Forever disturbed and afraid of X Guns, as well as useless jibberish – Mazeltov Monday, hells yeah.

Kurono Kei is an anti-hero, but hey, I like him.

So, I finished watching this in the span of 3 days last week or perhaps the week before – I can’t remember any more, it’s been a while:

Yes, Kato. Watch your back – literally.

Well okay, all the wtf aside, this is a bunch of screencaps I made from watching Gantz, the anime.

I actually did know about Gantz for a while since it was an old project translated by Omanga (which *cries* no longer exists), but didn’t get around to it until I got reminded via sunrise on the beat. I thought that the anime would do, and at a neat 26 episodes (2 seasons, though long complete) why not – I wanted to see if the plot was as interesting as I first made it out to be.

Well, long story short – very violent, twisted, gory, adult-orientated and quite disturbing. It’s been a really long time since I’ve watched anything that has been playing tricks on my mind (not that I watch much of that stuff – but from memory I used to when I was around 16 years old – I was all “experimental” back then) and I found myself mentally drained every minute watching each episode. It’s really good though. The manga’s still not complete (it’s ongoing) – I might consider getting it provided a lot of the volumes have already been translated and in Chinese perhaps – but since I’ve watched the anime I think I’ve got the hang of it. I might lose concentration perhaps 15 volumes along the way because I have a tendency to no longer give a crap about the main protagonist if I feel I can’t identify with them any more.

Watching High School of the Dead is pretty much a comedy if you compare it to Gantz. Gantz just creeps you out and I’m not sure if it’s in a good or a bad way. If you were scared of zombies (which is a very valid thing to be scared of), be happy that at least zombies don’t have brains and there’s not really a zombie boss (there was one in Plants vs Zombies, but even so I think if a real zombie apocalypse happened, there wouldn’t really be a zombie boss considering all bitten humans would turn into zombies, so there’s a neverending army supply). Now, ALIEN BOSSES are damn creepy. In HOTD all you see is a bunch of people getting bitten and then crying asking to be killed before they turn into zombies. In Gantz however, you get to see people die in a variety of horrific ways that make you not want to watch the series after midnight, or with the lights off. Yes, and I’m the type that is not creeped out easily. I WAS BITING MY NAILS FOR MOST OF THE BATTLES.

Honestly speaking, the surprise factor in Gantz is so great that you can’t predict what’s going to happen at all- or at least that’s how I felt because I didn’t want people to die. It doesn’t follow normal principles of a traditional plotline, and the story itself is so intriguing yet horrific it raises various questions about society and what it is like after death. What does it mean to have a second chance at life? What is it like to suddenly value your own life and those around you, yet at the expense of other lives? Eurgh, it’s complicated – you’ll just have to watch it. But yeah – mature audiences please, mostly over the age of 18. I wouldn’t recommend this for a 15 year old.

On a related note, Gantz released its Live Action movies this year. It stars Kazunari Ninomiya as Kurono Kei, which MADE ME REALLY EXCITED, but the movie currently is not out with Japanese audio and English subtitles. What I did however, was give into temptation and I watched it with English dub, which was uber craptastic and super lame. Not sure if it was the dubbing that made it lame or if the movie itself wasn’t as fantastic as I hoped it to be – in conclusion, WATCH WITH SUBS, NOT DUBS.

SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW MY OPINION ON THE MOVIE – simply put, it was bleh. There’s way too much stuff happening in Gantz for it to be squeezed into 2 hours, and that’s what they did – they did the first 3 missions in 2 hours, changed a lot of it to make it seem like it made more sense and all, but what’s missing is the deterioration of morality in society and the “I don’t give a crap” asshole-ishness Kei has. Kato is lacking a lot of leadership qualities, and a lot of it was either made unnecessarily gruesome (but nothing compared to what the anime had) or unnecessarily toned down to simplify things. The cast was also small/ tight and a lot of characters were missing. WHERE WAS SAKURAOKA SEI IN THE BUDDHA MISSION. WHY WAS KATO SO NOT COOL DURING SAID BUDDHA MISSION >:\ Gantz needs to be presented over a period of time (ie. manga, anime or tv series), because 2 hours isn’t cutting it. There’s a sequel, which makes it a total of 4 hours, but that’s still not quite enough time for it to make any substantial impact on anyone’s memory. In the end, the live action movie is just “yep, just another sci-fi movie” – it doesn’t deal with the intricacies that the anime presented and how twisted the “games” are. Oh wells.

Sydney got its identity confused with Melbourne and tries to ice its citizens

Recently it has been super cold in Sydney, and by this I mean 7-11 degrees in the morning with tops of perhaps 18 degrees (warmer in bits where there’s actually sun – RADIANT TEMPERATURE YO) so everyone has been getting out their large trenchcoats and scarves. Some insane people have still been wearing short sleeved shirts as well, but I was one of those who couldn’t survive the trip to work without a jacket, scarf and boots.

Summer came relatively late this year, and now winter is coming extremely early. I’ve been considering to buy a new scarf, but I’m trying to stop myself since I don’t think I really need one. We’ve been surviving at work huddling around our “heater” (which is where the computer heat sink is ie. in its CPU case lolololol) and drinking Chatime Taiwanese Ginger Tea (hot, extra sugar – the extra sugar is important) which not only soothes the throat, but also seems to do a job increasing your blood circulation. It does contain real ginger bits in it, so it might not be for everyone. I honestly don’t like ginger myself (I’m one of those people who pick out onions, garlic, spring onions and ginger out of their food) but I really like the tea considering I figured it’s actually good for health.

We’ve already hit such drastic measures and it’s only the middle of May – I wonder what it’ll be like in a month or two :S

Will post on Thursday night.

It’ll be a shopping post – namely that mysterious Louis Vuitton bag from yonks ago. Yes, outdated, but a post nonetheless. It’ll be to mark something or other – you just wait and see.

On a very side/ final note my tutoring sessions for HSC English have kicked off this past weekend and it seems good so far. I also got a pay rise because I’m on “contract” to work for my workplace for a year. Therefore, I’ve achieved my payrise resolution for 2011. YAY.

2NE1 reigns supreme

I now shall leave you all with the amazing four otherwise known as 2NE1 with their latest release. Bom needs to tie her hair up more often ❤ The video ranked number one watched on Youtube in I think 13 countries, which is pretty amazing. Well, I’m jamming to it for now.


One thought on “Forever disturbed and afraid of X Guns, as well as useless jibberish – Mazeltov Monday, hells yeah.

  1. oh, hey, you mentioned me! XD HA. I had to like skim through the GANTZ part. Trying not to be spoilered (or is it spoiled?) XDDD

    Maybe I should get a start on the anime post-exam time as I wait for a non-dubbed version of the movie to come out.

    It’s so cold. I don’t understand. It’s not even winter yet!

    That 2NE1 song is pretty good. REminds me of some other song that I can’t quite place. Surprised it was a slow song.

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