Randomness galore

I would have a lot of cool things to blog about, but none of my parcels have arrived.

Yes, slow parcels are slow. I’ve tried my best to speed things up (cancelled items from my Gmarket order), but it still hasn’t left Korea yet. It’ll come soon though, so I’ll have something to write about next week (as in this week) 😀 Oh- but I did get this:

A pack of 10 pairs of eyelashes from eBay.

I ordered these off eBay ages ago. For those who remember my Twitter complaints, I got a refund for these (I waited a month and nothing came) – then these came in the mail after being refunded several weeks D:

Well, long story short I sent back the payment of $1.53AUD to the seller since I received the goods and I’m fairly happy with the quality. Not excellent, but since they were so cheap, what should I expect? Yes, $1.53AUD shipped for 10 pairs! These are gonna last me forever, considering I don’t really wear false lashes… only tried them once and haven’t touched them since. I’ll try to wear these often… I think they’re a great alternative to mascara 😉 But anyway, this seller has 10 different types of lashes to choose from. I chose 003, which is just a medium to long crisscross lash – pretty much one of the most natural looking lashes. WAITING TO TRY THESE 8B

April Fools

I worked on April Fools and there was basically… very little business. Of course business is slow; it’s a slow season and there aren’t any particular special events going on at the moment – but we had experienced such silence we basically had to entertain ourselves the best we could. My way of getting rid of boredom is doodling – I haven’t doodled in such a long time, but surprisingly I’m still not bad at  it (the same old very cartoonish 2D dot faces LOL). I drew the girl first, then my colleagues nagged me to draw her a guy LOL – I kinda taped her onto the larger piece of paper if you look closely – but oh well, that was (temporarily) entertaining.

I didn’t just draw that though – we also had this:

I didn’t write the little note, but I wrote the Chinese, which translates to “save meeeee” hahaha

… my colleague then took this and left it on our boss’ desk LOLOLOLOLOL. When he returned he was like “WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS?! DON’T PUT THIS ON MY DESK!!” hahahahaha. I guess that was the main highlight of the day.

A random, but lovely gift

A leather Oroton hair bow! It was a random gift from a colleague – there are three of us and we’re the hair bow sisters! We each got one bow (the others being silver and gold in colour) – and I get the box XD THANK YOU! This is the spirit of my workplace, for those who were curious – we generally just do things pretty freely. Random drink shouts and gifts etcetera – at this rate it’s actually better than having a boyfriend, knowing you have awesome friends 😛

The bow is really soft – I’m not 100% sure if it’s really leather or not (box doesn’t say). The only way you actually know it’s an Oroton bow is that on the end of the bow it has OROTON stamped on the leather… but on the underside of the leather, so it’s a bit pointless since you can’t see it unless you really point it out to someone.

A set of three hair bows retails for $55AUD or $65AUD. I’m not meant to know the price, but it was on the box LOL – pricey bows o.o But thanks so much dear BB!

My first student :’D

After literally years of nagging from either parents or friends who have been telling me that I’m fit enough to be a tutor, I have finally now got a student :’D I’m ecstatic beyond words because he’s really hard working and has all the work done for me to review, so it’s not like turning up to class without any work. Diligent student FTW! What surprises me the most is that he has everything more or less under his control – this is the complete opposite to when I first studying – all I remember was that everything was hectic. I was stressed, confused and we all had no idea what the lecturers expected for submissions. I think the silliest thing we did was we rarely asked people “what are you doing for this project?” – we mostly tried to do things on our own, even though it was way too difficult for us to handle on our own. Thinking back, I should have asked for help – and this is what my student is doing – which is actually really smart.

We only really started asking around after maybe 2 years of study LOL – so yeah, we were pretty slow :\

Anyway, I highly doubt that I’ll be tutoring my student on the long term, but just for the next few weeks would be good. I’m always happy to talk about stuff I know – I sometimes forget that I’m trained to see things in detail in my field of study. Now all I do is look at diamonds, if not opals pretty much all day long~ but I enjoy doing that so… XD

In summary, I can really feel that my life is really improving. I’m not worried about income, and there’s no stress from deadlines or other things I had to go through during my study at uni. Sure, there are a lot of things in my life I feel are missing or that can be improved, but for the meantime things aren’t too bad. Things are becoming “routine” for me – let’s just hope that it lasts for as long as it can 🙂

Seriously, the next post will definitely be a review – until next blog!

PS: I got tricked by some crappy April Fools article saying that Big Bang would be holding a world tour and possibly landing in Australia in July – I WAS EXCITED DAMN IT. I WAS READY TO POUR MY MONIES AND OVARIES FOR IT. BUT NO. IT WAS A CRUEL JOKE. DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN OK – K.


2 thoughts on “Randomness galore

  1. i’ve read about these 10(+) pairs of lashes in a box that are very cheap…but I never knew the brand…I guess its just call Taiwan? lol I don’t wear false lashes…i’ve only worn them…2-3 times in my whole life and that was only for a couple of minute…even though it took me literally half an hour to put them on =u=” I’m too lazy to get good at it even though I think its a better alternative then applying eyeliner (i suck at that too) since the falsies will give the apparence of a darkened line on the eye XD It’s just so hard putting them on T__T;;;

    Where do you work at? XD I want to work at a place that lets me doodle and have fun with the other workers hahaa

    And congratulation, you get to tutor! 😀 I’m glad you feel that you’re life is improving… I cant say the same for me U_U” boo.

    • Lol, I guess that should be the brand name – but I guess any cheap box of 10 would do (I usually just look at the pics and decide if I like the way the lashes look). I find it really hard to glue eyelashes too! I take forever because I’m paranoid they’d fall off. I glue them under my real lashes though (in segments) and still have the eyeliner – it’s pretty cool because they actually stick and you don’t need to curl your lashes (one less thing to do!).

      I work at a jewellery store full time – it’s a quiet season, so we usually just chat hehe. We just have lots of random paper and well, yeah 😛

      Well, my life only improved for a few days – lol. I’m sure your life is going to improve for sure! I’m just hoping that I can keep it up for now~

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