Gmarket Haulage 12: Night and Day, Australia Post fails once again.

I know, I shouldn’t be ordering, but I finally accumulated enough monies and decided I was running out of eyeliner (since liquid eyeliner is now my new love and I use it 5/7 days if not more because of work) and a warm winter jacket so I went ahead and ordered. Oh, and I also managed to rip both pairs of my black stockings from the previous Gmarket order – serves me right for ordering like $1.50 stockings – but oh well, such is life.

The ordering process was fast and I received my items pretty much within a week from ordering – with the exception of dun dun dun Australia Post. Seriously, this EMS guy – I don’t even know why he even bothers. He “left us a card” and wrote 24/2 (24th February) on the box – (1) We didn’t get carded (2) Parcel was still in Korea on the 24th. It was just a blatant lie. My mum had to pick it up from the Post Office for me (I gave her the details of the parcel) without a card, and the post office worker was like “oh no it says that…”  HOW ABOUT NO. We picked up the parcel on the 1st of March (tracking website says it arrived at the post office on the 28th of February). IF we were carded on the 24th February, please do the math – that’s NOT express messenger service by ANY means. Seriously. The stupidest thing was I got the card in my mailbox on the 2nd of March AFTER we picked it up (at least CHECK the parcel is still in the Post Office instead of lazily writing a card, forgetting to put it into our mailbox – or is it because you can’t even find our mailbox to begin with???). I pay money to have EMS parcels at MY place either via card or manual delivery one or two days the parcel actually arrives in Australia, NOT several days afterwards – if that was what I wanted I could have paid for registered instead. REALLY? REALLLY?!

That aside I’m fairly pleased with my items, with the exception of maybe one or two items. I’ll write why.

Firstly – I apologise for some of the photos – I had taken a few during nighttime because that’s the time I can take photos since I get home lateish because of work. I managed to retake some photographs, but nothing too detailed. Just bear with me (people, it’s bear not bare which means to remove clothing) and I hope these photos shall suffice 🙂

  1. Stockings and pants (as in, legging pants)
  2. Wool trench coat
  3. Etude House
  4. Black flats
  5. Laneige sleeping pack samples

1. Stockings and Legging pants

Well, as I already said, I ripped my cheap stockings and decided that black legging pants weren’t bad (since they’re relatively cheap, opaque and are really nice fit – of course I wear them under a dress, and not really as pants) so I tried this seller since they were really cheap and had a lot to choose from. Everything was around $4 or $5 so I ordered a bunch of stuff.

As you can tell, the packaging for various things actually varied a lot to looking decent, to looking plain cheap. I think the quality should be alright – but as you can probably see the second pair from the right is grey – it was meant to be a sparkly black but I guess that was a slight unfortunate miscommunication in colour. The purple leggings are for fun (ie. everything black in this photo is obviously meant for my work uniform dress code – sad sad sad – but work is not equal to life! Therefore you should buy stuff you want to wear on your rare days off ;D) and that’s really about it. I haven’t taken anything out of the packaging, but I’m just having my fingers crossed that it’s alright. So far, it looks decent.

2. Wool trenchcoat

I was really really really really really looking forward to this because the coat is absolutely gorgeous. I knew that if I was going to pay around $30, it was going to be stunning, amazing etc. And it is. It comes with a belt and another thing you can attach to the back of the coat to cover your shoulders. There is some weight to this coat and it’s fairly heavy and thick, but the lining is excellent, the cut is excellent and the buttons aren’t cheap at all.

My biggest problem is that I accidentally ordered the wrong size 😦

I’m a size 66 in Korean tops (and bottoms for that matter) and I accidentally chose size 55 instead 😦 I think it was mainly to do with the fact that it was late, I got home from work and had to push the order through – possibly the sizes were in alphabetical order rather than size order, so I picked the latter option by mistake. This is a lesson to all of you – please choose the right item – I chose the right item but the wrong size! I’m so gutted but I know there’s no way I can return this to Gmarket since it’ll cost way too much to return. My only choice is to either suck it up and wear it anyway (which I can, but it’s tight since I have broad shoulders), or to sell it off.

It’s honestly a beautiful coat and you can’t buy this here in Australia without spending close to $200, I can promise you all on that. For now, I’ll just have to keep losing weight and hope my arms turn into sticks so I can wear this lovely thing. This was the saddest yet happiest thing I received in this order – how unfortunate 😦

3. Etude House haul

Etude House changes their freebies every month and offer different gifts with purchase depending on how much money you spend. This month there was an option whereby you spend between 30,000- 50,000 Won and get a free Miss Tangerine cup (Miss Tangerine is the new line of orange cosmetics which Dara of 2NE1 is currently endorsing). I didn’t like any of the other gifts, and if I spent over 50,000Won I would have received something else. I truly had a difficult time cutting down the cost of items just to get the free cup D: But the cup is really nice 😀

I ordered an AC pink powder spot treatment – I watched a Youtube video on a similar product (you dip a cotton tip into the solution, get a bit of the powder on the bottom and apply it to pimples – apparently it’s very effective) and hoped that this has the same effect. I was surprised to see that it comes in a pack with cotton tips and an acne cleanser included. I think this was around $12 or something, so I’m pleasantly surprised, but I thought the bottle would have been larger. Oh well.

I also stocked up on the Proof 10 eye primer (it’s a must if you don’t want flakey eyeliner), and ordered an Etude House Aqua Tint, which is a red tint (also comes in a hot pinkish colour) which can be used on the lips. I was planning on using it as a liquid blusher to speed up my morning routine, so I’m looking forward to using it. I also ordered a moistfull collagen eyecream since my mum keeps raving on about it – so I decided to complete my set (if you remember last time I hoarded the emulsion and toner sets XD).

Last but not least, Code B Cream eyeliner. Comes in a small frosted glass (?) pot and a brush. The brush has a cap and the cap can be attached to the lid of the eyeliner pot, so you don’t lose the brush. Handy! I hope that it’s really good and all, because I wanted to order the Oh m’eye Line liquid liner in black, but Etude House was out of stock :\

Overall I’m happy with Etude House, except they really do bundle everything in so much bubble wrap it’s ridiculous – like the eye primer already has a box but the bubble wrap was like 5-6 layers thick! Another thing if you haven’t realised is that they’re being a bit stingy on the freebies – they used to include lots, but now there are no samples at all – just the gift with purchase. That’s alright still, but I thought that they would have included at least one sample, but they didn’t.

4. Black flats

This time I tried a different seller (since the last seller refused to sell me a pair of $3.50 shoes with free domestic shipping :P) – these flats equated to approximately $6 but I paid the 2,500Won domestic shipping fee. The gift was a pair of shoe inserts, which are really really bad quality. >_> The shoes came wrapped in a fibre bag each which was nice, and they were nicely stuffed with tissue paper which was held by those wire rods shoes have these days. The faux leather is really soft and excellent quality – it doesn’t give you blisters and they are really nicely sized, and it also has a non slip sole which is really surprising to see – however there were a few problems.

The back part of the shoe is too low so the elastic doesn’t hold onto your foot enough – it slips off your foot easily. My right foot is considerably smaller than my left, and my right shoe slips off once pretty much every 15 steps I take. I tried to put an insole in to fix the problem, but it didn’t do much for me at all. The design of the shoe was just not right to begin with :\

In the second image you can also tell that the decoration is already off centre and you can see a white patch – that white patch is something like glue. The extra strings you see are on both shoes – in other words, after wearing them to work (approximately 12 hours) both shoes have the strings loosened, and the decoration on my right shoe is already off. Pretty shoddy workmanship, but the synthetic leather softness really makes up for it. Too bad I can’t really wear them unless I wear like thick socks or something…

I’ll have to fix the right shoe once I have some free time, and to actually wear these shoes I’ll have to also think of a way to wear them so that they don’t slip off my heel. It’s unfortunate because they’re nice and soft… but the design really let this one down.

5. Laneige Sleeping Pack Samples

I ordered 4x20ml Laneige Water Sleeping Pack sample jars because I was having some trouble with my skin’s moisture levels. I usually do a sheet mask maybe once every 2 weeks, but because I’m tired, I usually skip any long skincare routines. I hoped that this would at least be a good substitute and because I haven’t tried Laneige before, I was hoping it’d be good.

It’s actually pretty good – it actually smells like the liquid you get in a sheet mask. It absorbs quickly and has a nice cooling effect – moisturises okay – but I’ll write more on this in another post (an actual review).

Anyway, Laneige samples are a lot cheaper than the actual product – if you do the math, there’s 80ml worth of mask, and I paid $9 for it. The 80ml jar sold by Laneige retails at around $17 – it’s not rocket science to figure that you can get the same amount of stuff for about half the price, so I was fairly pleased and looking forward to this.


I was pleased with my items. Even though my shoe decorations are pretty much falling off, I still like them aside from the fact I can’t really wear them without wearing them like slippers. I also am in love with my wool trench but I’m really sad that I ordered the wrong size… if it was a size 66 everything would have been perfect, but that was my own fault and I have nobody to blame for it.

I ordered in total 166, 000Won ish of stuff incuding shipping, which is not bad at all. The shipping estimate was 3.84kg, but the actual weight was 3.91kg which was pretty accurate so I didn’t have to pay any extra. Shipping and everything was fast – just some external factors were negative, but I’m really pleased with this order regardless.


10 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 12: Night and Day, Australia Post fails once again.

  1. The jacket looks lovely.

    I’ve brought socks from gmarket.
    The quality is quite good and the price was about $4-$5 and I got freebies too XD

    I wanna try the Laneige sleeping mask so bad!
    The tangerine cup is really cute ♥~

    could you share the link for the jacket and Laienge sleeping mask please ^-^
    Thanks for the review ^^~

  2. heyah misa, insipired by you to purchase the jacket on gmarket! i need one of those to beat the cold bitter wind in melbourne!

    in fact, i’ve got 2 blazers from realcoco previously and they are of the same material – closest to suede so quite soft in texture. what’s the material of the trench coat that you’ve got? similar? and also how do you determine the fabric material of the garments in gmarket when they are usually part of an image which you can’t copy and paste to translate?

    • Hi,
      I agree! Melbourne is sooo cold! I visited Melbourne last year and even my thickest jacket and scarf just only barely made me comfortable XD

      The trench is made of wool and the texture is a very tightly knitted kind of fabric – but it’s not suede. The best way to describe it is a bit like ribbed felt or woolly tweed.

      Usually you can look at the detailed photo when you click on the item photo and the window pops up with more detailed photos – I usually scrutinise those (usually to see if the jacket comes with a lining or pockets), and guess the fabric texture. I know what fabric texture you mean because I bought a blazer with that texture. I have a total of 3 blazers from them, but they’re all different textures lol – they’re not all that suede texture 😉

      I can actually read Korean though and know enough to read and recognise the word for wool/ knitted wool, so that’s how I knew that this jacket was going to be wool. If it helps you can google translate a few common fabric types (wool, cotton) and jot them down on a piece of paper and then compare it with the hanja on the photo image – it’s a little extra work, but it will make your life a bit easier 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. thanks for the advice, i guess i’ll just have to play a little crossword puzzle in korean then, which imho all look like matrix to me! 101011010110 arrr!

    btw, just thought that i should commend you on your reviews on gmarket so far (yes, i couldn’t stop clicking ‘older posts’!). i thought you have been really informative and most importantly, honest as well as critical in your reviews. i’ve read other gmarket reviews, i don’t mean to sound like a pessimist but they are all too ‘positive’ and ‘perfect’ for my liking. i really appreciate honest, well-researched and constructive opinions. keep up the good work! bookmarked you and hope to speak with you soon =)

    • Lol if you just figure it out in terms of circles, squares and where the strokes are placed (usually perpendicular left, right top or bottom of the longer stroke :P) you shouldn’t have much of a problem ^^

      Thanks for checking out my older posts! Well, with the Gmarket certificates some people like to just quickly show people what they received and make a comment on how cheap it is – mostly because I don’t think everyone likes taking lots of photos and writing lots of stuff (after all, you get to “win” a gift certificate, and it’s the same amount regardless of how much work you put in). I prefer to do extra work and let people know exactly what they’re getting for their money because I do that for pretty much everything else I write about lol.

      Thanks once again for visiting my blog! 😀

  4. Hello! I live in Australia too 🙂 (in Sydney). Did you have any trouble with customs (i.e. get charged with taxes, etc.)? I’m planning to make an order later on this year from Gmarket and I don’t want to be taxed by customs >.> I plan to spend $200 🙂 Thank you for your time!! ^__^

    • Hello,
      You will only be charged stamp duty and tax if you spend over $1000 – this is Australian tax/ import law.
      $200 is fine, you will not need to pay anything. 🙂

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