Etude House Lip and Eye Remover

A fast review. Because we like everything fast – fast food, fast cars, fast men  (I kid about this okay)– anyway, this will be super short and sweet.

Now you see me… now you don’t!

I received a small sample of Etude House’s Lip & Eye remover.

The way to use it is to shake it up (like those mouthwashes you need to shake to activate some chemical thing), apply to a cotton puff, and wipe.

For those who are familiar with cosmetics, this looks exactly the same as the Missha Lip and Eye Remover (well, the old one anyway, unless the new one still looks the same, which I have no idea about) – the colours are the same, the novelty is the same, and they even smell the same. One noticeable difference though is that I think the Missha remover kind of stings a bit on the skin (this is why I don’t use my Missha makeup remover – 100ml of lalaland), whereas the Etude House one doesn’t. The Etude House remover feels fresher, and less oily.

Etude House is also cheaper. Apparently it’s llike $4 for 100ml of remover, whereas Missha’s one I paid around $7 for approximately the same amount of liquid. PRICE K-O.

With just a few drops of remover, I removed the eyeshadow of one entire eye from my Etude House LuciDARLING post. Note that I wasn’t wearing mascara though, but I think it would have removed it. This didn’t remove all my liquid liner though – perhaps I needed some more remover, but as you can see, it removed everything powdery in one go. You can probably tell that I didn’t saturate the whole cotton puff – just the centre, and I didn’t saturate it all that much. Just a few drops and one eye is clean! It didn’t sting my eye or skin, and it left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Imagine using the other side of the cotton square for the other eye – and then you’re done. Didn’t need to scrub or use any force or pressure – great for the sensitive skin around your eyes 🙂

Definitely handy and useful! Though I actually rarely use makeup remover unless I’m super bothered, because I’m pretty stingy when it comes to my cotton squares – mostly because I can only get them from a particular online store which I am trying to avoid spending money on 😛

Like I said, this is fast and a draft hit publish post 😛 It’s almost the weekend again – how time FLIES. Will post again on the weekend, and hopefully have a post with some form of substance.


4 thoughts on “Etude House Lip and Eye Remover

    • Lol you probably already know, but Vaseline as a makeup remover isn’t a bad idea (plus it’s kinda cheap) – I think the Etude remover is fairly mild and might work for you though ^_~

  1. i used this last night and I guess some of it went inside my eyes.. now my vision is kinda blurry 😦 i don’t even know how to make my vision clearer.. 😦 i need help

    • Wash your eyes with plenty of water and see a doctor ASAP if your condition doesn’t improve.
      It shouldn’t be harmful for your eyes because it has been tested before to actually be sold on the market, it could be a bad reaction so seek medical advice.

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