Gmarket Haulage 13

I’ll keep this as condensed as possible – I paid around $300 for my items and $60 in shipping. I was refunded about $15-$20 back (estimated weight was over 10kg, actual weight was less than 6.5kg). I had one cancellation (out of stock item – which I realised was the cute Nordic knit jumper I wanted *cries*) and I cancelled two items myself.

Freebies? There were none. Mistakes? There were truthfully quite a few – so here’s the haul. Anything separated by the white lines are from different sellers. Those bounded within the white lines together as a group were purchased from the same seller. I mostly ordered so long sleeved clothes for winter (I think my job is fairly stable at the moment – so I can go ahead and order more black clothes for my wardrobe to weep and house-) and some random stuff that I really wanted to wear/ wanted to have.

1 Jumper
2 Long Sleeved Blouse
3 Etude House
4 Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
5 3x concentrated serums
6 3/4 sleeved chiffon dress
7 Skirts and shorts
8 Cardigans
9 Dresses and a wrong item
10 Simple Black elastic belt
11 Two pairs of jeans, one which is the wrong colour.

1 Jumper

Sorry for the blurry photo. I might update it later (usually I take more than one photograph but for some reason I didn’t do that this time >_>) – anyway this seller was the one who did the cancellation. I originally ordered a Nordic knit jumper which I thought was super adorable… but it was probably out of stock so I didn’t get it 😦 I’m sad because I prefer that jumper over this one any day.

Anyway, this was just a simple long sleeved jumper which I thought was appropriate for work – having said that, I paid perhaps around $15 for this and I’m a bit disappointed. The material is a bit thin and flimsy, but it’s still okay quality (the stuff that jerseys are made out of, just really thin). There’s no label or tag on it either, which was a bit of a disapointment. Otherwise this shouldn’t be bad on casual days – I haven’t tried it, but I’m assuming it’s quite comfortable.

2 Long Sleeved Blouse


The material of this shirt is actually better than what it looks like in the photo.  Basically it’s a long sleeved blouse made of something like polyester. It comes with a tie and also a bit of a cape for the shoulder area. There’s also a tag and a label. I paid around $17 for this, so this is on the slightly “pricier” side, but I thought it was worth getting for its uniqueness. I guess it’s a bit pointless since I wear a jacket at work to cover the shoulders anyway, but I think it’s not bad for autumn. Probably a bit too little for winter, but we’ll see.

I’ve worn this already and I must say it’s fairly comfortable, but the way that the sleeves are proportioned makes it seem a bit tight (though it’s not since the material is stretchy). Also since most blouses will probably have gaps (or at least I notice I get them) where you button your chest area, the tie is pretty much compulsory if you don’t want to flash yourself. Or, you can opt to wear something else underneath like a singlet.

3 Etude House

Again, these came in ridiculous amounts of bubble wrap, but altogether I spent around $32 to get the freebie, which was a cosmetics purse (pictured on the far left). Apart from being awed by the extremely large imitation pearl on the zipper, I was pretty disappointed to see that that was the ONLY freebie I got. No samples, nothing. But I really wanted the cosmetics purse because I found it so incredibly cute. I am a girly girl at heart 😛

If you also haven’t realised, I didn’t get an awful lot of stuff for $32… I ordered a lip gloss ($7), sleeping pack ($7), two nail essences (around $3 each), two lip balms – one in strawberry and the other peach ($6 each) and two eyebrow drawing pencils ($3 each). I honestly don’t think I’ll be buying Etude House any time soon because it’s really getting quite expensive (and not to mention its novelty is starting to wear off on me since I have so much Etude House stuff to use now) – but the lip balms are really good! So far they’re doing a better job than Khiel’s Lip Balm #1, which is surprising me a lot. They are really highly fragranced but they last a while, and the best part is that they don’t taste like anything. The worst thing about a lip balm that is  flavoured is that there’s a high chance of it tasting disgusting – with these they’re just fragranced lip balms so I’m really happy with that. I have yet to try the elip gloss, but that’ll be for later 🙂 I gave one nail essence and one eyebrow pencil to my mum to use – so far she’s digging the brow pencil because she doesn’t need to sharpen it. Lolz.

4 Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

As I mentioned from the last haul, these sleeping mask packs are super cheap considering I get the same amount as the “official” jar but at half the price it retails for. Totally worth it! Gmarket sells the 80ml jar for $17 – Sasa sells the same thing for $27!!! These just go for $9. Honestly, I’d buy these without any hesitation at all! Why pay so much more for the same thing >_<

5 3x concentrated serums

I think I found the link to these from another Gmarket blog post from the March issue, and I was pretty sold on these. These 3 serum jars are HUGE! There are quite a few to choose from, and these were just under $10 for all three of them. Serums can be extremely pricey, and since these were so cheap I had to give them a go. Trust me, go for serums because they’re going to be the next big thing in skincare trends. I’ve been seeing people use serums here and there lately – it’s just because they’re so thin and easy on the skin but provided concentrated amounts of goodies for your skin.

I ordered collagen, Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid, which are all good for the skin. Ever since I started working I started to get a bit paranoid with dry skin and all – these will definitely help me in the long run.

6 3/4 sleeved chiffon dress

The coathanger you’ve been seeing in most of the photos in this post actually came free with this item. I was really surprised at the packaging for this item because it came with the coathanger and a large plastic bag around it like you were going to take this dress to the dry cleaners. It comes with a tag and a label and the quality is overall quite good. It’s a bit too loose (and the style probably isn’t right for a waist belt), but I think this was a quality item from this order. I think it was around $15 or so for this dress or possibly more, but I bought it because I really liked its collar. Not a bad buy – the dress length is also pretty good for me too.

7 Skirts and shorts


Well, this was a pretty good quality skirt – has a lining and it’s a bit different. I was going to wear this as an underskirt thing, and I think it’ll do the trick quite well. It’s also good enough to be a skirt (which can be worn alone) but I have a feeling it’s a bit too short for that. This was pretty cheap, I think it was like $8 or something, so I’m happy with it. No labels though or anything – which I am not fussed about to be honest. The elastic is really strong and tight though, so the sizing is a wee bit on the small side, but I actually prefer it since it  means that the skirt will stay where it should be 🙂

I ordered this beige skirt – looked amazing in the photos, but is awful in real life. This was the same price as the black polkadot skirt but it’s better off used as a curtain :\ It has a lining but it’s not opaque – it’s still really transparent D: I can also see the overlocking in the underlining and the skirt is sooooo long that I can pull it up over my chest, add a belt and it’ll be a dress. Even when I do that it makes me look so fat :\ Either way, this is really not my style and I won’t ever really get a chance to wear it – pretty much a shame 😦

Two shorts which I added to my order for around $4 each. These are just for under a dress or skirt as safety shorts – they’re okay in quality as they’re made of cotton. I have a feeling the white shorts are still going to be translucent, but then again, they’re white lol. Fairly cheap for safety shorts ^.^

8 Cardigans

I ordered 2 of the same cardigan ($17ea) in pink and a blue. The pink cardigan isn’t really well made as there is a bit of string popping out of the pocket, and one of the pockets isn’t sewn on all that nicely which is a bit of a shame. The blueish green cardigan however is really well made and I really like it. I think it looks better on me than the pink one.

The size is fairly large (boxy, to be precise) but it’s really quite warm and it’s thick enough even for colder weather. I really like these cardigans a lot – but yes, no tags or labels – and the pink cardigan definitely isn’t so great in quality. Other than that, I’m happy with the price and how warm these are!

9 Dresses and a wrong item

This is a really nice tight hugging dress and it’s really flattering when worn. It’s a bit on the short side (this is an understatement – it’s really a minidress on me) but I really like the vintagey style. In other words, it’s amazing when worn – great for work (well, not really actually – it’s okay for work as a top but not as a dress), really chic, belt isn’t required, and you can even wear it out to an evening party. There are actually little sequins sewn on here and there as a detail, which is pretty cute and overall I really like the piece. There were some problems though – as you can see there’s no label or tag, there are bits of string and fluff coming off the dress (because of the sequins/ material – you need to be careful because they do pull and get longer and longer…) and I actually paid quite a bit for this dress (somewhere between $15-$20) so I was expecting at least a tag.

Last haul (or the one before, I can’t remember) I purchased a vintagey short sleeved dress from this seller which was excellent quality, so I decided to purchase again. Well, the style is beautiful, but the quality is a bit lacking.

Oh, it’s a bit thin as well, but nothing to worry about, this dress comes with a lining, so it’s all good 🙂

This was one of my highlights in this order – this top is gorgeous. I really love it even though I haven’t tried it on yet. Just only one irk – the label is definitely not sewn in the middle – it’s off-centre. It’s a very minor thing, but it’s just something I happened to notice.

I didn’t order this LOL. I distinctively remembered ordering a babydollish beige dress, but for some reason I received this!!!

Well, the style is really nice and it comes with a label and it’s actually fairly warm, but I’m a bit disappointed because this is honestly not really my style and I didn’t order this. Oh well, it’s alright -it’ll look pretty cute worn over a dress or something, so it’s okay.

Another work top – this one when worn is also pretty nice – it’s really nicely fitted and the top part is poofy with a layer of chiffon. It’s just a really unique piece and I really like it. Again, no label or tag though, which makes this seller pretty inconsistent. But what can I say? I really like the vintagey style that this seller has to offer, so there’s not really all that much to complain about – could be a bit cheaper, though. But then again, for getting such unique pieces, it’s probably worth paying that much. These items just look really nice and flattering when worn, so I’m happy. The biggest problem with this top is that the material used for the “stomach” area tends to ride up during the day :\ Every time I reach for something or I find myself walking really fast, the top will just ride up. I recommend wearing something underneath like a singlet, or wearing this with a highwaisted bottom garment to avoid any embarassment during the day (which I experienced), since I had to keep pulling this top down.

10 Simple Black elastic belt

This came in a plastic ziplock bag (a very small one) and that’s about it. I paid $4 or so for this, and the quality is surprisingly quite nice. I bought it because it was so cheap and I needed a plain black belt for work.

Well, I remember that it was possible to get a freebie, but apparently it didn’t happen. Possibly I remember it wrong since it was such a long time ago, but either way, whatever – this was well worth the money. You wouldn’t be able to buy anything similar here for $4. Belts here go for at least $10 and they’re nothing like this.

11 Two pairs of jeans, one which is the wrong colour.

Okay, so these jeans look pretty fat and gross, but they’re actually both skinny jeans and when worn, they actually fit really nicely – the black one is a bit tight around the hips (the design is a bit iffy because it goes in suddenly and squeezes the top part in a really unnecessary way – or rather, the workmanship isn’t good, because my left hip hurt whereas my right hip felt comfortable) and the material is thick, stiff and coarse. But the blue jeans are really comfortable and are really nice and soft – the material is comparable to some expensive jeans I’ve seen in my lifetime that go for around $70 or more so I’m happy with them.

I actually ordered two pairs of BLACK jeans, but I didn’t expect that one pair was going to be blue. Or at least, I saw that they were black in the photos. Either way, all is forgiven because the blue ones are so damn comfy 😛

The blue jeans were from a brand named “Yong” and the black jeans were from a brand named “Mir”. The blue jeans however had a really gross strong smell to them when I took them out of the packaging – it’ll take a few washes to get it out, but like I said, bad smell and wrong colour aside, they are such a perfect fit I can’t really complain.

The best part is that one of these pairs was like $7 and the other pair was $10. Super cheap – jeans are definitely worth buying from Gmarket. I was going to get some more acid wash  jeans but I stopped myself since I only have two days off a week to wear my own clothes.


So there were a few unexpected hiccups in this order – but overall I still feel like I got a good amount of stuff for how much I spent. Basically after unwrapping everything I ended up with a mini mountain of clothes which would fill up a quarter of a wardrobe easily.

I also ordered one other thing (it is for a friend’s present, so I won’t post it up here since it should be a surprise), and everything came in good order. I guess it’s just not the season to have big sales or to give away freebies, but the overall quality is pretty good. In general the pricier items were better in quality but it’s hard to tell since the quality of my cardigans  were so different even though they were the same style and same price.


10 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 13

  1. I really love your hauls, and I actually do read them~ 🙂 And can you please include the stock image or a clearer picture – as most of your pictures are kinda blurry… ><"
    and anyways, for that jacket that you mispurchased, I swear, I saw Hwang Jung Eum wore that in one of the scenes in High Kick through the Roof, even though…I wasn't a fan of it…but she definitely wore something very very very similiar to that!!

    • Thanks for your comment Jenny 😀

      My images are a bit grainy due to my camera settings (and have a few jpeg artefacts because I compress them to load faster on web browsers), but they’re not actually blurry (in terms of an unsteady hand when taking the photo). You’ll see it clearer if you click on the image (or open it in a new tab). WordPress automatically resizes my images to fit onto my blog page, so it makes the images look a bit blurry, but they’re actually fairly large and clear if you view them in full view – though I’m aware that the jpeg artefacts will still always be there since I compress them 😉

      I don’t know – should I save my images in higher resolutions but use up more of people’s bandwidth to load? Hehe – maybe next time I’ll save the images in the next better setting 😉

      Thanks for letting me know 😀 I’ve actually sold that jacket off to a friend, but now you’ve made me want to watch HKTTR XD

  2. wow that’s a lot of stuff XD haha despite the wrong item I think you purchased a good deal! :3 I have to check out the sleeping pack…but I’m going to wait when I fly to somewhere in asia to buy because its cheaper there XD

    As always…I like Etude House’s packaging XD I’m always suck into wanting to buy their product due to their packaging =u=””

  3. Hi, i would like to know, from which seller did you buy the laneige sleeping mask packs? it would be nice if you could share. thanks 🙂

  4. oh so these fit you? just wondering, if you dont mind sharing, how tall are you and how much do u weigh? o: idk if gmarket will be too big for me..

    • I order size 66 (55 is smaller and available). I am 164cm tall and typically wear a size 8-10 au/uk size. Or, I generally wear a size small. If you usually wear XS you will fit into size 55.

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