Tipsy at work, Champagne, lots of bubbly awesome etcetera. And I got older.

So, today was the fabulous – or not so fabulous – day that people may or may not look forward to.

Yes, I got older. ‘Twas my birthday.

I only got home about 5 minutes before I turned older trololol but at least I made it in time back home. I’ll most likely blog about presents (self given, from others) later this weekend. I’m sorry for this crappy short post – I know I promised to blog on Thursday night, but considering I fell sick on Tuesday night, and then only got home at 11:55pm on the eve of my birthday, I honestly didn’t have any time to write up any drafts. I can promise they’ll come this weekend, and they WILL come this weekend. If they don’t, I’ll rip a hole in one of my stockings. Seriously.

Viral infection, tonsils decided to roar and block food consumption etc.

So I got a viral infection. It started probably some time during the weekend (I was feeling quite tired, thirsty, etc etc) but I didn’t really rest much. It then eventuated into me having a high fever (our thermometer said anything between 37.4 to even 38.5 degrees) and I had a fever all night long. At the same time my sore throat then eventuated into swollen tonsils twice the size of what they should be. I’ve never felt anything like it before for such a long time – just the feeling of having to remove a heavy coat and still be shivering even though your temperature is way more than it should be is quite a creepy afterthought. Not to mention that every single muscle in your body feels sore. Gee gee.

Needless to say, it didn’t take much consideration to decide to see a doctor and take a day off work the next day to see what the problem was considering my fever was so bad. Doctor tells me to simply take Panadol for pain relief and the sickness will go away by itself. Antibiotics are apparently useless against viruses (which I know is true). But – and there’s always a but – I did feel a lot better – then when I go to sleep I have the worst sleep ever. EURGH. THE SICKNESS RETURNS WHEN I ATTEMPT TO SHUT MY BRAIN DOWN.

So that was fairly stupid. I’m still sick now. Not sure how sick I am, but I know it was pretty serious to begin with.

Got tipsy at work. Like a sales assistant.

So what happened a few weeks ago was that my manager found it amazingggg that I’ve never drank champagne before in my life. A little bit of buzz trivia, champagne is only named champagne if it’s actually from France – if it’s just bubbly white wine but it’s from not France, that’s just bubbly white wine – not champagne. But anyway, she was then like ” ALRIGHT, IMMA GET YOU A BOTTLE WHEN IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY”.

To my uttermost surprise, she did get me a bottle (of course, we all started chugging it down at work kekeke at a tender time of approximately 4:30pm) and well, yes, it tastes like white wine. I find that the bubbles really do seriously make the alcohol travel fast – I was completely red and I think a customer was looking at me strangely (this is what you get for not having a thick layer of makeup on). Tipsy is an overstatement, because I wasn’t actually near tipsy – but it just sounded cooler that way.

And no, we didn’t make any mistakes even though we had alcohol on the job – I was actually still pretty sharp and spotted a discrepancy in some paperwork. HA!

But yes, courtesy of the boss et al I had a small cake and even a present which I really didn’t expect – thanks so much! Really appreciate it and never thought that I’d actually have my birthday celebrated in such a crazy way O_O

Okay there was more to this post but wordpress decided to not autosave the rest of it – so I shall end it here. Will post up something with pics and with more detail in the next 48 hours. Until then, happy unicorns and heart shaped cheerios – I SHALL UPDATE AGAIN SOON.


2 thoughts on “Tipsy at work, Champagne, lots of bubbly awesome etcetera. And I got older.

    • Thanks!

      Apparently it’s only drank at celebrations so drinking champagne is actually kinda rare – I say do it next celebration/ big event comes around 😀

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