May has been a hole in my wallet – facepalming right now

It’s been a busy, yet lazy week

I’ve been busy this week (as usual) but made my Saturday action packed; saw uni friend A whom I haven’t seen for ages, and also had a lesson to go to. What happened to working 5 days a week and knowing my working hours? Obviously I abandoned that idea as soon as money starts entering the equation. Gee, there goes my social life and bludge time.

We’ve had a lot of fun this week at work due to gossip and I’ve been watching my colleagues matchmake for their friends – I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Yes, I am gossipy like that – feed me gossip and I’ll take it up like it’s 2000.

One thing that I did this week of some significance was get out of the house (even in this craptastic weather – it’s pissing outside atm) was to upgrade my P1 licence to a P2 licence.

To upgrade, you need to pass a nasty computer test otherwise known as a Hazard Perception Test, which makes you sit through various video clips and asks you to touch the screen either to slow down, or when you think it’s alright to turn. I must say, if you make a boo-boo, it’s not the end of the world, because there is a way to beat the computer (the test does kinda give you the option to change your mind) – but long story short, I passed it. I was really worried about not passing it due to my horrible and traumatic experience getting my P1 licence due to a test examiner from Hell. But this is computer based so in retrospect, there wasn’t anything to be really afraid of.

It costs $38AUD to sit the test and $76 to get a new licence. That’s $114 in total (it’s not rocket science, I did the calculation old school style in the above photo – lolz), and that’s a heck of a lot of money for a plastic card when I find absolutely little to no joy in driving. I’d rather add $16 for a pair of Burberry flip flops. Boo.

Well, now that that is out of the way I don’t have to worry about this stupid licence thing for a while. The next test will be on statistics so it should be okay. OH – and my licence photo. GG. I look SO FAT IN IT. Literally my head is a ball with my eyes, nose and mouth all being so tiny and swimming in a pool of skin colour – ARGH. What’s worse is that my head isn’t in the centre of the photograph… it’s leaning towards one side D: HE COULDA TOLD ME TO RETAKE THE PHOTO T_T Cringing really badly at the moment, but what can I do? I’ll just wait it out and look forward to getting my full licence – then I’ll be able to get a new card and hopefully a better photo :S I guess the main thing is that I passed, yes? Doesn’t really matter about the photo I suppose. I guess it’s not toooooo bad if I attempt to brainwash myself into thinking it’s alright >_>

No more shoes. If I buy another pair any time soon, there must be something wrong with me. Like, mentally.

I think the subtitle is really self-explanatory; I need to stop buying shoes.

Alright, I don’t have as many shoes as other people to be honest (I could have more), but the thing is that I have a lot of pairs I haven’t even started to wear – then then funnier thing is that I don’t really have much place to put them. I’m the type of person to really get sucked into buying shoes if shoes are really cheap (buy one pair for $x or get two pairs of $<2x) so I generally make my mum really pissed off because I fill up the storeroom with random crap I don’t even need. Another really bad thing about my shoe buying habit is that I tend to buy shoes that don’t fit me just because I think they’re cheap. It’s a really dumb way of buying things and it really needs to stop.

I think the whole shoe-buying thing I have going on wouldn’t be so bad if I actually bothered to buy better quality shoes and actually wear them – I rarely wear good quality shoes (I choose the looks over comfort and match it with my outfit rather than thinking on a practical scale) – I guess it’s because my mum knows I buy cheap shoes, don’t wear them, and throw them out after a few wears because they fall apart easily.

But then I saw these shoes and thought – “hello, you look pretty.”

Yes. Uh oh. Two pairs of shoes in the past 2-3 weeks apparently isn’t enough for my sudden shoe-monster appetite, and basically I impulse’d.

So even the tissue paper looks kinda fancy, but the red line thing is not so normal – because most people know Prada as the pure white shopping bag. I know basically nothing about Prada since I wasn’t really a fan of it (I used to not care about it, but recently I’ve been finding it growing on me), but this happens to be the packaging of the so called Prada “Red Label” series. Just like how Burberry has Burberry London, Burberry Sport and whatnot, Prada has – from what I now know – three types of labels: Black label, white label and red label. Black labels are for runway shows, white labels are classic items, and red labels are used for more sporty, younger items – not to mention, it is cheaper as well.

I didn’t know the meaning of the red label at first, but if I said that I didn’t mind, it’s a lie. Sure, I bought the shoes because I liked them. Whatever the colour the label it is, a Prada is still a Prada, but red label items are considerably cheaper and, well, a lot of red label items are made in China, which was kinda disappointing. This pair of shoes has it marked very very far inside the shoe that you can barely see it, but honestly, I was hoping for it to be made in Italy. Then again though, heaps of people still wear Burberry bags made in China (after paying ridiculous prices) and even Coach does it too. There’s nothing wrong with the quality – but I feel that if I’m paying a certain amount of money, it should go to the workers – that’s obviously not the case since it’s well known that Chinese workers are a cheap source of labour. Therefore in short, it’s freaking expensive for something made in China, even though it’s designer.

Don’t mistake me – I have seen designer items made in China and there’s nothing wrong with quality. Even the NY Times has noted that even if it states it’s made in Italy, it might not even be true.

Well, now that I know, I’ll watch out for this in the future. It’s not a good idea to naturally assume all Prada goods are made in Italy – because well, it’s not true.

To be honest though, nobody will know or care where the freaking shoe is made once it’s on your foot –

Red label items come in a silver box and well – silvery stuff. I received the shoes (very well packaged), care instructions and a dustbag for the shoes.

On the side of the box, it is embossed/ hotstamped with the model number, colour of the shoe and its size.

I apologise for the bad photo quality (it was raining and the lighting is really bad) – the inside of the shoe is marked with the shoe size and the model number. The dustbag can be seen under my shoes, which is a silver nylon bag with the Prada red label on it. Note that this is kinda dodgy, because usually with patent leather shoes, you should be getting 2 dustbags so that they don’t get damaged – receiving just one dust bag is kinda iffy, but if that’s how it works, that’s how it goes.

The shoes are pretty much 100% leather where they should be. The red label itself is made of rubber. Forgetting about where it’s made, how do the shoes perform?

Well, firstly, the quality is really good. I don’t really see anything wrong with the shoes – they’re as perfect as they can be. The leather is really soft and I like it that way, because it means it won’t kill your feet. Another thing to note is the sizing – this is a 36 and it fits perfectly. When I first saw them I was freaked out that they’d be too small, but it turns out they were perfect – not tight and not loose. In terms of comfort levels, I must say these are really amazing in terms of comfort – I didn’t expect them to be so soft and comfortable when on, so that was a really big surprise. These are definitely good to wear to work or a long day/ night out – no problems whatsoever.

The sole itself is kinda smooth, so it’s not really non-slip, but from what I gather, the sole should be made of a high quality rubber which should more or less have non-slip properties even though it doesn’t look it.

In terms of design, they’re quite nice. The only thing I didn’t like about them was the peep toe (but I decided to ignore it) – the heel could also be less chunky, but it’s not too bad considering how easy it is to wear and balance on these. No sweat at all – EZ PZ.

Honestly speaking, if I didn’t look for it, I wouldn’t have even known that these shoes weren’t Italian made – they’re so comfortable and nice in quality I could barely give a stuff where it’s made. Out of the three pairs of shoes I’ve bought in May, this pair is probably the most comfortable and fits well, believe it or not. I’m currently really looking forward to finding an excuse to wear them~ although I got these on impulse, they turned out to be part of the “Shoes I’d definitely wear” list.

On that note, my mum didn’t get angry at me for buying so many shoes recently. I guess I’ve convinced her that these shoes will probably last longer, fit better and would be in style for longer so she can’t really complain 😛 For now though I really need to stop spending (at least on shoes)- this is seriously going to be my last pair of shoes for this year at the very least – I’m thinking of buying my mum a present for her birthday but it’s in October, so I don’t know if I should buy it now or wait until later to do so. She’s kinda creeping me out lately because out of the blue she’s been offering to give me money to buy a trenchcoat – I declined because I felt that it was too pricey. Usually my mum is the one who thinks stuff is expensive – this time it’s the other way around, so I need to get things straight >_> What have I done :\

Well, anyway, overall I’m really pleased. If I had the option to buy another pair of shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate at all and say yes to Prada – the comfort level is so good that I’m really surprised. I really do need to save money (I saved basically nothing this month – lols) – next month I’ll be saving money now that I’ve bought everything I needed to buy or spend money on. Yes, that shall be my decision for now.

What’s up next?

I’m going to be busy until Saturday but somewhere in the span of the next week I’ll put up a Gmarket Haul post. It’s been a while and I kinda left it on the side for quite some time. I have taken the photos and it’s going to be a short post, but I never got the time to actually do it. I’ve obviously been too sidetracked by other things that are shiny and all 😛

Until next time, be safe and dress appropriately for the weather – weather’s been crazy lately. Laters!


4 thoughts on “May has been a hole in my wallet – facepalming right now

  1. Cute shoes!

    I don’t even have my licence yet (my L’s expired long ago) But every ID photo I’ve ever had has been horrible. And you bring it out to show people all the time and it’s horrible XDDD

    • Lol I know what you mean – I took forever to get any licence and pushed it as far as I could. I reckon my ID photos have been consistently bad rofl – I try to cover the photo part with my thumb when I have to show people my ID XD

  2. I have been into shoes too lately, it’s not even funny. I barely wear heels but I tell myyself I will find an excuse no matter what to wear them. and that’s one lovely pair of heeled shoes ❤❤❤

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