So I went nuts on shoes. Birthday presents to self was how I justified ’em

Usually I don’t put much emphasis on “birthday presents” as such, but I’ve started to accumulate various items I think are classic and long lasting. I used to go through phases, but in recent years I just started to shop differently. I started to shop less, but spend in greater amounts. Probably I’m spending too much on myself, but hey, a birthday is a birthday. My parents actually don’t give me anything for Christmas or for my birthday – we just don’t give presents to each other. Usually to fill that in (sadly), I buy a larger present for myself. This year now that I’m actually feeling somewhat accomplished, I decided to spend it on something big. Probably the next time I buy something big will be when I get a tax refund (if it is juicy enough!!) – so I’ve got my fingers crossed for that. I am probably going to update my wishlist sometime down the track. I’m probably going to save up for a small bag and a really nice coat.

I think 2-3 weeks ago I went to visit the Burberry store (walked past it twice) and then rage/quit when they didn’t have any of my sizes in stock. I then went to Louis Vuitton to buy myself a pair of shoes I’ve literally been eyeing for years and finally told myself I could go ahead and buy them.

I’m really not exaggerating when I said “years”. I think I knew these shoes since the first time I ever walked into a Louis Vuitton store but always thought they were too expensive to buy. I’ve watched the price of these drop maybe twice since then, and decided that there was no point in waiting any more – if it’s time to buy, it’s time to buy.

Did you know that moccasins are handcrafted and are made from one piece of leather? That means they’re waterproof since the sole is pretty much the same surface as the sides of the shoes! I had no idea, but it came with a little booklet with some information on how the shoe was made, which was really interesting. Each shoe comes with its own dustbag to prevent them from scratching each other and the box itself can be inserted into your closet like a compartment and pulled out like a drawer. It’s pretty neat and the shoe is well made. It’s non slip as well and they’re fairly comfortable. The only thing that bothers me is that they’re a bit tight for me – the cutting of LV shoes is to be very honest, quite a mess with this shoe model. I usually wear a 36, but that was way too large. This is a 35 and fits perfectly but will need several wears to “break in” (believe it or not, you still need to break in shoes like these).

I’d totally do the “ice bag and chuck shoe into freezer” method, but ever since my Nine West work flats kinda started to die, I wouldn’t want to risk it with these shoes. Probably they’d be okay, but I’ll just wait it out and see. Maybe I should just really not wear these with stockings because it makes these shoes way too tight. If it’s any consolation, they started to really hurt my feet after several hours because they were a bit too small, but I only actually got one blister. In fact, I didn’t even know it was possible to get blisters even when wearing socks or stockings. That’s just amazing. But anyway, these are going to be stretched out further.

This is the second time I’ve worn a pair of shoes out for the first time and had them hurt my feet so much I had to change shoes. Luckily for me though, I was planning to buy another pair anyway, so it wasn’t just a random splurge or anything.

Today I met up with the lovely Ramille after long time no see. I really needed to get a pair of shoes for well – work – to replace my dying flats.

I was adamant on returning to le Burberry store since it annoyed me so much. This time around, it wasn’t busy, but some dude tried to serve me but was well, um, bad at it. He took quite a long time trying to find out stuff for me. C spotted these shoes (for some reason it was isolated from its other crazy colours in the same shoe model) and I tried it on since it was the right size – so I asked for it. But I needed the other shoe, of course. After waiting yonkloads, in the end he asked a colleague who actually found these shoes for me.

Well, commission goes to the salesperson on the receipt. So that’s interesting.

The packaging of the shoes is really quite nice – only thing is that the box is damaged (not that they discount it or anything though – they won’t give you a new one either which is really different to LV – they give you a new box. For LV, they have one box which stores the shoes in their stock but give you another box as new packaging – Burberry uses the same box in the entire process – less waste, but less joy in pretty box). Receipt comes in a really cute cardboard packet – so far Burberry has the nicest quality shopping bag (gets bonus marks for the pretty ribbon) and receipt packaging I’ve seen to date. Shoes also come with a dustbag.

When I paid for them they actually dropped $10 in price due to the high Australian dollar which is pretty amazing. I never thought I’d get these shoes, but coincidentally these are the right size (36, super comfortable and they’re wide, not narrow) and actually look really nice. They lean towards a nudish beige colour which is actually quite popular recently, and well they’re… nice.

Having said that, you really need to have the right salesperson. To be honest I’m not really crash hot with Burberry’s SAs (except for the guy who ended up serving me – he was alright) – their range is also quite lacking which is a bit of a pity. If I had to return to Burberry it’s either I really need something from there or it’s something I’d want to buy and then run out with – otherwise, hopefully the next time I go there I end up with a good sales assistant.

Surprisingly though, I’m really happy with these shoes and didn’t expect them to be so well made (I thought they were kinda flimsy and cheap when I first saw them, to be honest).

What can I say – I didn’t get the pair I wanted, but I saved myself quite a bit of money, since it was well under the budget I was going to spend.

So that concludes my crazy shoe shopping for now. I’ve promised myself to not buy shoes online any more because they just don’t last that long. I’ve bought myself two high quality pairs that should last me many many years if I look after them nicely. Having said that I feel that I’ve already spent way too much on shoes, considering that they are really just shoes. Next target will be a coat or a small bag – will see how things go.

I still need to upgrade my mum’s wallet for her (since she doesn’t go out shopping much) so I’ll probably look into that in October – that’s when her birthday is. Traditionally we don’t buy presents for each other… but this year is already an exception since I bought her a Mothers’ Day present. For those who were curious as to what I actually got her, I was going to post about it, but by the time I got around to it, it was already out of date. I wasn’t planning to post photos of it either for personal reasons – but basically I bought her a ruby ring with a few diamonds on an 18K white gold setting. The reason why I bought her that was because back in the days when I was much younger, I used to go with my mum weekly to the markets. One week we were randomly browsing stalls and we bought a fake ruby and fake emerald ring – I mean, of course if it’s from a market stall it’s fake, lol. Now that I’m actually selling the real deal and earning money, I decided to give her a real one – and that’s what I did. Even my mum remembered the story when we bought the fake thing lol~ I didn’t expect her to remember, but I’m glad she did.

Oh well sentimentalism aside, that’s basically what I bought for myself for my birthday this year. New shoes means a new road ahead of me – it reminds me of the quote from Hana Yori Dango – “a pair of good shoes will take you to good places” – and that’s what I’m hoping for now.

What do you usually buy for yourself for your birthday? Electronics, clothes, makeup or…? Please do share 🙂

I will probably post later on stuff I received from others (I actually got a grand total of two presents – all work related – of course, I wouldn’t have time to catch up with others and besides, we don’t give each other presents – although they are two presents I really like!) but I need really good lighting to photograph them. I’ve been lazy lately and I’ve been photographing under bad light, and just not getting around to it as much as I should be.

Anyway, I’ve been digressing way too much – enjoy your weekend and until next time, take care!


2 thoughts on “So I went nuts on shoes. Birthday presents to self was how I justified ’em

  1. Spending money and buying presents for yourself for your birthday is a good thing!

    That story about your mum and the ring is just so sweet!

  2. i understand what you mean by spending less, but spending in greater amounts. I use to buy a lot of inexpensive stuff, but now I try to save and spend on things that’s better in quality and I’ve been eyeing on clothing, accessories, SHOES that I can wear forever and it won’t be out of style.

    oh thank you! I always felt like I was alone when I say my parents just dont celebrate my bday; therefore, no presents..same with xmas.

    Yea, I agree..its better to wait and break into the shoe then to use the ice and freezer trick..just in case! Too risky for a shoes you’ve been wanting. That and it’s LV XD

    I didn’t know about the LV box and Burberry (obviously, I’ve never purchased anything from these brands before) ^^;;; I haven’t accomplish anything so I can’t buy anything that big just yet.

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