10 minute post

Yes, I’m giving myself 10 minutes to just quickly brief any readers on what crap I’ve been up to the past week.

Finally got a haircut – OMG. Best haircut ever. And I mean this because I’ve been stuck with horrible hair for the past 6-8 months since I got a super sloppy and inexperienced hairdresser from hairdresser N (no secret, just go through my old posts to know which one I mean). Enough is enough! I went back to Kim Sun Young since they were my essentially my hair headquarters. Yeah, the hairwash was really sloppy – it was like a quick lather, rinse, half assed attempt to wash, but not and then a condition. The hairwash literally took 5 minutes and it was the worst hairwash I’ve ever had in my life. But the cut was good! The hairdresser spent a good amount of time cutting and then thinning it out. I was super satisfied with the styling and all in all it was a pleasant haircut, minus the wash. I’d rather a bad wash than a bad haircut any day, so need I say more? I shall never betray KSY ever again and leave it for something else.

Speaking of haircuts – OMG YAY – washed my hair, it’s super sleek, soft, feels healthy/ alive and I actually didn’t shed any hair when I washed it. This was NOT the case with my previous hair cut! Anyway, I just realised that each time I cut my hair, the darker it appears. Never mind that, I’ll be dyeing it this upcoming weekend (I think), as I was supposed to do it the weekend before, but since I delayed my haircut, I couldn’t squeeze in two hair related things in one day. On that note, Solfine Crema Colour was on sale (it might still be, I don’t know) – I stocked up on two colours. Two very excitingly scary sounding colours – medium blonde and hazel blonde. And just to make it a bit better, they’re actually a medium shade of brown, not blonde at all.

At work I was also given a bottle of Repair and Shine serum by a really really sweet customer (she bought something the day before and then she started going around the city doing a promo thing) – well we all got a free bottle. That stuff is amazing. Makes your hair really soft and sleek without making it oily. I’ll probably write about it in more detail in another post just to give them some free advertising for being so nice P:

Enough about hair –

On Sunday after getting my haircut I met up with friend P whom I haven’t seen in perhaps 6-8 months. We occasionally meet up, which is pretty rare and amazing considering we are in completely different subjects and different years (in terms of education and age – obviously I’m the old fart here). P is one of those few kind souls who actually bother to catch up, so I give kudos for that. We just had a modest lunch at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, Musashi. I ordered a sushi nigiri set (it was yummmm) and the (crap I forgot the name) – berry concoction drink that they had. That was nice too. After that we went to have a look at the new Galaxy World at Market City – HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE DODGEM CARS – WHAT THE HECK.

According to the game Rambo, my shooting skills were  terrible (they are, because it wasn’t until about 3 missions later that I realised that the red shots were mine – and they were nowhere near where they should be… lolol…). My air hockey skills are clearly lacking (both arms are now achinng immensely – I NEED TO EXERCISE), and my DDR skillz are deteriorating. I also suck at Daytona too, though I caught up amazingly – I couldn’t steer properly at the  beginning because I forgot how to drive – trolololol. Then I flunked the next round because my bag on my lap was falling off – and I messed up. No need to say more.

Chatime ensued, a quick visit to Missha for some Anti-Trouble patches (btw, buy 10, get 1 free), and then some $1 pool at the Shark Hotel. I suck at pool – it’s just been too long. Though I won 2 games vs 3 games, so that wasn’t too terrible, considering I have literally no aiming skills.

Won the long awaited February Top Bloggers February and promptly had to spend it all in a largeish haul since there was a bazillion things I needed desperately, but couldn’t bear to spend real money on :S. So more black things to add to my wardrobe; life is pretty depressing. I need to dedicate a day or several hours of a day to cleaning up my wardrobe – all I see is a huge pile of work clothes thrown in the centre. The sad thing is that I tend to keep wearing the same few pieces over and over because I lack the bravery to wear some pieces. Said haul will include a wool trenchcoat (I know I already have several trenches, but I stupidly bought a size 12 Witchery coat – SIGH – it’s way too big, not to mention pricey. IT LOOKS GOOD THOUGH), a multitude of leggings (guess what? The Hello Kitty Stockings from Haul 10[?] have all imploded on themselves – with less than 20 wears combined, both stockings ripped and have made their way to trash lalaland), a pair of shoes (I HOPE THEY GIVE THEM TO ME THIS TIME), a bunch of Etude House (because EH is cheap, and I need to stock up), some Laneige sleeping pack samples (because samples equating to the full sized amount is half price… HALF PRICE. I’ll do with half price even without English instructions or the box!!) to help improve my horrible skin, and that’s it. Really, that’s really it. I shall facepalm in retrospect because that’s not a lot of stuff 😦 I wanted to get a dress as well (for work, le duh) but alas the funds in my cash balance were limited. Somehow I managed to ace this order and used up all but 140 odd Won in my Cash Balance. LAWLS – 10c; that’s pretty damn good.

I also have a load of crap coming for me in the mail – all totalling to less than probably $6AUD – I think I’m going to give false eyelashes a try – so I ordered a pack of 10 pairs of false eyelashes (just for the cheap factor), some Koji eyelash glue and something to make my hair look funky. eBay sometimes works wonders – and this time, it’s pretty good, surprisingly enough. It needs to come in now! But it won’t, so I shall just wait patiently.

I think I’ve raced through and talked about all the stuff that needs to be talked about. I’ve given up on watching My Princess temporarily – started watching The Duo which is actually pretty good – hope it’s not just the first few episodes – the concept isn’t too bad and it has some good potential for some medieval angst. Obviously this post didn’t take 10 minutes – more like 30 (but hey I wasn’t here for the full 30 minutes, I had to do other stuff in the meantime too you know).

Oh, and the latest nail craze I have at the moment is buffing them – I have yet to buy the implement myself (I’ve been using the “public” one at work – spare time, we haz it), so once I buy it I’ll be able to blog about it and then fill up this dull page with some pretty useless photos and use your precious bandwidth up. SCHWEEET.

I’ll be back soon – probably Friday night! Until next blog 😀


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