Short, consumeristic, materialistic post

I know I’ve disappeared for a while – there’s a bit to write about. I actually did write a long draft (around 950 words) but decided that it was full of crap going on in my life. In a nutshell, the points I covered were:

There is a better tomorrow

Thank God, my dad is now back at home and “okay”. By okay I mean he’s not in a life-threatening situation, but the doctors have done little to nothing in consideration for long term treatment. I constantly got really gloomy and important sounding voicemail messages, making me worry to no end. After being happy and finding out that things weren’t as serious I put my heart aside and concentrated on work. Now that he’s home I find out that none of the things they’ve promised me were going to happen. None. It’s not even an understatement. I can’t even find words to describe how upset I am, since all our medical bills are paid for yet this is the treatment we get. This isn’t a problem with our health system, it’s a problem regarding the so-called “health professionals” who are working stable jobs, getting stable incomes for basically doing nothing. I could never understand why people would go into such a field if they didn’t want to look after or help people – people are unfortunate enough as they are, yet they don’t do anything to make the situation any better. Is it because they feel that their jobs aren’t at risk? Or is it because there’s no room for people to complain at all, since we are short of these “professionals”?

Heck, screw that. Imagine if I was stupid enough to listen to these “professionals”, actually take a day off work, meet up with them, discuss for maybe half an hour (just them updating me on stuff – NONE OF WHICH IS NEW) and making a bunch of empty promises. I lose a day’s worth of income and later I find out that none of it is going to happen. These people are such wretches! I can’t believe how conceited their attitude is thinking that I should work around THEIR schedule and intending to waste my time. Don’t even mention about taking a day off – even meeting them on my day off was a pure waste of time! If you’re not going to do it, don’t promise to do so.

Not even – let’s just take a step back and look at this from a different viewpoint. I personally don’t really have any loss losing a day’s income since I don’t really technically have any economic burderns/ responsibilities (ie. I don’t pay rent, I don’t have a boyfriend or a notable social life which requires money, nor do I own a car) – imagine if the same situation happened to someone who had severe financial difficulties – taking time off work could seriously be the boundary between being able to pay for bills and NOT being able to pay for bills. I should stop now, because I’m just going to get mad if I keep talking about it. In conclusion, I hate these self-proclaimed “professionals”. I’m not saying everyone in the medical field is like that, but the majority of the ones I encountered this time round really make me angry because tax-payers’ money is used to pay people who just don’t do anything and mistreat their patients. It disgusts me. I’m just thankful at the moment that my dad is alright. If he wasn’t, I’d be more irritated.

Architecture Blues.

My architecture  friends still find it difficult to land a job in the architectural profession, as employment opportunities are not in Sydney (ie. they are interstate, and we’re not even talking Brisbane or Melbourne). I hope they all find a source of income be it a casual or part time job very soon, if they haven’t already!

Call me teacher.

So out of nowhere I’ve somehow ended up with another student to tutor, starting in a fortnight. I somehow sense that my social life is slowly dwindling, but income is income. I’ll be trying my best to use my youthful years to get the most out of my time. I wasted the previous 21 years without having  really worked a “real” job (though I did get commissioned before, which is amazing enough as it is already) so it’s time to earn money. There’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes from earning your own money and spending it on whatever the heck you want.

Speaking of which, my Masters of Architecture certificate came in the mail recently – finally. Not really sure what to really think of my “accomplishment”. For many, even a Bachelor in Architecture (or specifically, Architectural Studies is what it’s called now) was difficult, let alone a Masters certificate. I think I really did work quite hard and pulled a “Die Hard”, put my foot down and earned it. Now looking back, it wasn’t really that difficult. I just didn’t manage my time or life properly. If I managed it better, I would be in a different situation now – even so, my situation now isn’t all too bad. As I’ve been writing, I’m grateful for my full time job because I’ve really grown to like the people I work with. We have really horrible customers every now and then which spoil the mood though, but that’s normal in any working environment.

P to the rada.

Along with my Masters certificate, I also received my first ever package from FedEx which has actually pleased me more than it should. Australia Post can pretty much go and keel in a corner, because FedEx is just so much better D: I was really worried that they wouldn’t be able to find my address (trust me, a lot of people lack common sense and can’t find us even though it’s so obvious with an address number as such we’d probably be in a tall building), but they found us easily and even managed to ring the intercom. That’s AMAZING. Basically I felt like shopping for some super early birthday presents for myself, since it has been a very long time since I bought anything of substantial value (minus Gmarket).

Excuse my horrible table surface… This is a stainless steel (?) in a gold colour, with hardware stamped with the logo. Also comes with a red Nappa leather bow.I’m not sure if I want to use it since it seems too precious to get scratched! I’m also not sure if I should migrate the keyring to go through the thicker centre link so that it doesn’t cover the tag… too many things to think about. I would use it as a bag decoration while I make up my mind, but it’s kinda weird to use this since I don’t own a Prada bag. I’ll take the next week to think about it…

Burberry has been raided. I am dissapoint.

I saw Ramille last weekend but regrettably couldn’t make it to their epic boat birthday party – I was planning to actually go designer shopping at a particular store cough Burberry cough– their new store is a nightmare to find because their designer (no offence) sucks balls. There’s no signage that actually makes you know you’re walking past Burberry when you’re standing outside the damn store. I actually walked past it TWICE and only managed to see it on my third attempt when I was on the opposite side of the street. Yep, that’s only then when I managed to see the sign, which is placed flat on the surface of the building. WTH.Either way I was pretty disappointed at their lack of stock, so I left with a broken heart. And then I ended up with this-

I only lined up outside Zara for about 10minutes and I got in! YUS!! It was 4:30pm and I felt that the line wasn’t too long and that people were actually being let in, so I felt that there was a good chance I’d be able to make it. To say the very least, it was hectic inside – they had people at the tables continuously folding up stuff that would be messed up instantaneously. I didn’t bother with the changerooms because I saw about 15 people in line trololololol. I just grabbed a cheap knitwear sweater for my mum to wear on top of a collared shirt and a felt coat for myself, which I just tried over my clothes. I probably bought a size too large (I bought a medium) but considering it was either a medium or an XS (which I possibly had a very high chance of fitting into) I just chose the medium anyway as it was a mix between a coat/cape/poncho/trench and seemed to be worn loose to begin with. Currently I am really loving the coat – I wear it on all the rainy days and it’s been really warm. The price of the coat was $139.95 which is actually pretty good as most local brands here actually sell their coats for even more than that when they’re on sale D:As for the Louis Vuitton shopping bag – lol – I’ll leave that to talk about another day.

Yes, you’ve reached the end!

That’s about it for now. To describe my current situation, I’m relieved (yet frustrated), very eager to earn money, and also very stingy currently after spending ridiculous amounts of money in the past week or so. I’m sure everyone is tired of the copious amounts of text and very few images amongst my text crap. I shall leave you all with this video of the flawless, gorgeous, amazing BBs otherwise known as After School.

WordPress has screwed up post formatting now – it wasn’t like this before, so meh. Until next blog!


2 thoughts on “Short, consumeristic, materialistic post

  1. I’m glad your dad is okay in the end. I seriously agree with you 100% I cant trust these people..its because of them that there’s so many problems in our health. They’re irresponsible and they won’t do anything to help unless it gives them profit. Like you said a lot of ppl take time off to see their doctor and the doctor should respect them and do their work because a day off can really determine if a person will have a place to stay next month or something similar.

    That’s so kuul you have a Master degree XD I want to get my master..but I don’t have money. I dont even have health insurance… (meh america is so pathetic)

    I watched the music video. I’m unfamiliar with kpop, but wow they’re all so pretty!!! 😀 I like the girl who took off that wig and revealed her blonde hair XD lol (that was a wig right?) But yea, I like her hair lol

    • Thanks~ I just don’t like how they think the world revolves around them just because they have a qualification to be a doctor… it doesn’t make them better than anyone else or smarter than anyone else, but they do their “job” thinking they’re like a boss or something. They can be so inconsiderate :\

      *eeps* I heard that the US has some of the most expensive tertiary education rates known to mankind :S Here in Australia our education is “free” – we borrow the money from the Government (they lend us money for our first degree) but we have to pay it back later via tax once we start working – I was just lucky because our degree was meant to be a 5 year Bachelor, then they changed it to a 3 year Bachelor and 2 year Master – so we got away with a 5 year loan and getting 2 degrees. In all honesty though, a Master degree is pretty useless unless you really need it (eg. to be eligible to be a registered architect you must have completed your Masters). I hope you’ll be able to get your Masters sometime soon! 😀 (it’s never too late to study!)

      As for our health system, we also have a free healthcare system (which is what we’ve been using so far). We can buy private insurance but that only covers a bit of the expenses if you want to go to a private hospital (which most people believe is better, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case). It must be hard in the States since you have to pay for everything health related 😦 Seeing a doctor here is pretty much free as long as you have a Medicare card – that’s cool, but then look at the standard of professionalism here :\ Bleh!

      Yeah XD I think it was a wig lol~ they’re all so doll-like ;~;

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