Time flies so quickly, the plunge into full time work entails

So, it’s already another week once again – time goes by really quickly when I’m working.

On Saturday I dyed my hair with Solfine Professional Colour Dye – it took forever so I couldn’t go out to the city as it would have been a bit too late. I chose the colour 7.0 “Blonde” which sounds really scary, but it was actually a medium brown colour perhaps a shade lighter than my existing hair (which I dyed “Tobacco”). The result was (with 20% developer – my hair is naturally black) pretty evident – I could see the colour, but for some reason it looks… red?

When I first dyed it it looked like a honey brown, but under interior lighting my hair looks red. Eurgh. I am disappoint. Hopefully with a proper wash (I didn’t shampoo my hair which might explain it…) the “red” goes away. It probably will, because my hair has a tendency to get darker over time. Anyway, I took pics, but nothing good enough as a colour swatch so I won’t post them up. I might update about it later, but yeah… that’s it for now.

Sunday (aka today) was essiting stuff – firstly because I get to see a friend I haven’t seen for yonks, and secondly because I actually have photos to post. ZOMG, THIS IS REAL. It’s my last Sunday off, so I had to meet up with uni friend A since her only day off is Sunday (I know, it’s crazy, she works 6 days a week). This was pretty much the last opportunity to meet up, so we did it!

We sat for a pot of tea ($3.50 – chamomile tea) at some cafe in Westfield (forgot the name, but it overlooks Pitt Street and it has a name in a foreign language) and then browsed Westfield. Went into the Thomas Sabo store! They have a lot of stuff lol – must be a nightmare to look up the prices.

We then went here and there, and went into the Pandora store along Pitt Street – very nice, big and airy. Only two sales people?! I was very surprised. But a loooot of gold beads lol. Expensive.

I then took the opportunity to use up my gift card to get a silver bead (the place where I’m working at has sold out on this one – I know, because I sold the last one OTL) that I was planning to get for my bracelet. I bought it at Myer because I had a giftcard – saves me a teeny bit of money, so that’s one less bead to buy. One bead closer to completing the darn bracelet – because I’ve only filled up a third, it keeps rotating because the heavy part (where the beads are) keeps ending up on the underside of my wrist, not on the top where it should be so I can display my bracelet design! Therefore my logic is if I complete the bracelet, it doesn’t matter which part is heavier or how the bracelet rotates around my wrist – you see beads no matter what.

Solid Sterling 925 Silver treasure chest with a lock on one side and a heart on the other; RRP $30AUD.

Like I said before, my bracelet is pink/red with flowers and hearts, so this fits my theme quite well. I would have taken a full photo of the packaging (trust me, every single Pandora retailer does their packaging differently), but I lost the bow they had stickytaped to the little bag 😦 Oh well.

It was around time for lunch and so we hit up one of our favourite hangouts – Takeru! It was a very long time since we’ve went there together. It has been also a very long time since I’ve had a salad for lunch… I kind of forgot about the weight loss thing (note that I’m still very conscious about it, but not as much as I was before because I believe I’m a lot more active than before) 😛

Takeru Salad – $7.60ish with grilled chicken and egg; Takoyaki $6something and in the distance, some tonkotsu ramen $11ish.

I ordered a Takeru Salad and takoyaki to share. You might be like “WTH WHERE IS YOUR CHICKEN” – I actually ate maybe one or two pieces before I remembered to take this photo lol. But yeah, there was significantly less chicken this time than other times – but then I had the takoyaki to compensate for it. It was a really nice salad, and I actually don’t like salads at all. No green tea latte! It’s super fattening since there’s a ball of green tea icecream in it. Need to keep an eye on my weight!

More browsing, chatting and all. Then we headed to Market City and had a drink:

Regular sized Matcha Tea Latte $4.50 with Grass Jelly topping $0.50 extra. I know I sound like a hypocrite – this is a green tea latte – but hey, IT DOESN’T CONTAIN ICECREAM OKAY. And grainy photo is grainy – apologies for my lack of ability to control camera settings in dimly lit environments.

This drink wasn’t bad – usually I get the Matcha red bean milk tea, but I didn’t feel like having red bean. I forgot to say no ice (like every other time) – it probably would have been nicer without the ice, but it wasn’t bad. I think at this rate I should get a membership card – I think I have one of these a week.

The last stop for the day was Morning Glory – I’ve been keeping a close eye on these because the girls at work are obsesssed with them: nail buffers. As one of my colleagues said, “this implement is magical – it’s like it brings out the inner fire of your nail” – lololol but it’s TRUE! I grabbed these two for $5 (if you buy one it’s $2.95ea – so if they charge you $6, say no way – $5!). I also got an eyebrow tweezer because my (very old) Missha eyebrow tweezer sucks major crapballs.

Glossyblossom nail buffers (nail files also available) $2.95ea or 2 for $5; Eyebrow Tweezer, $1.95.

The tweezer isn’t bad – it’s actually pretty good lol. And to think I paid $4 for my Missha one… it makes me facepalm. I used the buffer on my mum’s nails and she was like “WOW IT’S SO SHINY”. The trick is, if you have thin nails, you don’t have to buff your nails that much – just do it very gently and half assedly – then shine your nails (step 2) like crazy. Your nails will thank you for it, because buffing thin nails is not a good idea.

I can now buff my nails at home instead of doing it at work lololol – we do it when it’s quiet though, not like we do it because we’re slacking off okay – we do a lot of stuff!

So today the total cost of my outing amounts to just under $40AUD, which is super amazing, unbelievable and mindblowing because last weekend I must have spent $90 and bought close to nothing. Can you believe it’s possible to spend less than $50 and go out to the city?! Sorry if it sounds like I’m overreacting, but I’m just plain surprised D:

Onto other matters – today was the first time I tried wearing false eyelashes out. My method of gluing the lashes is really good (looks natural, cannot tell where I glued it etc), but the glue itself – facepalm. It’s really good because it sticks really well (I mean, 9 hours and still going strong), but it’s supposed to dry clear… and it was clear, until maybe 7 hours of wear – I noticed globs of white glue balls :\ Now, it’s not too noticeable unless if you lean really closely or if you concentrate hard, but it looks REALLY WEIRD. Maybe I need to perfect my gluing technique (because I suck at gluing things, even though I’ve been making cardboard models for 5 years+). I’ll probably write about it another time – the way I did it made wearing lashes super comfortable and natural looking. But eh – globs of glue. What the heck. I’ll give it another try with a new pair of eyelashes and see if the same thing happens or not.

My next update will probably be before, if not on next Saturday (my second day off of my two days off). Until then, take care and have fun – oh wait – most of you start uni this week 😛 Well, have fun anyway – you can only have fun in the first few werks of uni when nothing’s due in anyway 😛


4 thoughts on “Time flies so quickly, the plunge into full time work entails

  1. i follow you on twitter! XD lol (and that is how I say hi..apparently) ^^;
    Ohhh natural dark hair will always turn shades of red/orange under the light. You can try using a toner (preferably purple, silver, or white toner) to tone down or eliminate the redness (toner+developer)–but of course, it will cause additional damage to your hair T-T;;; I’ve dyed/bleached my own hair so many years before so I know how to eliminate the brassy red/orangeness lol

    I’m seeing this pandora little jewelry everywhere lately…too bad I have no money to get into the trend X_X boo. The salad looks yummy…I love how you list the prices out.. ohh matcha green latte *getting ever so hungry*

    • Hi hi hi 😀 I follow you on twitter too! XD
      Ah yes – the colour thing to counteract the red undertones ;__; Usually I just pick out dyes that look ashy and hope my hair isn’t so red – I guess I was wrong this time (colour looked ashy [!]) but I guess it’ll do since my hair is pretty dry as it is ^^” I’ve seen photos of your hair on your blog – you must really maintain it a lot, but you rock the colour so well 😀

      Hehe Pandora kind of just got really popular lately (even though it’s been around for a while) – Pandora has some cheaper options, but just starting off with the bracelet and just a bead or two shouldn’t hurt tooo much (prices are set to rise – they will here in Australia next month D: eep) Thanks! Hopefully if you ever come down to Sydney you should try out that restaurant P: But I heard that the food over there (I assume you’re in the States?) is really cheap and super yummy compared to here! Thanks so much for dropping by ❤

  2. you are like the only person to blog about solfine, so thank you!
    i just dyed my hair with 8.1 light ash blonde+ 30vol and my hair is such a nice light ashy brown colour!
    you should give it a go 🙂

    • Oooh thanks for your comment and your tip! I’m too scared to use that colour because it looks so light, but since you’ve had good results I might give it a try next next time 😀

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