consider 😛

  2. Nice shots! I’ve wanted to try film photography but my money’s always gone elsewhere lol.

    I also agree with your sentiments about looking back on past photos. Though I mainly feel like “how could I have taken such an awkward photo” XD

    • Lol, I mainly put developing my shots off for so long because I felt it was expensive. I then went to a *cough* Asian owned place and it happens that they develop and give you prints for a 24 frame roll for just $12.90 and I can pick it up the same day. If I remember correctly, it was a similar price about 10 years ago. I find that some stores like Fotolab charge quite a lot :\
      But yeah, lol, embarassing photos – I dunno what I was thinking at the time XD

  3. I really like them! It looks like a great memory shot :3 The wide angle lens is amazing!
    Did you develop the pictures yourself? I’ve always wanted to develop photos XD

    • Lol, nah, I gave them to a photo shop to develop. I just don’t have the tools to develop them myself! I’ve done it before during high school but I pretty much failed at it so I doubt I’d want to do it at home XD The developing solution also smells like acidic garlic haha~

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