I’ll make this 500 words or less, to spare your eyes…


I didn’t realise how long it has been since I last blogged and I was talking about blogging twice a week? Pffft shame on me. I’ll probably do an actual post later on this week – I’ve just been completely bogged down from work – I get pretty tired so once I get home I pretty much don’t want to do much, let alone type. Full time work is energy draining  – I didn’t realise how sleep deprived I was until the last few days when I really felt so tired that I didn’t even know how to position myself because even resting was tiring :\

Anyway, apart from that mostly everything in life is pretty fine.

The hottest topic at the moment in my life is a round of graduation ceremonies taking place this week. I must say this (though unintentionally, because it was so long ago) that I did once feel bitter about my own graduation – I sent out a round of emails to friends but they were mostly ignored. I had an early graduation (after 3 years of uni) but very few people turned up – for those who did I really appreciated it. Now that I see friends posting up their graduation invitations and congratulating each other I can’t help but think “wow, to you it was a great deal, but when it comes to me it’s not” sort of thing. Mind you, I didn’t go around openly inviting people, I sent personal emails so I didn’t make a huge fuss out of it – but still, really? I don’t really get why people make a big deal out of graduations. I understand why people feel like they’ve accomplished something or feel like they deserve a huge “congrats” from friends and family, but I’m just in the stage where I’m so over these things. I mean, alright – feel proud, invite a few people – but don’t go around making it seem like such a huge deal. I dunno, am I making much sense here, or is it because I’m indifferent because of what happened before? But okay, fair enough, since it’s their first graduation I’ll cut some slack 😛

My Masters graduation ceremony is actually on this Friday but I opted out of it since I figured there was no point in a second graduation ceremony. Nothing changes – only the colour of the scarf – I don’t even get a different hat, and it’s pricey to hire graduation gear since you’re on the stage for about 30 seconds flat. Usually I don’t care about expenses like that but after I started working I feel that earning money is quite difficult – I find it hard to save up, and no matter how long I save for it’s still so hard to accumulate enough money to buy the things I want. Anyway, I digressed – the main point is that it is my ceremony – I’m just not going to it – yet people ask me “hey are you coming to my ceremony/ graduation?” – shouldn’t it be our graduation?

Either way, I’ve been working and slowly the things that are necessary in life have pretty much stood out to me – academic qualifications are a part of life, but aren’t necessary – what’s necessary is the ability to be able to achieve a balance in life – to be able to earn enough to buy the things you want and to stay happy and healthy. Other than that, graduation ceremonies or schmeremonies – whatever. For those who haven’t reached ceremonies, you’ll probably understand what I mean a few years down the track, long after you’ve already graduated lol.

Anyway, same drill – anything interesting or amusing will be linked on my Twitter, so you can stalk that while I’m not really posting. I’ll churn out something in the next few days. I’ve just been tired for the past week – I was pretty much staring at opals for 3 days in a row to the point it made me really hate looking at them lol. Until next blog!


6 thoughts on “I’ll make this 500 words or less, to spare your eyes…

  1. Hi misa k,

    this my first time commenting on someone’s blog whom i do not know personally but i feel a need now.. just so i can let you know that your blog has distracted me pretty badly in the midst of preparing for my examinations! hah. i’ve been reading most of your posts the past week and i just enjoy them (especially those relating to your life), because somehow i relate to you.
    I’m not residing where you are so i can never meet you (haha) but i hope you will be able to meet more people like you wish too!
    Will keep checking for your posts.. or i’ll probably just subscribe..


    • Hi Van,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I’m really honoured that you’ve taken some time out to read my blog and can relate to what I write about ^^ I hope for now that you can study well for your exams – don’t worry because my blog posts will always be here lol ^^ Well, although we might not meet in person, we’ve already met online – thanks so much for taking the time out to comment, I really appreciate it ❤

  2. Oh dear, even resting is tiring? That’s not good, you need to rest from all the work =( I hope you get some rest soon. I agree, I never understood what the big fuss was about over graduation… in fact, I didn’t attend my own graduation… My friends asked me why didn’t I go to my graduation and that we could have taken pictures together. I get that people feel accomplish and want to celebrate too, but I still dont see what the big deal is. I’m sorry that your invites were ignored, if I were your friend I would have at least replied to tell you if I’m free or we should go have lunch and it’ll be my treat or something.

    I think people say “your” graduation because graduation is not really about a whole, but a narcissistic way to gloat that you’ve earned a degree on paper. (lol sorry if that was too negative)

    I agree, a balance in life is more important. Its nice that at least you have a job. I’m still unemployed =(

    lol I told myself to blog twice a week too… such a failed.

    • Thanks for your comment ❤
      Yeah, resting turns into restlessness :\ I found myself finding random stuff to do at work (even though my workmates told me I didn't have to do anything) – eurgh :\
      I'm glad I've found someone who agrees with graduations being such a buzz for no reason! \o/ If it helps, I think "negatively" that way too lol – for some reason everyone really focuses on themselves and want to sound all cool having finished study – but I think it's better as a collective thing – without your fellow students you can't do groupwork and then graduate… but oh well, if that's what they like it's up to them. I agree with the taking photos thing too.. but IMO spending over $150 just for about 3 hours' worth of hire (not to mention it doesn't even look great) is pretty pointless [though some people may not agree, but hey I pay for my stuff with my own money so…].
      Thanks once again, you’re too sweet! ♥ I know people ignore Facebook events, but emails is a bit… but such is life~ 😉

      I’m sure you’ll get a job very soon 😀 Ganbatte ne! I went through that phase but there was a chance waiting for me just around the corner, so I’m sure you’ll be employed in no time ^^

      (Hehe IKR – blogging is too hard to keep up with ^^;; But it's okay, because well, we’re the boss of our own blogs :P)

  3. I’ve been to 3 graudations this month already and another one to go next Friday. More than celebrating anything it’s like a reunion of sorts. XD I didn’t tell anybody about my grad, I didn’t think it was such a big thing, but they figured out when it was anyway and turned up which was nice of them.

    • I agree, it’s like a reunion – I guess maybe in my case the people in my course do meetups anyway so I don’t really value seeing them at a graduation all that much ^^;;
      That’s so nice of your friends ❤

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