Oh wow, so it’s been yet another week of postless posts…

Dessert Late Night Thursdays

Usually every Thursday the girls at work order dessert since we close up later than usual.

This week however, when my workmate called to order our usual dessert (I honestly don’t know the name of it in English, but it’s 楊枝金露, which is a coconut milk, sago based dessert with mango and pomelo added in), she was told that… there were no mangoes. Well honestly speaking, if there are no mangoes, then it’s not that dessert >_>;;

We called again on Saturday actually – this time they told her that there would be no mangoes for the next couple of months… so I guess we won’t be able to eat that for a while :\ I guess we’ll be eating Meet Fresh or ordering Chatime for winter…

Real Slow Friday

On Friday a bunch of  the archi guys came around to visit me at work. The conversation went along the lines of “hey you didn’t go to graduation”, “…oh, yeah, I’m not planning to go…”, “… it was today… >_>”, “… OH WHAT… Oh, yeah, that’s right…”.

True fact – I forgot my own graduation date trololol – well to be fair I was working and I was just very tired and sick. I think it’s just a very bad change in weather, lack of sleep, extreme dehydration etc – I just haven’t been very sharp lately. I’ve just been so tired that when people ask me what products are available I kind of forget. It’s alright though – because not everyone who comes in asking for a particular thing will actually buy it even if you have it (does that make sense?). We get a lot of those customers these days – kinda annoying, but what can you possibly do?

Super Saturdays

Onto other random/ exciting/ not-so exciting matters, my two Saturdays at work have been quite eventful as there is a pre-work colleague gathering at a Hong Kong style coffee house where we have breakfast before work starts. I’m amazed at their $6.50 menu (depending on the option, it usually includes a drink, if not, another small side dish- but $6.50!!!) and the fact that the waitresses don’t use notepads to take your order. The best part is that your food arrives within 5 minutes of ordering. WTH – why did I not go there before?!

On a side note, I also got my colleagues addicted to Gmarket (my bad, my bad) so they’ve been happily browsing the site despite not knowing any Korean. I am so proud of them ❤

To date they’ve probably ordered (in total between 4 people almost $1000AUD – EEP – I did not mean to impose such a hole in their bank accounts – I SWEAR!)

I myself have put in another order (just today, actually) since it’s winter and I will be lacking in winter-y clothes. I actually sold my trench coat from the latest Gmarket haul to my work colleague (because she’s tiny [in a “omg I wish I were your size” way] / a size 6) so I’m actually in need of a woollen jacket. I really wanted to get a poncho/ cape, but I’m not really too sure considering that there’s a great possibility that updraft wind would lead to losing body warmth due to poor insulation. I shall ponder on that, despite knowing that ponchos are definitely popping up all over Sydney (though I don’t know how long they’ll be in fashion for – for all I know, Ugly Betty tried to make it big, but it didn’t quite happen – that was a long time ago, too).

Bought a 1.9L hot water thermos for my mum. I remember going there about half a year ago with my mum and it was a whopping $97 or so – I stole grabbed it at $52. I don’t know why it’s so much cheaper than before :\ If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll give you the whereabouts for it. The brand of the thermos is Tiger, which is one of the best Japanese brands for kitchen homewares.

So expensive your eyeballs will drop out of their sockets

I visited David Jones today because I was in a need of an extra pair of work shoes – everything is just too expensive. The discounted items (which look really ugly and aren’t in brand spanking new condition since they’ve been on display since yonks) were still over $400 after discount. FOUR CHUNKS OF MOOLAH. I also checked out the Marc Jacobs flats… $250 for synthetic leather. CRYING, SRSLY. Designer goods in Australia are way too expensive – that is all I have to say.

Previously on jewellery matters

So, I had a staff order for Thomas Sabo around 2 months ago – my charm didn’t arrive for a very long time due to it being on backorder. I am now pleased to announce it arrived about 2 weeks ago. Stunning, awesome, etc –

RRP Prices: Rose Quartz bracelet – $57AUD; Handbag Red Enamel Heart Charm – $119AUD

I’m glad I chose this charm because it really looks nice and it was better than what I had expected. The silver came very clean and white out of the packaging, so I was really pleased! No weird marks/ flaws like the earrings I ordered. YAY.

My biggest problem with Thomas Sabo products is that dun dun dun they get scratched. If you look very carefully at the silver lining along the side of the charm (not the handles, but the side of the handbag) the silver edge isn’t smooth – that’s because it was smooth, but after just a week of wearing the charm, the silver has scratched and warped. Admittedly it’s not such a big problem as the problem will be more on the edge of the charm (which there isn’t much silver on to begin with) than the handles, but you just really need to be careful with it. I think the worst part is that the edge is where the Thomas Sabo logo is engraved… now that it’s scratched you can barely see it clearly. That’s a bit sad, because the only part of the branding on the charm is now destroyed :\ I reckon it should have been engraved on the handles, since my handles are still in very good condition. Anyway, silver is a metal that is soft – please take care of it.

Because of this reason I honestly don’t recommend filling up the bracelet with the maximum three charms – I’ve just got one and I think that’s enough (I bought a large one so that I only needed one) – if you have more than one, they will pretty much hit each other and scratch each other.

My verdict on Thomas Sabo overall – it’s fun, they’ve got a lot of cute designs and designs to suit all ages. The price of a bracelet most probably will be cheaper than a Pandora bracelet (especially if you limit your charms) but take good care of your charms. The silver quality is quite good, but remember to check over your products carefully and often – they may require cleaning more often than you think.

And so I have finally also completed my Pandora bracelet. FINALLY.

I’ve been spending money building this bracelet for the past 2 months and now that it’s done I feel liberated since I don’t feel obliged to buy more, and it doesn’t bother me now since there are no gaps. I could be insane and say “TIME TO START A NEW ONE” – but seriously, no thanks, I’m done and I’m happy with it.

As you can tell, everything is still nice and silvery (I wear it daily – I no longer clean it daily with a cloth, but I do it at least twice a week) and in pretty good new condition. I don’t really want to scare anyone, but the RRP price of my completed bracelet is $1307AUD (it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out – just calculate/ find the beads on the Pandora catalogue and you’ll be able to calculate it – I’m just writing it here to save you all the trouble ;)). It only struck me yesterday that it was the cost of a pretty decent Louis Vuitton bag and this is just made of silver and the random bit of 14 carat yellow gold. Holy crap. I could actually buy diamonds with that amount of money :S But oh well, I reckon the trend will soon be that everyone is going to own a Pandora bracelet at some stage of their life – so now that I’ve done and completed that I can move onto other things.

Don’t get me wrong though, I actually really really like my bracelet. I picked out all the beads that suit my theme, and beads I believe are nice or pretty/ cute – I also chose the ones that I believed were best value for money. It has a certain aesthetic that probably requires an acquired taste to appreciate, but it’s my bracelet and I know nobody else has the same one. Of course though, if you really liked my bracelet you could just copy the whole thing and thread it exactly the same order – no problem at all (though it’d be nice if you didn’t :P). But anyway, my time with Pandora (or rather, spending money on Pandora) has come to an end. Now I can save up money to buy other stuff. YAY!

So that’s it for today’s post. Sorry it’s so boring and just mostly random stuff I’ve been buying and all – I just don’t really have anything really really exciting to share. Thanks to all those who have been visiting my at work, so a shout out to the archi peeps (again) and lovely members of the Lovigans ❤

PS: Gmarket post will come whenever it arrives. Also – I put in another order for Sasa (I KNOW I SAID I WOULDN’T) – and voilá they are stocktaking once again – my order gets delayed by several weeks. This is blasphemy! GRRR. But then again I did it because there was something quite cheap that I wanted (well, cheaper than everywhere else anyway) – will update on that later… whenever it happens to arrive. Eurgh.


7 thoughts on “Oh wow, so it’s been yet another week of postless posts…

  1. Pretty bracelets! :3 I really like your Pandora one. I think that people should be able to spend their money in ways that makes them happy? 😀

    And wow, no mangoes for a few months? XD Hopefully you can find something else to eat in the meantime.

    What happens when you miss your graduation? Is that when you get your certificate?

    • Lol very true – as long as you’re happy spending the money then it’s worth it! ^^

      Haha yeah, I guess that’s about right since there are no mangoes during winter… but oh well, we’ll eat Meet Fresh or something instead – not much we can do about it XD

      Well you can tell the university if you’re attending or not – what I did was put my status as not attending. My uni gives us 3 options – attending (you get your certificate on the day), not attending+ mail (they mail the certificate to you), not attending+ pick up (you pick up the certificate). I put mine as not attending+ mail, so it should be mailed to me some time. 😛 I’m pretty sure that’s the standard set of options most unis should give, so yeah, you’ll get your certificate either way somehow in the end ^.^

  2. lol i read “mango” and I googled what “楊枝金露” is XDDD It looks so good! I bet it would taste good if it actually had mangos in it lol

    They don’t use notepads to take down your order? And food is ready in 5 min??? O_O I need to find one of those places too =w= I dislike waiting when I’m hungry.

    Gmarket… I never bought anything from the site..but wow did I spend a lot of time window shopping on it lol

    I’m still in the hunt for a good pair of pumps that will be comfortable for long hours of walking in…but like you… I’ve only seen ugly pairs that are on “sale” =w= meeeh.. I am currently too fed up to try to find anymore lol

    I told myself to not get into the pandora trend..because I know it will be hard to finish ^^;;; Especially when I dont have the money for it and I hate incomplete processes hanging around.

    I cant wait to see your gmarket haul :3 !!!

    We’re PEN BUDDIES?! =DD So kuul, I don’t know anyone who has a PEN!!

    • It’s pretty yummy! It’s really nice with the mango, but honestly speaking none of us like the pomelo/ grapefruit in it >_< Slightly coconut-ey but also the mango – I'll miss it during the winter months XD I'm sure they'll have it over where you are at an Asian dessert place P:

      Lol I think that type of restaurant largely exists in Asia – I think we're all too used to the electronic touch screen note pad that waiters/tresses use these days – without any notepads and fast food reminds me of the street stalls in Hong Kong where you can solve a meal with just $10HKD~

      IA – most sale items are just crap 😦 I want to be at a good sale for once where they actually have a few goodies for grabs! (This is usually never the case in Sydney, sadly :()

      With Pandora, I personally recommend designing the entire bracelet and saving enough money to make it in one go (or in 3 goes – so you buy one third each time). From experience, buying one bead at a time doesn't look as good as buying in bulk. I know what you mean by it being incomplete, just that one gap on my bracelet really annoyed me ^^;;

      Thanks 😀 AND YES PEN BUDDIES!! I think it'll take a teeny bit more time for people to catch onto the micro 4/3s trend, but once that's underway there'll be many more PEN buddies to come – Olympus so far seriously has the best value and quality for money P:

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