Pandora Part 2

Well, today is Sunday and it marks the end of my first week working full time. I’ll be working full time from now on so I believe my posts will get shorter as time goes by, but I’ll definitely try to squeeze in a post at least once a week like usual. I know my posts have been a bit slow lately, but I’m trying my best. At the moment I’m actually feeling slightly sick probably because of the sudden change of weather – I’ve come down with some annoying sniffles, but they are nothing more than mere annoying sniffles; in other words, I haven’t come down with a cold or anything – it’s just a really bad reaction to the weather, I think.

Today I shall write about Pandora again! This time with an updated photograph of my bracelet which I’m slowly (lol what an understatement) filling up. I’m actually missing 2 beads as you can probably guess – one of them is actually always on backorder (read: very popular and even Pandora doesn’t have stock), whereas the other bead is unknown. Yes, I don’t know what my last bead will look like as I haven’t decided on it yet – nothing in particular stands out to me at the moment, since everything I have on my bracelet is actually more or less the beads I like best from Pandora.

We have customers come in and ask us how much it would cost to thread an entire bracelet – some ask “don’t you need $500 to complete a Pandora bracelet?” – there are two possible answers. One is a courteous one saying “no, it doesn’t need $500” as we respect that not all customers want to actually fill up a bracelet. The other response would be “oh not really, you probably need at least a thousand.” Either way, it doesn’t go down well – when we give the first answer and a customer asks the price of an expensive bead, they’ll be like “tsk, I told you so, you need $500” – or if we give the latter answer they’ll be like “what if I only thread one silver bead?” – either way it’s a lose lose situation for a sales rep.

For those who are curious and want to know, Pandora has a fully beaded gold bracelet with gold charms retailing for $8000+. Two-tone is approximately half of that. But like I said, you don’t need that much money to fill up a bracelet.

Ah crud, one of my beads isn’t showing itself. OH WELL. Said bead is the one next to my handbag bead – it’s actually a dangling heart 😦

I don’t think gold beads are necessary (they are however a sign of wealth :P). Some stones, glass beads and a few two-tone beads are enough to give your bracelet a bit of colour and variation.

My current bracelet value is just a little over a thousand AUD. To put it into perspective that’s roughly the cost of a decent laptop, iPhone4 or a brand new micro 4/3s camera. Actually it’s also the price of a designer handbag, lol. Instead of this bracelet I could have bought an 18K white gold bangle with approximately 0.30carats of diamond, or a mid-level automatic Swiss made watch. Different people like different things – but well, when I wear this it certainly doesn’t feel like a thousand bucks on my wrist lol. Probably because I get a staff discount and to me it’s easy peasy or something – I don’t really know. Another thing is that the money you spend on the bracelet will be gradual, not in one go, so it feels like you’re spending less than what you are spending. One thing for sure though is that it is fun, and you can be as creative as you like with your bracelet, which is the best part of it all. You can fill up as much or as little as you want, and you can fill it up at your own pace.

Don’t be taken aback by the current value of my bracelet, because it’s not going to shoot up in value – I’m only missing two beads lol, so it’s not going to make much of a difference. A 95% filled bracelet as such at that pricetag actually isn’t bad, and it’s not even entirely silver – there are actually precious/ valuable things on it, which makes it special to me.

Anyway, that’s my short insight on the bracelet thus far – as you can tell it’s not balanced, because I’m waiting on my (second) last bead to have plenty of stock because I can buy it. I shall now head to sleep because my sinus is driving me insane.

Until next blog!

PS: I’m very broke this week! Not only did I buy Pandora I got my mum something for mother’s day – a bit early, I know, but I’ve hid it somewhere in my room so it’ll be a surprise for her! 😛


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