Tiffany & Co. Classic Heart Stud Earrings

My Valentines Day was made of spurts of masses of people coming in to buy stuff (people don’t like to spread out their purchases – they come in clusters and like to walk in when they see that everyone is busy lololol) – it wasn’t bad. Except I didn’t actually sell as much stuff as I thought I would, because a lot of people were just browsing, not actually buying :\ And as you know, we have to serve everyone, regardless of whether or not they’re going to buy stuff. It’s alright though, because I just handled those types of customers (which are best suited for me, actually), whilst the others were working hard. I did sell stuff though!!

I’m having fun selling plenty of Pandora (the last week alone I made 3 bracelets for customers – then there are those made by my colleagues too) – booyeah. Calculating the cost of remaining beads – guh – my poor money :\

Hope that you all had an enjoyable Valentines, and for those single ones, I hope you all just had an awesome day 🙂 A day better than everyone else’s day – because you have your lovely self to love!

Tiffany & Co.

As promised, here’s a short review on a brand that most people know and trust. They’re the powerhouse of sterling silver, Tiffany & Co. From what I understand the company started out making fine cutlery out of silver (yes, forks and plates and stuff), but they eventually went into jewellery and became one of the staple brands in branded jewellery.

There’s a certain elegance about T&C jewellery because you know you’re getting a fine quality silver and great workmanship – not to mention their styles are timeless and not too flashy. It’s quite pretty.

Anyway, I bought these earrings I think almost 2 years ago -no special occasion except for the mere fact that I think I was doing alright in my studies and decided to reward myself with something. I actually had my eye on these for a while and decided that the price was quite fair (you can stalk their website for the prices and styles). The first time I walked into the T&C shop I actually chickened out and left because I couldn’t see where these earrings were – so I actually left without speaking to any of the sales reps. I actually wanted to see the earrings in person to see how large they were, but since I couldn’t see them I let it slip. The next time I went, I miraculously found them by instinct and asked if I could see it.

The standard when buying T&C is that the sales rep would sanitise an earring for you with an alcohol wipe so you can actually wear the earring to try it on and see what it looks like.

It took me about less than 2 minutes to say that I wanted them (because I was intending to buy them in the first place), and so of course she takes back the display earring and returns with another pair. She then asked me to check over the pair. I glossed over them and then paid for my earrings.

Everything Tiffany & Co. comes in the pastel blue green packaging as it’s a signature colour for their company. As you can see from photographs, my earrings come in a soft pouch (the soft pouch has 2 compartments – one for each earring). The pouch is then placed in a box with a card with care instructions. The box is then tied with a ribbon. My receipt is placed in an envelope (where my earrings are sitting on in the photographs), and then everything is placed in a small (by small I mean really small) carry bag.

My earrings cost $160AUD and they’re a classic (they’ve been around for ages, and they also come in a larger size which from memory cost like $290). I find that these are generally without fault, super shiny and don’t tarnish that quickly (for silver stuff anyway, but then it’s not like a bracelet that sits against your skin, they’re just earrings).

On the stem of the earrings there is a number on it (serial number) – everything from the earring to the butterfly clip has 925 stamped on it.

One problem I noticed with these earrings was that I should have checked them more carefully – I’m not sure if you can see in the second photograph or not, but one earring actually has larger/ thicker font than the other earring, because I believe it’s hand stamped and one was stamped more strongly than the other. I admit, I didn’t notice this until a few days ago – and believe me nobody will actually go that close to actually check – but if you’re planning to buy a pair of earrings from T&C, it’s best you actually do check over them. If there’s any problem, I’m sure they’ll give you another pair.

Aside from that, the earrings are without scratches or anything of the sort. If you want me to tell you the weakest point of these earrings, it’s the stem – I’ve bent it before but I just bent it back. This is fairly normal with any sort of earrings, but be careful! Luckily this is solid sterling silver – if this was some silver plated stuff, it would have snapped in half already.

The soft pouch has two uses – it stores your earrings, and it actually doubles as a cleaning cloth, as it’s soft enough to clean your earrings with, so that’s pretty good. All in all, I’ve only ever cleaned these earrings no more than 5 times since buying them, and I used to wear them on a daily basis. They’re pretty good considering silver tarnishes.

Needless to say more, for the price you pay, you get a pretty standard, good quality silver jewellery and it comes with fairly generous packaging (since you also get a pouch, not just a box only). In terms of pricing, yes, $160 for sterling silver earrings ONLY is actually pricey. To put this into comparison, Thomas Sabo does sterling silver with cubic zirconia for $99. Carat does 9K white gold with cubic zirconia for $150 – plus you get a REALLY nice cushioned box with that (good enough to put an engagement ring in) and a certificate of authenticity. As you all know, gold is more valuable than silver, and doesn’t tarnish.

So is T&C worth it? I guess it depends on what you like. As far as I can say, I bought these earrings for the noticeability of the branding (brand whorage – we all do it) – these earrings have the full name, 925 silver stamped on the very front of the earrings. Thomas Sabo has engraved their brand name on the front, but the name of the brand doesn’t quite compare to the connotations of T&C. Carat has more valuable stuff and excellent packaging (I daresay better than T&C) but there’s little of the brand shown in the earrings, since all you see is a large cubic zirconia. What people see when I wear these earrings is the brand name stamped clearly, and just automatically think “ooh, expensive.”

Anyway, that’s about it for this review and I think I’ve covered everything for now. Stay tuned (or not) for upcoming updates. I promise I’ll squeeze something beauty related in the next week – on that note, my skin is exploding with pimples. WHY?? The weather is COOL, not gross 😦 I’m sad…

Until next blog!


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